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  1. Patti & The Emblems

    What did Tim get at auction? Thats the only guide. Someone on here will know
  2. Carolinasoul

    I've got this in a box of stuff somewhere. I thought it was mediocre tbh. I've been watching it on Jason's auction though.
  3. For Sale

    You'll get a better response for the other side in my view. It's been getting few plays for a while now. Not heard anyone else play "I Need Your Lovin'" out and about for years.
  4. Why do we need to label everything? If its good and fits in to a set who cares when it was recorded and or discovered. And as for the age of a DJ, why is that even an issue, they're only putting records on, I let my 5 year old granddaughter do it, its easy ...
  5. Soul Source : The begining??

    My current account is from 2005 but I certainly around well before that with an account (possibly "deancourtney") which was also my eBay ID at the time. not a good idea I know lol. I'm around less and less lately unfortunately.
  6. If you play records in to a paying audience you're a DJ. Whether you're the right DJ for the audience, or even a competent DJ at all, is a different question.
  7. Almeta lattimore

    It was the bottom record in a pile I grabbed. I only had hold of the bottom one on one side and as I moved it I caught it on the edge of the table and snap it went. The pile was stuff that never gets in my play box so I thought it would be a cheapy, sadly ...
  8. Almeta lattimore

    Hows this for a Herbert Hunter casualty. Luckily I still have an issue but still I was gutted.
  9. Mike McDonald* – God Knows

    Great tune and great memories.

    Broke my first decent watch (a JW Benson) hand clapping at the Casino. One end of the leather strap went and off it shot across the dance floor. I got it back but it never worked again.
  11. What Does It Take To Win Your Love

    Candy Dulfer & Jonathan Buttler 's version is full of Sax (obviously) but stands up to many of the others mentioned. Not the one wanted but worth a listen.
  12. Selling your record collection

    Dealers are the obvious place but they need to make a margin, that's their business and completely understandable. The bigger the dealer the more likely they are to have copies in stock of the more common stuff so anything worth less than £50 you'll not get...
  13. What records do I own?

    Common I think, lost count of the times I've done it.
  14. Shortest time before intro kicks in

    The intro obviously kicks in immediately doesn't it? If you mean the shortest intro before the vocal kicks in how about Drizabone Pressure?

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