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Soul Source Forum help

Forum help and advice
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    Adding an image to a forum/event/pm post

    To upload an image with your forum post, just hit the link shown below (it shows at the bottom of the 'post' content form
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    Scrolling back to the top...

    To help with navigation on the Soul Source site, when you scroll down a page, a 'back to the top' link will automatically appear in the bottom right corner. See the image below Click this to return to the 'top of the page'  
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    How Do I Flag/Report a Post/Event/image/Content etc etc ?

    If you have any concerns or requests about any forum post (or any other content) and wish to inform the site mod team of them The best method is to use the 'flag this post' feature The link can be found as per below on every forum post and is shown below (see red arrow) Once flagged ALL mod team staff are informed and so any action (if needed) should then follow asp Please use this rather than send pms to mods or post on the topic, or the 'contact us' feature etc thanks  
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    No Uploading of Audio Music Files

    Due to copyright issues we can not allow sound files such as mp3s etc to be uploaded in the forums unless you have permission to share from the record label. Clips can be posted in the 'sales' forums to show/demo the condition of the but they should be deleted once item sold. Audio Links or embeds from legal sources such as youtube or mixcloud websites are permitted
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    How Do I Delete a Forum Post ?

    Please report/flag the post via the 'flag post' feature stating that you wish to delete along with reason as per https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-forum-help/how-do-i-flagreport-a-forum-post-r36/  
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    How Do I Move a Forum Post ?

    Please report/flag the post via the 'flag post' feature stating that you wish the post to be moved along with the reason   https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-forum-help/how-do-i-flagreport-a-forum-post-r36/  
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    How Do I Edit a Forum Post ?

    How Do I Edit a Forum Post ? When logged in and viewing your post, the 'edit' link should show at the bottom of your post next to the 'quote' and above your signature (if used) click the 'edit' link make your edits and then once happy click 'save'
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    Embedding Youtube Videos in a Forum Post

    Soul Source automatically embeds youtube videos into a forum post To do this you do need to know how to 'copy and paste' on your device (phone/pc)   To embed a youtube video you need to do the following   Get the url of the video clip you want to embed Go to the youtube video page Hit the 'share' link on the page Copy the share url (see the image below - note -can use the 'copy' link)   Paste the url directly into the text editor on soul source the link will show as below then will automatically embed the link to the embedded video as below   Add any text to the post Click Save The topic will now be posted complete with the embedded video - see comments below for example added 13 Nov 2017    
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    Embedding Mixcloud Podcasts into a Forum Post

    Embedding Mixcloud Podcasts into a Forum Post To embed Mixcloud podcasts/shows you just need to paste the bare link and the site system should then automatically take care of everything else eg paste  https://www.mixcloud.com/dabofsoul/dab-of-soul-radio-show-20th-november-2017-with-chris-featuring-the-choices-of-helen-peebles/ and it will show as Easy way to get the mixcloud link/url above   on your mixcloud clip page  Hit the 'share' link Then hit the 'url' that shows - it should autocopy to your pc/phone So then all you need to do is then paste it in here (on a pc either via 'right click and paste' or 'ctrl and v' )   Soul Source readers can then listen to your show with a simple click 
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    How do I get a members notice?

    just quick usability hint that may help youwhen after getting a members notice if you type @ followed by the members user name - it should then embed like the below @source team when you post the member should then get  a 'site notification' sent to him via pm or email that you have 'mentioned' him and a link to the post give it a try
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    How do I clear the text editors content?

    Our text editor has what can be a very useful feature - autosaves your content, however this can be a pain if you are not aware of how to get rid of it At the bottom of the text editor box  there should be a link that says something like 'clear previous content' If not try right clicking with your mouse in the editor and choose to select all then press delete ?


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