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  1. Incredible limited press 2019 album release from Blue Lotus, St Louis. Roland Johnson – Set Your Mind Free Standout tracks…..’Set Your Mind Free’, ‘Still Here’, ‘Let’s Live Together’, and killer deep soul tracks ‘Now You’re Gone’, ‘Hold On’. ‘Set Your Mind Free’ is destined to be one of the biggest club tracks in 2020, don’t miss out. Do yourself a favour and check the sound file…… Vinyl £18.00 + P&P UK £4.50, Europe £7.80 CD £12 + P&P UK £2.00, Europe £4.00 Also have Roland’s previous album, CD only release, including more great tracks.. ‘Yours and Mine’, ‘Sweet Little Nothings’ and killer deep soul of ‘Ain’t That Loving You’ £12…. take this with ‘Set Your Mind Free’ for a discounted price of £8 Payment via PayPal as Friends & Family please, send me a PM to reserve https://youtu.be/Tlch6v6FBUo
  2. Another mixed bag of tunes… so whilst most are happy shelling out £000’s for tired old nostalgia trophies, here’s a few from a different bag for the more discerning types amongst us….. Usual payment and postage deal… Paypal please with £2.50 to cover recorded mail. The Zircons – Was It Meant To Be This Way / Go On And Cry, Cry – Heigh-Ho VG++ £300. Their best and toughest to find and that would explain why there’s no YouTube clip, great under the radar double sider mid-tempo and proper. SOLD The Black And White Affair – Sweet Soul Lady – Topaz M- £250. Another under the radar tune, this time great uptempo Northerness with attitude from Seattle https://youtu.be/A4MLVFBJCA8 The Soul Blenders – Love Built On A Strong Foundation – Vanessa VG+ £300. Proper Northern that’s been nicely filling dance floors in the quality soul clubs. SOLD https://youtu.be/2blGWReB2bk King Earnest – You Gonna Miss Me – Sonic £175. Would be Ex if it didn’t have a small edge crack, though it plays absolutely perfectly without clicks or skips. Monsterous uptempo and so in-demand tune from Chicago. ON HOLD https://youtu.be/LFXpcYFMUeo Velons – That’s Alright / That’s What Love Can Do – B.J.M M- £200. Another rare 45 with great dance floor potential….great deep flip too. https://youtu.be/9GfvhG78ZAE The Chances – A Better Day Is Coming / People Wake Up Before It’s Too Late – Finch VG has some light surface marks but plays great £200. Very rare mid-tempo group soul. https://youtu.be/AE7vWBOo3ts The C-Quents – It’s You And Me – Captown Ex £250. Quality Northern on the impossible to find first release label. https://youtu.be/8RtdvDGIi_M Don Scott – Love With Me – noD ttoctS M- £200. Great modern soul belter from ‘77 https://youtu.be/ofYaQTl8pr8 Donnell Brown – With Love We’ll Make It / Too Late To Cry – Brown & Brown Ex £250. Quality crossover 45, both sides are a bit special….. https://youtu.be/rPzclRN90l0 https://youtu.be/XHlnYNHcjq8 The Isonics – Sugar – Kammy VG+ £300 One from the Casino that thankfully avoided being listed in the Top 500, and quite rightly seeing more recent love and attention. https://youtu.be/hfiBeMMEPIA Sherry & The Inverts – I’m Lost – Tower WD M- £150. Uptemo Motownesque niceness. https://youtu.be/4--3BrW_lS8
  3. Something for everyone..... proper soul, modern, deep, sweet, quality and downright essential soul 45s - All original US releases, EX / NM unless stated Payment by Paypal as gift preferred. Postage: UK - £2.50 / Europe - £3.85 / Worldwide - £4.95 Art Freeman - Slippin' Around With You- Fame £150... pristine, unplayed copy https://youtu.be/dPjuHSTBMfU Oliver Bush - I'll Make It Up To You - Gamble WD £50... perfection https://youtu.be/brm0d0ZlMLU Faithful Wonders - Ol' John (Behold Thy Mother) - Checker £50 Now this is a proper soulful gospel dancer.... https://youtu.be/AzyCqa6BCkA The Ballads - My Baby Knows How To Lover Her Man - Venture WD £20..that man Willie Hutch delivering masterclass soul again https://youtu.be/-uhZmk3NGNs Katie Love and The Four Shades of Black - It Hurts So Good - Scepter WD £15.. Muscle Shoals, Philip Mitchell, George Soule what else do you need..... https://youtu.be/2vBxyyZIsU8 Walter Jackson - Touching In The Dark - Kelli-Arts £10 pristine, unplayed copy... remember when new release tunes like this were played to full dance floors alongside rare 60's... I miss 'em... https://youtu.be/JBU8jr1AILo Bobby Womack - Daylight - United Artists £8...anthem! https://youtu.be/FjtdL2X8QSs George & Gwen McCrae - Winners Together Or Losers Apart - Cat WD £8... this is brilliant and knocks most 3 and 4 figure tunes out of the ring...one copy only https://youtu.be/44yrL-u9BzQ Sonny Lovall - Ghetto Boy - Mystic Insight WD £7...no YT clip available for this, but take my word for it if moody soul with a message is your thing, you need this...think Walter Heath and you're there. The Skyliners - Everything Is Fine - Jubilee £20... super cool, finger clicking, class mid-tempo soul... https://youtu.be/uR_LercBENk Al Wilson - Help Me - Wand DJ £450... very rare and monsterous dance floor filler https://youtu.be/MYKHDfwmisY Dusty Springfield - Haunted - Atlantic DJ £100... WOL on reverse label, US only and her hardest 45 to find... great record, deserves plenty of plays https://youtu.be/Wz-2Yqeeg_o Tony Owens - All That Matters - Buddah DJ £10... wonderful NOLA soul...stands up with his best https://youtu.be/jES131sMgB8 Sam Moultrie - The Promised Land - Roulette £25... another under the radar gem https://youtu.be/77JK7Gkd1pA Walter Webb & The Highlighters - Your Time Is Gonna Come - Chess WD ...£30 awesome pleading group soul https://youtu.be/NTp9UTpXAw0 Gloria Scott - As Long As We're Together - Casablanca £15... her other one... https://youtu.be/O55xygQfpvk Bette Williams - If She's Your Wife (Who Am I) / Now That I'm Gone - Gregar DJ £10... great Jerry Williams produced deep soul https://youtu.be/EAFwzxYMMoM… Exceptionals - Unlucky Girl / What About Me - GRT £30 Versatile Gents - You've Blow My Mind - Linco £50 https://youtu.be/0JMl_yu-8F8 Flairs - You Got To Steal It - RAP Ex £90 Ohio Players - Find Someone To Love - Capitol DJ Ex £25 La Familia Inc. - Do You Love Me - BSR VG+ £100 https://youtu.be/IPcO-m_V7_8 McKinley Mitchell - Party Across The Hall / She's Married Already - Black Beauty Ex £60 https://youtu.be/NCpMWoAt9ww Velons - That's Alright / That's What Love Can Do - BJM Ex £175 https://youtu.be/9GfvhG78ZAE PM me for tunes that make your heart sing...
  4. Something for everyone..... proper soul, modern, deep, sweet, quality and downright essential soul 45s - All original US releases, EX / NM unless stated Payment by Paypal as gift preferred. ... Postage: UK - £2.50 / Europe - £3.85 / Worldwide - £4.95 Tony Mason - Take Good Care - RCA WD £50... so soulful Vietnam war song... and this YT video is nothing short of brilliant! https://youtu.be/sWPBoudStM4 Lou Edwards and Today's People - Talkin' 'Bout Poor Folks - Columbia WD £75 1972 and the lyrics are as true today...brilliant ghetto soul. https://youtu.be/XR-wWheZwtE Sisters Love - I'm Learning To Trust My Man - UK Tamla Motown DJ £30.... another huge tune from that time... https://youtu.be/e6W5auYcJkk The Unexpected - Open Up Your Heart - Sound Stage 7 WD £15 Great, very under the radar modern soul tune...fantastic voices.. https://youtu.be/JsuEqPNsm4I Linda Jones & Whatnauts - I'm So Glad I Found You - Stang WD £40... Goddess https://youtu.be/sEy-YZ3dyYU Norman Connors - Take It To The Limit - Arista £10.. so good.. vocal gymnastics from Ada Dyer https://youtu.be/_JFGnX-eAAk Fred Hughes - I Keep Trying - Exodus £120.. storming Northern with big plays again... https://youtu.be/_OzgaFsgixg Toby King - Operator - Deesu WD £40....just brilliant soul, pitched somewhere between crossover and deep soul... https://youtu.be/6DzDtmJuM6M PM for the tunes that make your heart say yes...
  5. Sheppards_How_Do_You_Like_It.jpg
    Sheppards.....Block capital print design.... Available worldwide apparently.... not aware of any other international release apart from JayBoy... but good to think big...
  6. .....and here's my contribution to a cracking soul session... Willie Tee - I Heard Everything You Said Ernie Hines - Help Me Put Out The Flame (In My Heart) Chocolate Sunday - Second Story Man Clay Brown - Talkin' Soul Carol Woods & The Executives - Ooh Baby Loretha Vanouver - I'm Here To Give It To You Tony Lampkin - Trouble Being A Man New Way - Holding On Bob & Gene - I Gotta Find A Way A proper soulful experience ... roll on January
  7. The lead sounds just like Anita May on Audio Forty.
  8. It's a June Jackson produced tune Mal, the flip is instrumental tracks "Soul Of A Sort" credited to June Jackson & The Soul Sounds.
  9. post-8628-0-54559800-1395496377.jpg
    A few quality rare soul tunes for you to check.... all US original 45s ... prices in GBP with postage extra at cost. Payment via Paypal as a Gift please... Sound file for all of the tracks listed is here https://www.divshare.com/download/25325548-c1a King Earnest -You Gonna Miss Me — Sonic VG++200... Storming uptempo dance floor call…. The Specials - Everybody Say Yea - Satch VG (Plays great) 40 Uptempo soulfulness… and about time for a replay… George Byrd — I’m Available / You Better Tell Her So- Tangerine Ex 75 One of the best double sider soul 45s in the whole wide world…. Caesars - I've Got To Know - Both Sides M- 250 Very hard to find final release by this great group.. sounds just right for today. John Wesley & Four Tees - You Still Need Me — Melic VG+ 75 So soulful mid-tempo gem…. The better of his two releases IMO, and a fraction of the cost. Eugene Gamble - Without My Baby /Don’t Forget About Me - Jet Stream M- 75 Classy mid-tempo flipped with aaargh n bee dancer… Buddy Ace - Pleasing You -Paula WD Ex 50 SOLD Finally getting deserved attention…. Only taken 20 years since Guy first played it!
  10. post-8628-0-25307200-1395489618.jpg
    A few quality modern and crossover soul tunes for you to check.... all US original 45s (except Limmie.... of course)... prices in GBP with postage extra at cost. Payment via Paypal as a Gift please... Sound file for all of the tracks listed is here https://www.divshare.com/direct/25325014-67e.mp3 Limmie - Saturday Night's The Night — Psycho (UK) M- 100 In demand, UK only modern soul from ’78….top condition copy… Joneses - Love Contest - Spring WD -EX 40 SOLD One of their best modern soul tunes…… Ray Jiminez -Leave Her Alone - Columbia WD M- 75 SOLD Classsy mid-tempo crossover tune… the better side of one of Keb’s old cover ups… Mary Wells - I Found What I Wanted - Reprise WD VG+ 10 Mary Wells, meets George Jackson at Muscle Shoals….what more can you want? J.J Barnes - Got To Get Rid Of You / Snow Flakes — Volt VG WOL 20 plays great… SOLD The most soulful record in the list….not great condition, but will do ‘til you find a mint copy.. Ron Patterson -Story Book — Venice M- 125 Top drawer crossover, double sider. Don & Debi - I Can Be Happy - Amos DJ M- 300 Fantastic tune… not often seen for sale…. Eddie Billips & The C.C.C's -Shake Off That Dream -Gar-Pax WD Ex 200 Proper 70’s groove… Jesse Gomez - Baby, I'm Coming At You — Mankind M- 80 Early 80’s modern soul mover from TOTW days… with the bonus flip of “Lace” Trumains -Ripe For The Pickin' - RCA DJ Ex 100 SOLD Evergreen modern soul dance floor classic John Gates - Tell Me You Love Me — Dellwood M- 50 Great 70’s mid-tempo… Edee - Make It Last -ICA VG++ 40 slight label damage, hence lower cost SOLD So much class in 3 and half minutes…
  11. post-8628-0-04638300-1395391744.jpg
    Having a bit of a record room tidy......A few funky and latin type 45's for you to check out, all original US 45s. Prices in GBP with postage extra at cost, and payment via Paypal as a Gift. All sound files are here - https://www.divshare.com/direct/25318099-713.mp3 Benny Poole - Pearl, Pearl, Pearl - Solid Hit M- 50 Great Latin tinged instrumental from Detroit… ... Bob Green - Running And Hiding - Super M- 50 Great vocal funk tune from Michigan Charles Pryor & Power Of Love - What They Doing (Funkie Junkie) - Double O VG++ 50 Proper soulful funk….with great deep flip…. First label release too… Big Black - Come On And Get It Baby - Uni DJ Ex 20 There’s now way that a tune this good should be the cost of a round of beers!! Turnarounds - Somewhere In This World — Tangerine Ex 15 Great, raw 60’s funk. Blood Brothers - Black Is So Bad - Turbo Ex 10 Social commentary funk that Turbo hid on the flip to a radio acceptable Lonnie Youngblood tune… Jim Pipkins & Boss Five - Mr. C.C - Emerge Ex 30 Storming 100mph funk edged instrumental Moon People - Land Of Love — Speed Ex 20 Great Latin/funk instrumental… brilliant dance floor breaks.. Yakety Yaks -Soul Night (Parts 1 + 2) - Washington Sound VG+ 75 Four Corners riffs and horn breaks… storming… Whispering Shadow -Stop The World - Mr D's VG++ 100 One of Dave’s from TOTW, now getting revival plays… Lovations - I Can't Forget About You - Cap City Ex 50 SOLD Lovations get funkier with this dance gem… David Lenyard & The Music Tree - It Could Have Been You - Flying Eagles M- 20 Now if this had recently surfaced then Four Real Inc. would be secondary… worth a revival… Sweet Daddy Floyd - I Just Can't Help Myself - Super-Star M- 40 SOLD Isaac Hayes meets the Boogie Man Orchestra… awesome production… Earl Carter & The Boccus - I Want My Baby Back / Funky Splat - Expression VG++ 300 IWMBB is stunning mid-tempo crossover with an opening track similar to the unreleased Sy Hightower, and the flip is a funk bomb of mega proportions….. so rare too!!
  12. Great to hear that Keb's fine and well, but as we were discussing at the weekend, is there any chance that his Rockabilly records were washed away....
  13. I doubt that you could categorically confirm that to be the case....unless of course you were there at the time, or moonlight as the label's sound engineer.
  14. That was my first thought Pete, it could be, but the vocals are different enough to be two vocalists.
  15. .....and has anyone noticed that the vocals on 'When We're Alone Tonight' are shared, it's not just backing vocals, it's more than that, there are at least two 'lead' vocalists that interchange on the song..... seems to add more credence to theory of it being a group recording.

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