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    Sam Fletcher
  1. Ted Massey


    Motherfox Fallen into love Shabang Cash waiting PM pls
  2. Ted Massey

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Hi Gilly not sure if Ginger has it. There’s a picture of Richard Searling and Ian holding the said record I think at Wigan
  3. Ted Massey

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Gilly I know of mine which has Ian Gillibrand in the run outs, Mick Smith and Carl Dean he has had it 2/3 years. Don’t know where the other one is
  4. Ted Massey

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    I got a Vg copy of some one who had just got back from the states in 1988/9 think it was 50 quid. Glad I still got it and when do you ever see one for sale. Even Dave Evison dances to it
  5. Ted Massey

    Elbi parker

    And the issue is vinyl as well
  6. Ted Massey

    current prices please

    no he didnt realise it was a pressing we've been messaging each other
  7. Ted Massey

    current prices please

    Knowing Floyd its originals hes after
  8. Ted Massey

    current prices please

    Clay Brown- every bodys talking-florentine thats on Aljon Floydy
  9. Ted Massey

    Detroit Sounds of Friction

    It is dance floor death i tried it a few times to no floor and later the Willinghams to virtually no response at nighters as well
  10. Ted Massey


    hope to see you at Strictly John
  11. Ted Massey

    Strictly Crossover & Modern Soul

    A cracking night in store for the dancers
  12. Ted Massey


    I had a cracked one back in the 90's George dont know who i sold it to got it of Clarkie played fine btw
  13. Ted Massey

    Isonics on Kammy

    Don’t under sell Al put 500 on it you can always reduce
  14. Ted Massey

    Tab Walton & Tabby Thomas

    Just a couple from very different eras Tab Walton Love me the way I love you Oriole why oh why did I sell it Tabby Thomas Popeye Train Excello Pm please money waiting
  15. Ted Massey

    Admirations (Aspirations)

    Laters Karl Jim Wensioras old copy


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