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Local Events - Map Improvements - Source Event guide

Local Events - Map Improvements - Source Event guide magazine cover

Just a very quick shout about the latest crop of 'local map /events near me' map improvements

The local soul /events near me feature displays events near you for the upcoming week,  you can select the 'town' and the 'range' for your very own bespoke local event view, or if looking further, by using the  '999' range you can view a national view of soul events this upcoming week.

You can also navigate to the next week and so on to view even more future 'local' event views


The map backend method has been upgraded allowing us to offer much improved features and displays

New - full screen mode - useful for mobiles - just tap the icon under the zoom +- in top left

New - Markers popup - a new popup of each event is now available - just tap the markers for deeper event info

Tooltips - Only show on desktop/tablets views - hove for event title, tap for the popup

Feature is now fully open and can be used/viewed via our 'local soul' link in the menus or via here




New popups



Full screen mode







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