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  1. Hi Joel yes bud fine back at ya. i heard Sam play it in the Windsor suite sounded brill soi was happy when i got. Steve had 3 copies he's still trying to tempt me lol best Ted
  2. Same buyer bought IJ Harris as well
  3. It's the brilliant flowery descriptions sucking bidders in almost certainly
  4. Tavasco was cheap (im being ironic btw)
  5. To my knowledge i think the last 2 originals have been sold on FB for around £1900. i think this 3300$ one has been spiked and i very much doubt paid for (if any one has an original i would be happy to relieve them of it )
  6. El Anthony Thats what my lady says
  7. I noticed the bubbles on the label just doesn’t look right
  8. I need an Earl White Jnr back if any one can help me out. There were 3 folks who were bidding on Freddie 2 had been swapping bids right up to just under the winner then someone else came in. So theres 2 others out there willing to pay nearly 3k
  9. Tim you offered me one in a trade for the rare Kim Weston EP on Tamla Motown and i turned you down got one now but should have done it lol. Glad i had the Magnetics I have a girl of you though
  10. That’s weird as it clearly states auction had finished any way crazy price
  11. That’s not the correct price for Bee Vee it was 2950 according to the finishing price on my screen shots
  12. Perfections Girl you better hurry Tri-City John Simmons - Ain't nothing like the love
  13. Simon Hunt had one years ago I’m sure he told me in the mid 90’s or before he sold it and recently bought one back from Europe

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