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Pre-Order: Neo Soul 45 - Aphrose - Good Love / YaYa - LRK RECORDS

Pre-Order: Neo Soul 45 - Aphrose - Good Love / YaYa - LRK RECORDS magazine cover

Toronto-based Soul/R&B artist Aphrose is back and ready to release her soulful,long-anticipated single, "Good Love" from her upcoming 7" vinyl release on LRK Records.

A dreamy, evocative slow jam that is sure to make you feel like you've been transported back to the heyday of the 70s, "Good Love" features Aphrose's undeniable vocal prowess supported by layers of bass, drums, string synths,percussion, and luxurious vocal harmonies.Drawing inspiration from the late Teddy Pendergrass, early MJ, and the sounds of the 70s Soul era, Aphrose and her production team SafeSpaceship Music (Scott McCannell, Chino DeVilla & Ben Macdonald) crafted this deep-cut soul classic that drenches you in lush vocals and string synths, met by undulating bass and drum sounds.Aphrose was inspired to write about experiencing that "good love" that surpasses all barriers, even theself-sabotaging ones we put up to protect ourselves. "Good Love" also features Kyla Charter-one of Toronto's most brilliant artists- on background vocals,as well as Ben Macdonald on tenor saxophone, which is the cherry on top.

Yaya to be announced soon..

releases July 7, 2023

PRE-ORDER HERE: https://lrkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/good-love-2.




A bridge between the golden age of soul and the sound of today…” - Wordplay Magazine (UK) Wordplay Magazine (UK)

“‘Good Love’ is the new neo soul single from Aphrose Low bpm, syncopated rhythm, discreet congas, a sax that enters at the end and recalls the tradition of smooth jazz. And above all, the voice of Canadian Aphrose.” - Adaja Inira Music Letter (Italy)

“Aphrose's stunning range spans the vocal stratosphere, with both lead and background performance having the power of the female giants of soul, showcasing her astonishing range and complete vocal control.” - Soul Collection (Italy) Soul Collection (Italy)

“Feeling like a warm embrace, this buttery-smooth R&B groove, with a gentle rhythm, mellow keys and honey-sweet vocals, is dipped in a bath of luscious musical magic” - Jansen’s Jamz Jansen’s Jamz

“Sometimes the biggest battles to fight in life are those that extend beyond the physical realm. Despite its intangibility, the invisible chains can sometimes be the ones that are the most binding. Toronto’s Aphrose offers an enlightening perspective on confronting those very chains with an attitude of victory.” - Celeste Danielle Earmilk

Listen: Sample #1

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