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Northern Soul Hall Of Fame

Soul Source Northern Soul 'Hall Of Fame'

16 articles

  1. HOF: The Masqueraders - Male Group Inductee

    The Masqueraders, have spanned a recording career of over 50 years and still enjoy the original line up of members from...
      20   stabiloboss |
  2. HOF: The Marvelettes - Female Group Inductee

    The story of the Marvelettes is a fascinating insight into the early beginnings of the black musical scene in Detroit that would export ‘The Sound Of Young America’ to...
      11   Bruv |
  3. HOF: Maxine Brown - Female Vocalist Inductee

    Maxine Brown: The much loved soulful songbird finally Inducted into Soul Source Hall Of fame.
      19   Bunderthollox |
  4. HOF: Linda Jones - Female Vocalist Inductee

    Linda Jones: One of the iconic female singers of our time finally get her dues and is inducted into the Soul Source Hall Of Fame.
      16   Agentsmith |
  5. HOF: The Andantes - Female Group Inductee

    Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow-Tate and Louvain Demps sang to soul fans on hundreds if not thousands of soul records
      17   lorchand |
  6. HOF: Popcorn Wylie - Post Production Inductee

    The name Richard Popcorn Wylie has always been a legendary one in Northern Soul history
      14   Wilxy |
  7. HOF: Ady Croasdell - Outstanding Contribution Inductee

    A living legend to some, where do you start to map out the life and achievements of someone that has been at the forefront of ..
      38   lorchand |
  8. HOF: The Sapphires - Mixed Group Inductee

    The Sapphires were a trio consisting of a girl and two guys. Their outings on Swan would consolidate ...
      5   Spookey |
  9. HOF: Roy Hamilton - Male Vocalist Inductee

    Born on April 16th 1929 in Leesburg, Georgia, Roy began his musical journey like many of his peers by singing in his local ...
      7   Lucky One |
  10. HOF: Weldon A Mcdougall III - Post Production Inductee

    Most collectors of Northern Soul records will have the name of Weldon A McDougall III nestled in their 45s collection somewhere. A native of Philadelphia Weldon was born at the Mercy Douglas Hospital in West Philly and was raised by his mother Eleanor having been named after his father and Grandfather.
      5   Northern Soul Uk |
  11. HOF: Van Mcccoy - Pre Production Inductee

    When the name of Van McCoy is uttered in record bars of soul clubs around the world it’s in revered tones. .. read why
      8   davemac3 |
  12. HOF: The Exciters - Mixed Group Inductee

    Ask any northern soul fan about the Exciters and they probably won’t mention their number 4 hit from 1962. They will however, tell you about the buzz they get from dancing to “Blowing Up My Mind” or their live performance at Wigan Casino
      5   Tattoodave |
  13. HOF: Mike Terry - Pre Production Inductee

    Andrew Alexander Terry was born in Hempstead , Texas , in July 1940.
      15   Colouredman |
  14. HOF: Edwin Starr - Male Vocalist Inductee

    Edwin Starr’s name will always reverberate wherever soul music is discussed.
      7   Tomangoes |
  15. HOF: The Precisions - Male Group Inductee

    The Precisions singing group are enmeshed in Detroit’s golden era of soul music having actually had a record label established in the Motor City, specifically as a vehicle just for them...
      15   Dave Moore |
  16. Soul Source Northern Soul Hall Of Fame Oct 2014

    The inaugural inductees for the Soul Source Northern Soul Hall Of Fame have been selected and a list of successful inductees...
      25   clevesoulie |

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