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  1. Last month
  2. Our long running popular ebay soul highlights service has been suspended by eBay This is apparently due to persons reposting the unique info we provide elsewhere.  If anyone has any info on this matter, as in the location or the social media services the info was re-posted, can they let us know asp via the contact us link below, to help us in our attempts to resolve this matter and return this bespoke service Contact Us
  3. October 2023
  4. Our popular 'Featured Events' feature has undergone some work, improvements and updates Details via the below link
  5. September 2023
  6. A quick heads up on a couple of recent improvements to our Soul Event Guide - Local Soul Events feature Firstly we do now have a local text based search - just  enter town/city/district for a 'ranged' (50 mile default) list of events which carries onto other weeks Members can now also choose to use their profile location when logged in Once a location is chosen it should then be your 'default' location  in the 'local events' section for 14 days https://www.soul-source.co.uk/events/14-local-soul/
  7. May 2023
  8. A quick highlight of a recently added feature to our active Event Guide..
  9. A quick Sunday shout about some tweaks to our front page news/magazine feature...
  10. February 2023
  11. Source Gallery - A 2023 Revamp - below for details

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