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  1. GasMaskHeadhunter?

    I asked who he was when he contacted me over Youtube for advice when he was buying Parliaments Rainy day. Blanked me never heard from him again
  2. GROSVENOR ROOMS 9th Anniversary

    Cheers Rob no doubt will see you later
  3. GROSVENOR ROOMS 9th Anniversary

    Really looking forward to another visit to the Grosvenor full of brilliant dancers up for a good time, an real honor to be the guest dj at the 9th Anniversary
  4. Empires - You're on top girl

    think we know where they came from then
  5. ivorys please stay

  6. Empires - You're on top girl

    The original has CA-2006 and VIRTUE scratched in. B side CA-2067 VIRTUE and L W the L is above the W
  7. Empires - You're on top girl

    I thought it was Little john on gogate Steve never managed to get that one. I had a phone call from Andy Rix to tell me about it before 8.30 but couldn’t get thru 😱got the Empires early 90’s. I wonder why Craig is listing as a repro
  8. Daybreak

    It was an auction if I remember Paul
  9. Daybreak

    There’s a few about I bought it of Paul Capon many years ago
  10. Daybreak

    Here you go Pete from Google images mines a lot cleaner
  11. Daybreak

  12. Daybreak

    White demo is a tough one
  13. Strictly Modern and crossover @ The Bradmore

    Tonights DJ Times 8pm Alan J 8.30pm Kenny Lee 9.30pm Ted Massey 10.30pm Gary Belcher 11.30pm Stephen Church
  14. Strictly Modern and crossover @ The Bradmore

    Great start to the bank holiday
  15. Strictly Modern and crossover @ The Bradmore

    Strictly at the Bradmore Club 8pm to 12.30am £5 otd dj's Special guest Gary Belcher with Kenny Lee, Ted Massey, Steve Church and Alan J