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Soul Source Content FAQs

FAQs on the best place to post content
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    Which Forum for which discussion topics?

    The forums are set up to offer a worthwhile and enjoyable place for soul music types to talk about soul music. To try and assist in keeping  things both enjoyable and worthwhile, there are several forums set up to help the discussion flow , with each one having a broad but distinct focus/range. The scope of each forum follows below 1. All about the SOUL - aimed at general talk about current rare and northern soul music related topics. 2. Look at Your box - more for the 'collector' , with hardcord vinyl and artist info being the  3. Freebasing - a off topic forum, for the non or loose soul topics, please note we do ask that no political or religious topics/posts are made.. 4. Sales forums - while forums due to the way they are set up they do have different rules etc so will be covered in the sales features faq/help section 5. Playlist & Podcasts Forum -  a forum for talk about soul podcasts, audio, video, radio, event playlists - please post plays, backgrounds and more 6.  Support - the place for all talk about the actual site itself. If have any support questions, concerns, suggestions, views etc etc about Soul Source be it features, team, moderation, members or what ever then this is the place to post them.    
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    Events - Where do i post Events

    Event Details - Please post all event information into the actual event guide feature. Comments - please use the comments section of each event entry for comments before and after each event Reviews - Once the event has finished a review section will show on the event page. Please post all events reviews via this feature. You can also rate the actual  event via a 5* star system, plus if reading the reviews you can also rate the reviews 'helpful' as well.   Major Event news - there is a front page news feature set up for worthwhile and informative news, please see the news feature faq/help section for best us eof this feature.  
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    Radio Show and Comments?

    There is now a Soul Source Radio Guide set up for all radio show details, news, feedback and comments. Set up to give front page coverage to members and also inform when shows are 'live' Please use this online guide for all radio show information and news. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/calendar/5-soul-radio-guide/ Do feel free to use the playlist & podcast forum for playlist discussion after the show      
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    Podcasts or similar audio?

    Podcasts may be posted in the 'Playlist and Podcasts' forum to inform members but the posts are expected to be informative! Let members know whats been played by all means but please post background info and don't over push/promote  
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    Video - Music Videos?

    Videos from other websites  such as Youtube Music videos can be posted as part of a forum post and will be automatically embedded in most cases, however there is also a more deliberate video feature on Soul Source with 1000+ videos which can be more suited for stand alone video posts. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/videos/   Screenshot of Video Index
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    Soul News and Features

    As you may be aware Soul Source has a long running active and popular front page soul news and articles feature, that has been set up to pass on word of soul and beyond music related news and articles How to submit news... To pass on news all you have to do is use the 'contact us' that shows at the bottom of every page. This will then pass on your news to the site news/articles team https://www.soul-source.co.uk/contact/   News Guidelines News content really needs to be worthwhile, informative and enjoyable and fits in with what the thrust of what Soul Source is about Reviews/lookbacks - worthwhile unique reviews on releases be it vinyl, cd, dvds etc and event lookbacks are more than welcome Timing/Approval - the timing and approval of any publication will depend on factors such as other items and other news, availability of site team, balance and so on Event related news There are many events every weekend and while understand that people are passionate about their events , unfortunately we can not feature every item of event news as if we did it will quickly swamp this feature We may feature news on major national events such as weekenders and major nights/allnighters and then only news on events which are one offs eg special one off events, annual events, closures or launches etc Regular national events are welcome to submit news but to try and ensure fair coverage ask that observe a once every 9-12 months round up type post following the above guidelines Articles relating to Events  will be closed for comments after approximately a week or so. Any further comments or information about these events will then need to be added via the Event listing in the Event Guide above originally posted as a news article here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/articles/news-soul/soul-music-news-feature-r3611/   End word The idea is to provide a news feature where members can read and share worthwhile/informative soul music related news.    
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    The Top Quick +Add Menu

    When viewing on a desktop every page will display at the top a +add menu (look up) when logged in clicking this will take you to the 'quick add' menu as shown below select the content type you wish to add and crack on  
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    Support Forum for all moderation discussion

    In the first place please use the flag feature to make the site team aware of any concerns on any content here on Soul Source For other/further moderation related requests, comments, suggestions etc please post  in the 'support' forum and not on the actual content/topics This allows the team to both deal with and discuss without affecting the actual topics/content
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    No offensive language policy

    We do have a "no offensive language" policy for all content here on Soul Source As a basic guideline/template we use uk mainstream daily press standards if any doubt then can ask the team or don't use it Draft 18 Nov 2017
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    Offensive, abusive, threatening or disruptive posts/actions not welcome

    Offensive, abusive, threatening or disruptive posts or behaviour is not welcome on Soul Source!   This includes posts/actions that... Use offensive language (including abbreviations or alternative spellings) Harass, threaten,cause distress or inconvenience to any person or people Angry, mean-spirited or deliberately provocative posts. Infringing the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyones use and enjoyment of Soul source Bump or duplicate topics or any other attempts to disrupt the normal flow of conversation Contain racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable material   Any such posts may lead to removal of post/content and if felt needed action taken to ensure no repetition

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