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A help guide for the event guide - work in progress
  1. Event Guide - Navigation

    The event guide is set up to offer an dynamic member led guide to soul music events You can get to it via the calendar icon at the top of every page in desktop, tablet and phone views and via the main menu/hamburger menu in the other views Desktop view - Location of Event Guide Icon and Menu link     Tablet/Phone view - Location of Event Guide Icon and Hamburger Menu    Once in the event guide you will see the Event Guide Navigation menu as below Desktop Menu - Top Nav Menu these These links can be used to navigate between the various event type sections of the event guide they are as follows 1. All events - all events are listed (less radio shows which are part of the stand alone radio guide) 2. Allnighters - Allnighter events ( for ease an allnighter is classed as a event that finished after 4am) 3. Weekends - Weekender type events 4. Soul Nights - Soul Night Events 5. Alldayers - All day type events 6. Live acts - Soul Music Artists appearing live 7. Misc events - Non-music events such as record fairs etc 8. Soul Radio - The Soul Source Online Radio guide - All Radio shows and regular podcasts  All event types are colour coded.
  2. Event Guide - How to Add an Event

    To add an event can either use the site wide 'add' link (at the top of every page) or the 'create event' button (that shows on the event index pages). These links only show to members when they are logged in   clicking either link will open up the submit event page...    
  3. How do I view Local Soul Events in the guide?

    How do I view Local Soul Events in the guide? A new 'local soul' guide has just been opened! On the main event page just hit the 'Local' link and you will be taken to the 'local soul' guide Note its currently members only so you do need to be logged in. The guide will list weekly, monthly, day and stream feeds of events close to your chosen account location It has a 40 mile default range (as the crow flys) but you can change this to your own choice to suit your location/needs Links on the main local guide index page will take and allow you to increase or decrease the default and also to change your account  location marker
  4. Event Promoters Guide

    Event Guide Guidelines EVENT TITLES - Please use A-Z only The event will show in many places so the title MUST be Plain & Simple. No Dates, post codes or addresses please ONE EVENT ONE ENTRY - Just one event guide entry for each event. Do not post the same event in 2 sections THIRD PARTY/FACEBOOK ADVERTS - Links only in the main event info, not in the comments or reviews VENUE/LOCATION - LOCAL / EVENTS NEAR ME GUIDE /SOUL MAP - All these listings are automatically generated, please ensure your event does have a valid venue location entered   Technical EDITING - Use the 'Manage Event' button to edit your event details/date CANCEL/DELETE - Use the 'Flag This Event' link (tap 'Manage Events' button for link) for event removal eg if cancelled etc START TIMES - Event START TIMINGS MUST be entered in 24 hr format eg 20:00 NOT 08:00 hrs. (If the START TIME is earlier than 13:00hrs then please set as 13:00hrs then 'flag' the event up stating the correct start time and the site will manually set.) TIME ZONES - If the timing appears off please check that you do have the correct Time Zone set (eg Europe/London)   Check CHECK - After posting event - Please check the event listings and your profile for duplicates! If there are any dupes then please flag them asp.   Flagging An Event Flag This Event - If there are any problems after posting then please use the 'Flag this Event' link found under the 'MANAGE EVENT' button to get in touch with the site team NEW FEATURE. Featured Event Listings are now provided. Details can be read here...Featured Event Upgrade   Soul Source does provide an onsite banner service that may help with advertising your events. Details can be read here...banner service information updated April 2023  
  5. Events - Editing an event

    Please use the 'Manage Event' link to edit your event details after posting - Such as date, title, content etc The link can be found under the event when you are logged in as the event poster click and the edit options will show as per below        
  6. Events - No Online audio events

    The event guide is set up for physical soul music related events only Please use our soul media forum for passing on 'online' event info/details  Soul related media, video, podcasts, audio etc https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/forum/128-soul-media/
  7. Event Guide - Adding a venue location

    Venue map Instructions Please folow when adding venure details to your event Use venue info direct from Google Our event venue map uses google maps to display your venue location, so you need to match up your venue info the same as what goggle uses Do not use 'venue titles' such as 'Nottingham Northern Soul and Motown @ The Nags'   Google hasn't a clue where or what that venue is , so that title will send it off looking (and then showing) for something else straight away You need to use the actual venue name (the real world name of the venue) not one that you have made up eg The Nags Head Next where it says address you need to enter the street name and number eg 1 Station Rd then if needed you can 'hit' the + icon and enter more address lines if needed Need to add the proper town/city name as per Google Don't bother to add regions  Add postcode as per Google and that's it Once the event is save in theory google should now find and show the correct venue address  
  8. Event Guide - Tagging an event 'Cancelled'

    Tagging an event 'Cancelled'  Make sure you are logged in and that you are the event 'poster' See image Tap the '+add tags' link 1. Select cancelled in the list of tags - you will need to scroll the list 3 Tap 'save' done!  

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