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Keele Soul Allnighter 2024

Keele Soul Allnighter 2024 magazine cover

Keele Soul All-Nighter

Located on the famous Keele university campus, this has been named one of the best all-nighters around.

With an amazing line up and the finest sound system around. You are sure to leave this night with sore feet but an ear-to-ear smile. 

Keele university's campus, rich in architectural phenomena and detail, provides an incredible setting for an all-nighter. The rich history of the buildings on campus and surroundings can provoke a sense of nostalgia, which intertwines ever so perfectly with northern soul. The modern-day attendees doubled with the older campus can create a unique and compelling experience. Highlighting, just how Keele University campus makes such a perfect place for a soul all-nighter. 



The night itself 

The northern soul music scene is alive and has still been thriving for decades, captivating fans over infectious music and fast beats sure to get you on to the dance floor. One key night in the soul calendar is the Keele soul all-nighter, that only happens three times a year. Making it ever so special. Where hardcore fans come to dance away into the early hours with the best seven-inch vinyl on spin. 

 We recently had the pleasure of attending the most recent Keele soul all-nighter . I must say it was an unforgettable experience. The night was held in an incredible building with a bouncing floor perfect for dancing. The friendly people and inviting atmosphere only to add to the incredible night of great music and dancing. 

No song was repeated and no tune was worth leaving the dancefloor

The main hall featured a mix of classic northern soul anthems and underground soul tracks. Each one carefully selected by the well-practiced DJs. Amongst the night you will hear from the best DJs such as Ted Massey, Rob smith and room at the top’s famous Jordan Wilson. These are just a few of the names of many talented sets over the course of the all-nighter. 

The dance floor was an incredible place. Dancing amongst people of all ages and backgrounds. After all, the music here is what we all have in common. Coming together to celebrate the timeless genre of music. 




Room two 


Just down the hallway, a second room awaited, precisely dedicated to many genres of modern soul such as funk, Latin boogaloo and even eighties hip hop. The music played in this second room provides a fresh and youthful twist to the night. Mixing contemporary with classics to keep the party truly going all night. 

The fact there are two different rooms to choose from throughout the night, adds a certain element of variety. Catering to all music tastes in a fascinating way. 


What makes this night so special?

What sets this all-nighter aside from the rest is the dedication to obscure and underplayed tracks. These lesser known b sides and underground soul tracks may not receive too much mainstream recognition ,so when these hidden gems are played it can give life to this wonderful music. These tracks are often uncovered through dedicated crate-digging and research. All in the name of soul and sharing this music with the audience on a deeper level.





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On 23/05/2024 at 23:30, Geeselad said:

A very well put together piece. This venue has real heritage on the scene and deserves to be supported. 

Thankyou so much . :) 

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