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Most Expensive Uk Tmg Demo ?

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watched this all the way. far exceeded my (inexperienced) estimate

If money was no object, this DEMO would be up there in my Top Ten Desirable Tamla_Motown Red & White DEMO's

That would be the Personal Value to me & not a reflection on General Value of that Particular DEMO.

"Helpless" Kim Weston would be another "must have" if I had the cash

& as a result would Inflate the price.

Not talking completing the 500's, Just the most desirable to me. i.e. in my Top Ten.

I am guessing that many other want's will ALSO feature this DEMO, It's a stunner

& not simply required in order to complete a run regardless of whether or not it's good.

I too watched this all the way, Unfortunately I haven't that kind of money to spare. :thumbup:

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