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  1. Cheers Richard and yes it’s in the box it had an airing at Weymouth last weekend
  2. Cheers Richard easy parking ?
  3. Believe it or not I’ve never been to Liverpool I’m shocked considering my age. Really looking forward to my first visit and catching up with a few friends. And no bumps please even thou it’s my birthday on the 4th
  4. Torquay seems to fit the bill for you Neil but also Blackpool winter gardens,
  5. Delreys Incorporated Destination Unknown Tampete NM £1050 SOLD Buddy Connor When your alone Breakthrough NM £250 SOLD Paypal f&f or bank transfer p&p extra
  6. Reduced to £1800 will cover PayPal and UK Postage
  7. The Dogs Soul step/ Don’t try to help me Treasure EX condition. One barely noticeable mark and a tiny futt before music starts. Sound clip on request £2000 PayPal f&f or add 4% or bank trans. P&p £8 uk Reduced to 1800 will cover PayPal and uk p&p
  8. Ted Massey


    It’s the 28th Rob best edit it mate
  9. Have a goodun Pete shame it’s not a nighter would have driven back for that
  10. Jay Bee & The Mighty Sensations - Praying For An Answer Arthur Foy - Love Dreams Cash or paypal waiting
  11. Ted Massey

    Aquarius Rising! The Reunion

    Yes Dave looking forward to it
  12. Ted Massey

    Aquarius Rising! The Reunion

    Times for one of the best 2 room events the Midlands ever had MAIN ROOM 7 - 7.30 Daz McQueen 7.30 - 8 Paul Cross 8 - 8.30 Col Kidson 8.30 - 9.30 Eric Philips 9.30 - 10 Ted Massey 10 - 11.15 Nige Brown 11.15 - 12.30 Spook 12.30 - 1 Mick Moylan 1 - 1.30 Pep / Bows ROOM 2 7 - 8 Les Beaton 8 - 8.45 Mick Moylan 8.45 - 9.30 D.McQueen 9.30 - 10.15 P. Cross 10.15 - 11 Col. Kidson 11 - 11.45 Ted Massey 11.45 - 12.30 Pep 12.30 - 1 Les Beaton Subject to change
  13. Have a great one guys highly recommended will be down Sarf so can't make it sorry
  14. Think i had better come would be rude not to
  15. The Mist Life walked out Twinight please pm cash waiting
  16. I met JJ Barnes at Micky Nolds house when he was doing an interview for PCRL radio and I asked JJ and he said it was definitely not him
  17. Rick passed away a few years ago now it’s Tom Dacey that answers now
  18. Richard Anthony Keep on livin on Virtue nm £450 reduced to £400 Carol Woods Heartbreaker Perfecto7 nm £375 SOLD Isonics Sugar Kammy Ex £400 SOLD Sparkels Try love Old Town ex issue £700 reduced to £650 PayPal f&f or add 4% P&P extra has to be special delivery @£8 overseas extra
  19. Strictly Modern & Crossover Soul @ the Bradmore Church Road, Wolverhampton,WV3 7ER 8.00 to 00.30am djs Kenny Lee Carl Jones Colin Sumner Steve Church Ted Massey guest Kieron Robathan £5 otd
  20. Freddie Houston If I had known Old Town Cash waiting PM please
  21. Absolutely brilliant news Pete really pleased for you m8

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