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Pre-Order: New 45 from Creative Soul - MT Jones - I'd Be Lying

Pre-Order: New 45 from Creative Soul - MT Jones - I'd Be Lying magazine cover

New Release from Creative Soul - MT Jones - I'd Be Lying

MT Jones - I'd Be Lying / In My Arms - Creative Soul 

There was a slogan carried on t-shirts and record bags a few years ago which simply said "Soul music, if I had to explain it, then you wouldn't understand". It's true up to a point, you have to listen, you have to have an ear to really appreciate to then understand what it's really about.

We think that our next release should have carried a strap line, "MT Jones.... soul music explained"

Available from mid-December, and available for pre-order now. We expect this to sell out, and those that have seen MT Jones supporting Jalen Ngonda's performances will certainly agree with us.

In MT Jones there’s unquestionable talent and passion for REAL soul music that crosses so many boundaries. It should come as no surprise that he now supports Jalen Ngonda's European tour. We are so excited to have his music on our logo and to release these tracks on the most fitting format…. on wax!

Here’s what soul music connoisseur, Brian Goucher has to say… 

'In May 2023 I stumbled over MT Jones and his "I’d Be Lying", I was totally transfixed with the subtle nod to Robert Parker's immortal "I Caught You In A Lie"  couple that with a unique and soulful voice and you have something very special. 
He is already a seasoned singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who started his journey at the age of 8 on the piano, his music is grounded in his affair with soul music; Motown, Stax and Atlantic featured heavily in the early years, his earliest influence being the legendary Ray Charles.  He has travelled the world honing his talents which he repeatedly reveals on his ability to seamlessly combine the past with the present day to output serenely soulful and timeless music. 
Soul radio in the UK has already given airtime with frequent plays of the topside. Flip the 45 over for the stunning builder “In My Arms” which morphs into a compulsive piece of soul music in its own right.
 An utterly fabulous release.'

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