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Nottingham Oddfellows All Niters Leicester........

Posted by soulsisterjane, in Memories of the Oddfellows? 31 August 2010


Hiya Soulie's


I just wanted to know how many of you out there attended any of the Oddfellow's niters? I would be really interested to read about your experiences there and your favourite memory?


It was where it all began for me........... and has never stopped being part of me !!!


I missed the twisted wheel and the torch and wigan casino. That has never done my head in because the memories I have are just as good to me as those memories you have of wigan etc.......


My first ever Niter was at the Electric Theatre in Leicester before Ali moved it to the Oddfellows..... That's where I first saw Mud dance and I was mesmerised by his soulfulness and by the way he danced. R.I.P Mud.... I miss you x x


So if you have a spare moment.... Wanna share a memory?


Keep the Faith


Soul Sister Jane





golborne soul

Posted:Sep 02 2010 05:59 PM

hi.. jane i used to go with brian rae .. my memory of the oddfellows was the vicker ( priest ) dj'ing ... what was is name ..... cheers .. dean




Posted:Sep 03 2010 06:00 AM

I was a regular, missed the first year though. The Vicar - Tony Clayton - ran it with Ali. Four of us used to go from Norwich, me, Sid, Calvin & Cookie. Great venue and always full up. Remember the Leicester Uni coming in and filming one night (anniversary) and it was bright all night from the lighting! They had to move it one night to another town (forgot the name) Great memories but they are very distant ones!! Mark C



in town Mikey

Posted:Sep 03 2010 09:01 AM

It was Loughborough Town Hall, the night they moved it.


theres a nice thread on here about Leicester Jane. I loved it. Especially downstairs in the small room with the piano. Had some nights down there where I forgot to go into the main room again, I was having so much fun.



Rob Glover

Posted:Sep 04 2010 09:00 AM

Leicester Oddfellows was my first true venture in to the Northern Soul night-life and at the tender age of just 16


I started going just after the 2nd anniversary event and never missed one.


For me it epitomised everything that was my teenage years with so many wonderful people from so many different parts of the country. It was full of prople of all ages from all races and a completely classless society.


It was a time of discovering new music styles including Modern, Latin Soul, 60's Newies and R&B. For me there was no better allnighter, yes Stafford was good, but Leicester was fun, a real soul party!

My memories may be rose tinted but the music that was discovered and played then is still with me and is still revered today.


Sadly I don't seem to have any photo's of how it was back then. Hopefully somebody will have some knocking around for us all to enjoy.



Posted:Sep 07 2010 03:31 PM

Along with the 100 Club and Stafford the Oddfellows was one of the great nighters of the 80's and where all the Firm from Letchworth; Baldock and Stevenage could be found spinning around the dancefloor and generally having a blinding time! It was also the first place I heard Adam and was blown away by his set, where, as pointed out above, you had the choice of the 2 rooms and many a night I would be torn between grooving with the Rockin' Rev uptairs (and his usual mis-cued records!) or given it plenty of welly with Keb downstairs and the whole Sixties Newies crowd. So many great memories (the bomb scare sticks in my mind: The Rev telling everyone to clear out whilst spinning Bob Relfs 'Blowing My Mind To Pieces'; casually announcing the Police would be searching bags and then watching the stampede to the toilets, led by one Rob Kearney (RIP brother) to down everything you could before making the trip down the stairs!) The anniversary video captures the nighter well, so many friends, so many great toons and even better times! I think I have a few of the pics left from the club so will look through the albums and post on here at a later date.

*Oh and if you look closely on the vid you'll see me with Gary Rushbrooke on stage in a rather fetching addidas black vest over white T-shirt combination - ah the 80's Soul fashion, what were we thinking!!!!!!

On a last note I would like to apologise to my Ex Nikki for leaving her on a hospital ward with a punctured lung to attend the anniversary night, such was the pull of the Oddfellows Club (where on my first visit I wore 5 pairs of undies because the name didnt conjure up a soulful image!!!!) Alltogether now - ' I like walking in the dark....'





soul over easy

Posted:Sep 08 2010 01:39 PM

i use to attend odd fellows and it was a favourite venue of mine! there use to be a decent following of soulies from nottingham use to make the short journey to leicester for this niter. I started on the scene back in 74 at the casino but i loved some of the venues around in the 80,s clifton hall,queens hall,staffford,hinkley to name a few! but odd fellows was my favourite !!!. Who remembers my close friends and rivals on the dance floor all nottingham lads and top dancers ! CURLY ,POTSSIE with his incredible acrobats u will see him on the central england 1984 video wearing black vest and trousers white head band, steve phyliss who went to school with me but a couple of years below me, and then there was myself and i won the central england dance competition 1984 the video you see on youtube. We lost a good lad from nottingham called shippo who was a regular at odd fellows also i had a little mate from west midlands possibly dudley area ? half asian kid called kenny,sadly he,s also passed away. Ive been back on the scene 2 years again and see mark freeman regular he,s lost his hair now lol !!! and idell shes so funny plus one or two others! on the stage at the end of dance comp is a mate of mine wearing white top and american army style cap cant remember his name now old age i guess but he was a good friend of mine back then would love to know if hes still on the scene or anybody else that might remember me from odd fellows ? mark hanson keeps in touch with me well for those who,s memory might be fading like mine ? im TOMMO and i loved odd fellows it was a brilliant venue ktf to all who attended there.




Posted:Sep 18 2011 03:31 PM

Went to Odd felows niter Leicester when i could, superb venue, great sounds, rare 60's, top oldies, super modern, and even brand new releases al played in the main big room - an absolute gem of a soul niter !








Cleethorpes Weekender

Posted by soulsisterjane, 24 April 2010

Hi Soulies


Just wanted to ask if anyone has info on the weekender at Cleethorpes? I am going but cant find info about D.J.'s etc......

Is anyone else out there going?


Keep the faith


Soul Sister Jane


x x x x x x x x x x x


Like This



Nigel Novice

Posted:Apr 24 2010 02:57 PM

Whats the date and venue as quite a few Soul nights happen in Cleggy



are you looking at my face while I'm talking to you?


Posted:Apr 24 2010 03:23 PM

Jane look on the 6ts website - full web addy should be at the bottom of Ady Croasdales doodah on here.


So Sian has given you MY bed has she. The tinker You do know that you'll be sleeping with Del....

I can't go for the lot, but will see you on the Saturday sometime, probably when I arrive and crash your caravan and then take a gazillion hours to carefully trowel on all the slap


See ya there


Like This





Posted:Apr 24 2010 06:10 PM

Kirsty, on 24 Apr 2010 - 04:23 PM, said:

Jane look on the 6ts website - full web addy should be at the bottom of Ady Croasdales doodah on here.


So Sian has given you MY bed has she. The tinker You do know that you'll be sleeping with Del....

I can't go for the lot, but will see you on the Saturday sometime, probably when I arrive and crash your caravan and then take a gazillion hours to carefully trowel on all the slap


See ya there



Hiya Mate


Who is Del ? Male or female? Does Adam DJ ? I HOPE SO!


See you there


Love Jane





Rugby Soul Club


Posted:Apr 24 2010 07:31 PM

...Oh Jane, you must be worrying who we were putting you in with...It's Idell but we just call her Del/Nubes nowadays...

Yes, Adam DJs and I love the Friday night in their room...

altho last year I found myself in the modern room more and more...

But the best bit of the weekend has to be the Sunday party night, I think my feet were bleeding by the time it finished...


Rugby Soul Club



Posted:Apr 24 2010 07:32 PM


Link to Ady Croasdells site...




Second Issue


Posted:Apr 25 2010 10:39 PM

Cheers Sian


I am doubly excited now that I know God will be there!!!


Thanks for the invite Sian x x x x

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