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Membership Help

Help on Soul Source Membership
  1. How to sign up for Soul Source?

    To be able to enjoy all of the features, you will need to sign up for a Soul Source member account. Registration is quick easy and only takes a moment to complete.  To sign up, click the "Sign Up" link at the top of any page. You can then provide your details to complete the registration process.  Please note YOU MUST fill in 'Real Name (Mods only can view)'  correctly for approval eg a FULL REAL FULL NAME/ID! Once signed up you must then verify your email address by clicking the link in the site  email that we will send you. You will then receive a confirmation of your membership as an email. If the email doesn't show please check your spam folders and then if no joy then please use the 'contact us' link (it's at the bottom of every page) to let us know you are having problems.  
  2. How do I login to Soul Source?

    Once you have signed up for an account, you can log in by pressing the "Sign In" button at the top of any page. From here, you should enter your username or email address, and the password you used when you registered. If you tick the "Remember Me" box you will not have to sign in when you visit the community in future. This ability can be very useful, but should not be used if other people have access to your computer or if you are using a public computer. You may also be able to hide your username from the online list by checking the "Sign in anonymously" box. Administrators will still be able to see you online if you do so, however other members will not be able to. When you are ready, click Sign In. Once logged in, you should be taken back to whatever page you were previously viewing. You may also see additional log in options such as Twitter or Facebook Connect. If these features are available and you would prefer to use one of these options to log in, click on the appropriate button and follow the on-screen instructions. Logging Out To log out click the "Sign Out" link at the top of the screen from any page.
  3. How do I get to and use my Profile?

    Profiles are a main part of Soul Source experience. All members have a profile that can be viewed by all other member and can be customised to your liking. All members content and other important information relating to the member can be viewed here. Along with links for pms etc How to get to your profile     To edit your profile information Just select the "Edit Profile" button one quarter top right as shown below    Once clicked you will then be presented with the edit profile screen. From here you will be able edit your Birthday, Enable and disable status updates on your profile, and change your "About me" information.  In addition to this information, you will see custom profile fields.   Changing your cover photo You can change your own cover photo by selecting the "Cover Photo" option in the top right.   Changing your profile photo Profile photos are shown on your profile, and throughout the site as your 'avatar' within posts and other Soul Source content. You can add a photo by upload or from another URL on the internet, then resize and position this as appropriate.   Viewing content From any members profile,  you can see all the activity of that member by selecting the "See My Activity" button in the top right of the profile. This will then present you with a filterable list of content that the member has posted on Soul Source.   Profile Privacy You can choose not to show your recent profile visitors on the page by disabling that block from being shown to other users by clicking the link provided for that purpose within the "Recent Profile Visitors" block on the left of your profile.   You may also choose to disable the ability for users to be able to follow you. This can be achieved by changing the options within the followers block, as per image below.
  4. What and where are the Profile account settings?

    The account settings are accessed via the same drop down menu as per the Profile Just hit your member name via the top right hand corner of every page and then select "Account Settings" link a popup will open as per below....   Overview On the overview page you will see the accounts you are connected to such as facebook, google+ and more, along with links to the other settings in which you can access from this page. You will also notice various tabs where you can change your email address, password, display name and any linked accounts. Linking accounts When clicking to link an account on any of the available you will be given the relevant options  that you can select relating to this. For example, below you will see the Facebook settings which allow you to syncronise various elements of your site and facebook. Notification Settings Selecting notification settings on in the "Other Settings" section of the overview page will present you with all the options for how notifications are create for you by default when creating or replying to content, along with other events on the site.  In the top section of this page you will see something similar to the below. First of all you will notice on the right the "Browser notifications enabled" sign. This means that if your browser allows desktop notifications, it will notify you even when you are not active on that page. On the left you will see a series of options which will allow you to set the automatic notification options relevant to your account. So for example you may want to be automatically set as following an item of content and receive notifications for that followed content whenever you reply to an item. From here you can set this up. In the botton half of the page, you can then set up the notification types for each notifiable item on the site. So you may wish to set up notifications and emails for when someone sends you a message on the site, however you may only want to get a notification in the notification list for someone who sets to follow you. Ignored Users You can get to the Ignored users list by clicking this item in the "Other Settings" section of the overview page. Ignored users is a facility on your site where you can (depending on permissions) set a member to ignored in order to not see any content from that member. So if they post within a topic and you are ignoring them, you will not see that ignored content. This can be useful for filtering out people who you have no interest in reading the content of. To do this you would simply add their name into the box provided and add them to the list.
  5. Lost or Forgotten Password - How do I get a new one?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can click the "I've forgotten my password" link on the sign in page below the password box. This will take you to a page where you can enter your username or email address, and we will then email you a link for you to reset your password. Note that if you locked your account by typing in the wrong password too many times, you will still need to unlock your account before you can use your new password. Please contact the site team for assistance if you encounter trouble with a locked account or password recovery. The 'contact us ' link is at the bottom of every page
  6. How do i change my username?

    It is a user setting, all can change it via the profile settings here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/settings/username/ you do need to be aware that you will need to use the new display name to login (or your account email address)
  7. How do I post a profile cover photo ?

    just hit the bit which says "cover photo" in the top right see here for example click this link https://www.soul-source.co.uk/profile/1-mike/ note you can also position the photo via the same link
  8. How Do I Flag/Report a Post/Event/image/Content etc etc ?

    If you have any concerns or requests about any forum post (or any other content) and wish to inform the site mod team of them The best method is to use the 'flag this post' feature The link can be found as per below on every forum post via the three dots  .... and is shown below (see red arrow) Once flagged ALL mod team staff are informed and so any action (if needed) should then follow asp Please use this rather than send pms to mods or post on the topic, or the 'contact us' feature etc thanks    
  9. Members Signature Limitations

    signatures are currently switched off updated Sept 2021
  10. Member Names and Profile/Avitar/Cover Images

    Member names Member names should reflect real names Members names should not Contain website or email addresses Contain non-standard characters Appear to impersonate someone else Contain swear words or are otherwise objectionable Non-political Profile/Avitar and Members Profile Cover Images Avitar and Members Profile Cover Images used should be non-offensive and follow the members name guidelines listed above
  11. Blocking members

    Soul Source - Block Users Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them. Follow the link below and enter the username. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/ignore/     -
  12. Emails - Notification Settings

    You can choose which or what notifcations (if any) you want sent to your email address via this page https://www.soul-source.co.uk/notifications/options/ please do not report soul source emails as spam as that does cause the site problems
  13. Notification Options

    All notifications can be controlled via your 'account settings'  page To get to the notification settings page 1. click on your name in the top right corner 2. hit 'account settings' 3. on the new page hit the 'Notification Settings' link that shows on the right on pcs - further down on mobiles or can click here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/notifications/options/ You can then select which notifications you receive and what amethod
  14. How Do I Filter Activity Streams (New Content)

    Guide to using the activity /new content feature   The activity stream features allows you to run various 'custom' activity streams as well as the generic site 'New Content' feature   A brief guide follows below   To add your own custom stream -(eg choose what shows in your activity feed)   goto  https://www.soul-source.co.uk/discover/   click the 'Start New Stream' link and follow the process   Note you can select the cog icon at the side of any content type to select specific items under that content type. Such as a specific forum.     on mobile/tablet screens - hit the hamburger menu - then choose the activity>start new stream link   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   once created the stream will show on the main menu as per the image below (top red arrow)   you can then    1. Make any stream default   hit the TICK icon next to the streams title (see image below)     2. Edit any stream and save as a new stream   hit the PENCIL icon next to the streams title (see image below)   3 Delete any custom stream   hit the TRASH icon next to the streams title (see image below)         After hitting the TICK icon your activity stream will show as per below note the breadcrumb link  
  15. How do I mark all post read on a mobile/tablet?

    if you have problems with 'new content' linking to old comments you may need to 'mark all posts read'  on desktop pc it's easily found - its the 'arrow' next to the 'new content' link however on a phone/tablet its a bit harder you need to hit the hamburger menu then as per the image below hit the 'tick' that will lead to all content being marked read and hopefully kick you 'new content' stream back up to speed
  16. How do I control emails sent by Soul Source

    If you go here you can select which email/pm notifications the site sends to you   https://www.soul-source.co.uk/notifications/options/
  17. Sending/Receiving PMs (Personal Messages)

    Sending/Receiving Personal Messages    Sending/Receiving  Managing Your Messages Sending messages between members in Soul Source is a simple but powerful tool that you can use to communicate with other members (or they can communicate with each other) away from your community.  When receiving a message, you will see a number appear next to your inbox icon showing the number of unread messages that you have. This would be similar to the images below. Desktop View   Mobile/Tablet Views      Sending/Receiving Clicking on the notification icon will show you the messages you have received. You can click on these to view any of the message or visit your inbox. You will see that you can also compose a new message from the same dropdown menu if you wish to do so.     Composing a message is very similar to composing a topic on the site. You can send messages to multiple recipients by typing their names within the "To" box. This field will suggest names by filtering through the member list as you type.   Managing Your Messages When entering your inbox you will be presented with a screen similar to the below. From here you can search you messages, click on them to view, reply to your messages, filter and more.       Clicking on the button in the top right will allow you to add folders to organise your messages. Clicking on this button will present you with a text box in which to enter a new folder name. You can move messages to another folder using the button in the top right of any message.  
  18. How to search for a member?

    How to search for a member on Soul Source? had a request on how to search a member not as obvious as you would think but can be done... for member search go here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/search/ then click the tab 'member search'  enter search term at the top and press 'search members' at bottom   and you should now be on the search members page....
  19. Soul Source App On Mobile PWA

    You can run Soul Source as a PWA - Progressive Web App on your mobile To set up Visit soul source on your browser Then tap the 3 dots next to the site address  You should see something like the below menus Just tap the 'install' or 'install app" link and follow the instructions this should then add the site to your home page and run it from there as a 'app'
  20. Source - Site Warnings

    The warning system is set up to act as a tool to inform or remind members that their actions are becoming a concern and that action may follow if repeated. Set up to automatically follow the below... Automatic actions 1 warning point - no action 2 warning points - 24hr removal of posting permissions - can not create content 3 warning points - automatic 24hr suspension 4 warning points - automatic 72hr suspension 5 warning points - automatic 7 days suspension 6 warning points - automatic 30 days suspension 7 warning points - automatic 90 days suspension   Automated actions can be overridden While the above is automated the site team can/may increase/decrease the above if felt needed   Terms of use All members do agree to follow the terms of use when joining Members are expected to follow these - this concept is a major part of how the site works If members don't follow the terms of use then the warning system may be used as a tool to inform/remind    Accept warnings After a warning there is an "accept warnings" check box If a member does not accept the warning then it is taken they no longer wish to follow the terms of use and thus no longer wish to be a member   Discussions The warning is meant to inform a member - no further discussion on the matter is required   updated November 2022
  21. How do I check my followed content/members?

    How do I check my followed content/members? this setting allows you to control your currently followed content/members https://www.soul-source.co.uk/followed/

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