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Southern Groove: Hotlanta Aware & Clintone Funk & Soul - BGP Release

Southern Groove: Hotlanta Aware & Clintone Funk & Soul - BGP Release magazine cover

A heads up on a recent BGP album release Titled 'Southern Groove: Hotlanta, Aware & Clintone Funk & Soul' and described as 'Masterful and obscure 1970s funk and soul from Georgia and Alabama', you can read and listen just what this album is all about below...

Southern Groove: Hotlanta, Aware & Clintone Funk & Soul BGP   CDBGPD 310

Release blurb

Masterful and obscure 1970s funk and soul from Georgia and Alabama.

You’ve all heard of southern soul, but southern groove? Is it even a thing? All of the attention today on the great studios of the southern United States tends to focus on a certain sound, a geographically specific soul that flourished in the 1960s and 70s and faded as corporate radio playlists began to emphasise national over local appeal.

But that’s only part of the story. Studios such as Fame in Alabama and Stax in Memphis, and many others in between, produced music that took account of what was happening around the country, and in the 1970s added a big touch of funk to the mix. In what we hope to be the first in a series focusing on different cities, we have delved into the vaults of Atlanta, Georgia-based GRC and associated labels for a mix of previously unreleased tracks, club classics and connoisseur choices ...

   ...Previously unreleased selections include David Camon’s ‘Keep On Doin’ Your Funky Thing’ and Johnny Jacobs’ ‘Ain’t It Funky (Doing Your Own Thing)’, both of which are hard-hitting street funk. Family Plann’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is a slice of pre-disco which sits nicely alongside underground heroes...

Above by Dean Rodland aka @Dean Rudland clipped from Ace records website. The full release notes can be read via https://acerecords.co.uk/southern-groove-hotlanta-aware-clintone-funk-soul  along with photos and purchase options

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Track List
  1. Keep On Your Doin' Your Funky Thing - Dave Camon
  2. Ain't It Funky (Doin' Your Own Thing) - Johnny Jacobs
  3. Only a Fool - Loleatta Holloway
  4. Down at the Disco - Maggabrain
  5. Shuckin' and Jivin' - Family Plann
  6. The Bump - Floyd Smith
  7. I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky - Ripple
  8. Help Me (Pt. 1) - Archie Russell
  9. Help Me (Pt. 2) - Archie Russell
  10. When I Build My World - Jimmy Lewis
  11. Complain to the Clouds (But You Can't Change the Weather) - Black Velvet
  12. Let's Dance - Family Plann
  13. Seeds of Life - East L.A. Car Pool
  14. Spacewalking - Maggabrain
  15. Unknown Instrumental #2 - Ripple
  16. Funk Pump - The Counts
  17. The World Don't Owe You Nothin' - Loleatta Holloway
  18. Time - John Edwards
  19. Husband-in-law - C.L. Blast
  20. Shouldn't I Be Given the Right to Be Wrong - Joe Hinton
  21. Claim Jumpin' - Bill Brandon
  22. Checkmate - The Ebony Godfather



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