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One piece of cake by The Delgonives

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One piece of cake by The Delgonives magazine cover

Another release by The Delgonives and this time, an original song written and produced by myself with eight mixes and seven of them being instrumentals. Similarly to other releases I have done in the past there are the tenor sax, organ and vibe individual mixes, plus the sweet mix which interestingly combines all three together. In addition the rhythm plus mix which is a bare bones beginning, but building up to a full orchestration. There is only one vocal mix on this occasion, being track one.

The original concept for this song was in West London circa 2015. It's journey now complete with drums by Detroit's Drew Schultz and with guitars, bass and horns done in Nashville. There has been some interest in vinyl for the sax instrumental, so subject to digital sales, which is my yardstick for any pressing, you never know. Maybe a double sider sax instrumental affair with 'Miss me, miss my baby'!

Feel free to download the free mono radio mix here:

Free mono vocal 'One piece of cake' by The Delgonives

and the promo showcasing some of the versions:

'One piece of cake' /The Delgonives - stereo promo



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