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Eccentric Soul 7" Bundle 2022

Eccentric Soul 7" Bundle 2022

Numero Group have announced a new 7 inch bundle, priced £26 plus shipping for the three, the make up of this bundle is based on user demand, details follow


Eccentric Soul 7" Bundle

It's been about a year since our last Eccentric Soul 7" Bundle drop but since we are kind of on an Eccentric Roll, timing feels appropriate. All 3 are projects that many have asked about. We keep a loose informal tally of vinyl requests and these 3 are currently at the top of the heap.


Cheryl Glasgow - Glued To The Spot b/w Instrumental

Cheryl Glasgow was a major drop for us at the top of last year. Top 5 for me for sure. Vibey Boogie meets Street Soul at it's finest. An absolute ear-worm from its first nylon strums, Glasgow’s Sade-adjacent, jazz vocalese sweeps into a warm-up tempo groove and never quite breaks a sweat. Issued on Ross Anderson’s short-lived, London-based Live label, “Glued To The Spot” swept through the club scene briefly in 1987, disembarking for warmer shores when the season changed.



Dan Boadi - Money Is The Root Of Evil b/w Duodu Wuo Ye Ya

Chicagoland by way of Ghana's own Dan Boadi and the African Internationals gets part 2 of the bundle. Originally released in 1997, we re-released their Money Is The Root Of Evil album in 2020. Recorded at Paul Serrano’s namesake studio on E. 23rd St. in Chicago, Boadi’s U.S. debut showcased the true scope of his musical range; weaving in and out of funk, highlife, afrobeat, and reggae. The title track immediately demands the listener’s attention with a chugging drum lead by The African International’s King Tuch, setting the pace for Boadi’s colorful orchestration to follow. Money Is The Root of Evil claims it’s own space as a musical melting pot and reflects the excitement Boadi was learning to harness as a musician in his newfound home of Chicago. We've trimmed and edited the sprawling 7+ Min originals to get the best bits ripe for dance floors, club or living room.


Junei' - Let's Ride (Original Version) b/w You Must Go On

And finally this major statement piece from Gary, Indiana's Junei'. Willie “Junei” Lee spent the first half of the 1970s playing guitar with his older brother Robert Lee in the self-contained band Lost Weekend, recording a handful of singles and a still unreleased LP. The back half of the decade was spent touring with Albert King, Curtis Mayfield, and The Emotions, before returning home to focus on his own sound. In 1985, Junei’s girlfriend brought home a suite of Fostex home studio gear, including a 12 channel board, 8-track tape machine, and a halftrack for mix downs. He added a Yamaha drum machine and a Maestro echoplex and started his solo project.

“The only artists I listened to was Hendrix and Santana,” Junei said. The emissions coming from his home studio were entirely different, however, as “Let’s Ride” channels the Euro sensibilities of Kraftwerk or Italo over virtuosic guitar. “I just didn’t want to sound like anyone else,” he continued. “Let’s Ride” achieved that differentiation, and managed to anticipate Chicago house by a few years. Pressed in minuscule numbers in 1987 on Pharaohs Records, the 45 never connected with the nearby scenes in Chicago and Detroit where it might have found purchase in fertile soils. Decades later “Let’s Ride” found new life as the bed for KAYTRANADA’s “Scared To Death,” and the track has slowly worked its way through the algorithm to a new generation of vapor huffers. “I am all for experimentation, trying new things, etc,” Junei said. “Kaytranada is a visionary and a talented producer. He has my respect.”

In addition to the bundle, check out the single's available in Color, Clear or Black Wax.


Bonus Content:

The sleeves art for these was done by Eliza Weber who also did the design work for The Chicago Boogie Volume 3 around the illustration from Ben Marcus, who also did Volume 2 and a very rare Numero T-Shirt that I can't even find a picture of.

Eliza's band Tobacco City has also ripped a killer cover of Female Species - Till The Moon Don't Shine which can be heard over at Aquarium Drunkard with some more nice TC cuts.


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