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The Gathering - Northern Soul - Revisited

The Gathering - Northern Soul - Revisited magazine cover

Was it really 2 years ago that C4 broadcast this short 3 minute film featuring Stevie Cato on a trip to Soul Revolution?

Colin O'Toole the director of this short series of short documentary films has just posted all 4 fillms on vimeo. Seeing that the clip that was featured on Soul Source at the time was all a bit lo- fi it has to be a good excuse to revisit this tip top film and also highlight the others in this series.

Have embedded the main soul related one "the gathering" below

best viewed in "full screen" ( just hit the full screen button)

You can view all the four films in this series via the link below

and can read the full words (a clip follows below) on what the thinking and the aim was behind this series.

In 2008 I directed four short documentary films for the '3 Minute Wonder' strand on Channel 4. The core theme of each film centred on the idea of a gathering, be it a religious pilgrimage, a nightclub, a protest or one mans mission to save his town.

It was my mission to create these simple docs with a cinematic approach and as a reflection of how docs in the 60's and 70's even in the 1980's would have been shot on film using quality....

Can read the rest of the words and see the other films at the link below

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