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    Keen collector with 40 Years knowledge of Northern Soul records. I have been collecting records seriously since 1969. A large amount of singles bought via Soul Bowl list/visits during the seventies but still collecting via internet today.
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  1. Just to confirm, I am 45cellar on here and ebay with no connection to above.
  2. The small hole auto changer did have a habit of dropping more than one at a time. The amount of label scrub when trying to position them over the spindle too. I would never dream of pushing out the center of a UK record but can't help but love the large hole center records for handling and ease of use. Especially with a tapered adapter on a single play deck. Together with the large hole auto changer they are perfectly engineered and more positive in operation. Those RCA Engineers certainly knew their stuff.
  3. This one is different. I haven't seen one before. It even handles LP's
  4. This explains the large hole auto change system quite well. Worth watching from 5 minutes in.
  5. I think that on an auto change system the large hole records would drop more horizontal and less likely to tilt than a small hole record would. The small hole auto change required the arm to steady the stack of records.
  6. I found this on YouTube. It appears that RCA Auto change Players for 45's may have had something to do with this.
  7. Extremely Sad News. A True Legend. R.I.P. Mary Wilson.
  8. Whilst on the subject of Laura Lee To Win Your Heart and as much as I love the Ric-Tic Label. It is absolutely gorgeous on Canadian RCA CANADA International. I managed to get a copy last year after years of searching.
  9. More information on RT-111 Here With a reference to the earlier RT-101 and the "Bell Sound" STAMP
  10. More information on RT-109-X Here
  11. That will be the West Coast DEMO on STYRENE At 2 O'Clock on the label PROMOTIONAL NOT FOR SALE Not an easy record to find on a West Coast DEMO DELTA # 61337-X for the Everything A Poor Man Needs DELTA # 61337 for There's Something About My Baby I too have this on West Coast STYRENE and the White DEMO East Coast VINYL
  12. Very sad Indeed. Always gave us quality recordings that remain timeless. Throughout the years records like 1-2-3, Like A Baby, I Struck It Rich and You Baby have always hit the spot for me. R.I.P. Len Barry
  13. As I remember it here in the UK TMG 555 was available over quite a few years with various repressings along the way. Looking at your scan it has (TMG.555A) on the label. I assume that TMJ 179 was to be a repress in South Africa but cancelled. Quite desirable items you have there. Very much like Freda Payne Band Of Gold INV 502 reissued as INV 533 and then wthdrawn.
  14. These are a few Stateside / Tamla Motown that I have. Tri Centre Rhodesia I believe 4 Prong Centre South Africa Stateside 45-JSS 1013 Martha and The Vandellas Heat Wave / A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday Tri Centre Stateside 45-JSS 1028 Mary Wells My Guy / Oh Little Boy 4 Prong Centre Stateside 45-JSS 1039 The Supremes Baby Love / Ask Any Girl Tri Centre Stateside 45-JSS 1042 The Supremes Come See About Me / Always In My Heart 4 Prong Centre Stateside 45-JSS 1049 The Temptations My Girl / (Talking 'Bout) Nobody But My Baby 4 Prong

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