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    Keen collector with 40 Years knowledge of Northern Soul records.
    I have been collecting records seriously since 1969.
    A large amount of singles bought via Soul Bowl list/visits during the seventies but still collecting via internet today.
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  1. Mike. Birthday

    Happy Birthday Mike
  2. Gordy Label Question

    The typeface is set out for the Arrow Design. I believe that they may have simply used the older Badge design to test the layout.
  3. Johnny Stiles - HARTHON LEGEND PASSES

    Extremely sad news. Another of the greats has passed. R.I.P.
  4. Edwin Starr Large/Smal Font (Time/Back and Forth)

    No problem Rick. It is a mine field and so hard to generalise. It is quite difficult without seeing a scan or deadwax detail from your copies Does the smaller font copy have the "Arp" stamp in the deadwax. I would guess that The large font...
  5. Edwin Starr Large/Smal Font (Time/Back and Forth)

    I would say that the DEMOs were all produced around the same time for each release number. I always expect to find the following three presses MR stamp - MONARCH from the west coast. "Arp" - American Record Pressing Co. - Michigan "Nash...
  6. Edwin Starr Large/Smal Font (Time/Back and Forth)

    Yes and just when they started to become double A Sided DEMOs there is the odd exception. However, the Red Vinyl copy was Double A Sided for this G-7090 release.
  7. Edwin Starr Large/Smal Font (Time/Back and Forth)

    Yes they are double A Sided DEMOs and from different pressing plants. WEST COAST : MONARCH Delta # 79353 places it around the end of December 1969 / January 1970 ( X4KM -5515-1 )
  8. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Very nice, thanks for posting. I have always like this record as either Vocal or Instumental.
  9. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    It must be one of only a handful of copies and extremely rare. A couple of collectors had previously told me that it existed is this variation titled "SALVATION". This is the first and only time that I have personally seen one.
  10. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Thanks Peter. All is well now mate will be spending more time on here now. I had a diffcult and busy time last year when my 90 year old Father died. Spent many months prior with Hospital visits to see him etc. Daily visit to Soul Source by mobile a lot o...
  11. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Catch it before it starts. Even has the alternate title for the instrumental written above SALVATION.
  12. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Apparently there are copies of "The Men From Macon" on Yellow & Green titled "SALVATION" I have seen one on YouTube. Never been able to find a copy though. Took me years to find this variation.
  13. [Rs] roy lee johnson - so anna just love me - josie

    The Deadwax delta on the two monarch presses above denotes that "SO ANNA JUST LOVE ME" is the A Side, same as the UK Action. DELTA # 64536 = December 1966. So both appear to be promoted at the same time. The Deadwax for each press is identical and h...
  14. Dells - Run for cover

    I'm not sure of quantity pressed or which titles were done, but I believe that they are later re-issues distributed by GRT using same release number. RE ISSUE : For 5590 "There Is" released twice, First as the B Side on 5574 so I'm gu...
  15. Bill Black's Combo Little Queenie sticker

    Just a thought. The key here may be Australia as I have seen stickers with similar wording on a few Australian London stock copies. http://www.45cat.com/label/london-au/16 Even though your record is a UK press it may have found its way as a promoti...