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  1. Tony Clarke on M-S

    Ady Pierce has a mint demo for sale
  2. Oliver Joy

    Oliver Joy Keep love growing Good price paid cash waiting
  3. How you got into northern soul

    Slightly off topic Tony Reynolds the Outrigger organiser has arranged a reunion for next year Saturday 21st April
  4. Stables soul club

    Hi Andi thanks for your comments the attendance was lower than usual because of a number of reasons. We know that a few regulars were on holiday and there was also a birthday party on the same night which did affect the numbers. Thankfully it's only once a year. Still 180 in is still well above the average for most soul nights hope we see you again we are back on 2nd September
  5. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    I very occasionally i post one but i do get a fair few pm's on face book asking what i played at a venue they have been at so they can have a listen on you tube so i sent a selection by pm
  6. Stables soul club

    the Lifeline ones eventually didn't get the support they should have had. The oldies nighters never really took of and the owners couldn't justify the expense of keeping the place open till 6am. The Stables Soul Club were never involved with any of the nighters and we have a one a month 1st Saturday throughout the year and get 200/250 in most times
  7. Stables soul club

    Will be good to see Woza
  8. Stables soul club

    This month we have one of the 2 top young dj's in the country joining us behind the decks none other than Tom Page only just 21 but has a long pedigree as his father is Gavin Page so has been brought up on soul music from a young age. Tom is a resident at the Rugby all nighters so a lot of midland soulies will know him. Any way less blowing smoke up his ares he's confident enough 😂 . There's some competition out there this month but I'm sure we will have another cracking night.
  9. Strictly Modern and Crossover

    Come on and join us you know it makes sense, we offer some thing different. Carl Jones has one of the top collections in the country and knows how to put a set together. We play a mixture of 70's, 80's and 90's with a smattering of quality late 60's similar to a lot of sets that were played at the legendary Lea manor Albrighton
  10. Strictly Modern and Crossover

    Line up for tonight DJ Times tonight8pm Alan J8.30pm Kenny Lee9.30pm Carl Jones10.30pm Ted Massey11.30pm Stephen Church
  11. Strictly Modern and Crossover

    Strictly at the Bradmore Club 8pm to 12.30am £5 otd dj's Kenny Lee, Carl Jones, Ted Massey, Steve Church and Alan J

    I'm on my 3rd copy sold the 2 other for around 100 quid one of them to Soul Sam at Lea Manor Albrighton. I admit i paid £1600 for the last one of Paul Mckay less than 2 years ago minter thou. i had checked on Popsike and the most recent one i could find was 2...

    Pete put out a sales tape at the time which included the 2 Magnetics tracks on Sable. I remember Andy Spencer buying the Lee Mckinney one for over a 100 quid i might still have the tape
  14. Stables soul club

    whos that Tom Page is he as good as his dad was
  15. Wolfies soul club - Ted Massey and Rob Gray

    Looking forward to spinning a few more