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C/O Rettendon Services

Main Road A130

Rettendon Common, Nr Chelmsford

CM3 8DZ, Essex, England

Telephone/Fax:- 01245 325442

Mobile:- 07905 782654

(7:30am - 9:00pm (7 Days A Week)

email:- ravingmadrecords@aol.com


G Abused! possibly bad label damage and some serious scratches

VG Used record, possibly wear on label and scratched vinyl, plays ok

VG+ Possible slight wear on label. Scratched vinyl, plays well

VG++ Clean label, any scratches will be light and not affecting play

M Unplayed condition


WD = white demo, YD = yellow demo, D = demo

WOL = writing on label, SOL = sticker on label,

XOL = cross on label, TOL = tear on label, CL = clean label

DH = drillhole, SM = small, ED = edge, WA = warp,

CH = chip, NAP = not affecting play

UK - All records under the value of £50.00 will be sent by recorded delivery at £1.80 unless otherwise specified.

the value of £50.00 will be sent by SPECIAL DELIVERY at £4.O5 unless otherwise specified. Europe and the rest of the

price on request. We cannot be held responsible for postal mishandling. We accept payment by credit card



No Label Artist Title Comment Grade Price

1 ***ABC The Yum Yums Gonna be a big thing BID WD VG+ £200

2 ***CAR-A-MEL Ty Karim lighten up baby BID VG+ £175

3 ***midas Big Daddy Rogers I'm a big man BID M- £300

4 ***Quinvy Don Varner Tear Stained Face BID VG++ £500

5 **Inter Dennis Edwards Johnnie on the spot BID WD M £1,250

6 ABC Jackie Lee Darkest days SO INDEMAND M- £125

7 Alteen Drake and Ensolids Fight for love M- £50

8 Arc Eddie Spencer So good to me baby M £75

9 Atlantic Barbara Lewis Remember the feeling M- £20

10 Bacone Limitations I'm lonely, troubled SHIT HOT M- £100

11 Buddah Michael Henderson Won't you be mine M- £10

12 Caldonia Bunny Foot Watson I got all the love SEEN @ 100 M £30

13 Capitol Cindt Malone Try to understand M- £35

14 Carnival Lovettes I need a guy M- £30

15 Columbia Willie Hatcher Good this come to those ISSUE M £50

16 Conclave George E Smith Don't find me guilty M £25

17 Constellation Gene Chandler Nothing Can Stop Me M- £15

18 De luxe Vicki Anderson Wide awake in a dream M- £40

19 DeBrossard Rotations Can't find her VG++ £75

20 Decca Earl Grant Hide nor hair D XOL M £25

21 Decca Brenda Lee Time and Time Again M- £20

22 Decca Lee Roye Tears D M- £100

23 Decca Silk Falling in love isn't easy M- £70

24 Decca Earl grant Hide nor hair M £15

25 Delphi Prophets Talk don't bother me M £60

26 Derby-City Heartbrekers Iv'e got to face it M £30

27 Dimension Patti Livingston I've got my baby WD M £20

28 Dot Ronnie Love Chills and Fever M £15

29 Drew Precisions Such Misery VG £10

30 Duke Bobby Bland Used to the blues M- £15

31 Duke Bobby Bland Shoes vg++ £15

32 Duke Bobby Bland Yum yum tree M £20

33 Dynamic Doc & Sal Cry and wonder why GREAT M £225

34 Early bird The Casanova Two We Got To Keep On m £25

35 Entre Tawny Von Don't say it never was SEEN @ 200 M £60

36 Epic Shaine Martin I need you M- £75

37 Epic Belita Woods I just love you M- £25

38 Exodus Fred Hughes Walk on back RARE WD M- £20

39 Forte Marva taylor be than your weakness M £10

40 Gamble Dee Dee Sharp What kind of lady M- £40

41 Gee Cleftones There she goes M- £15

42 Gemini Exits Got to have money M £40

43 Goldwax James Carr Got my mind messed up VG++ £12

44 Gordy Temptaions I want a love I can see M £30

45 Gordy Contours Little misunderstanding M £10

46 GSF Billy Cee Don't matter to me M £30

47 Helpp Eddie Billups I won't be around Deep VG++ £20

48 Hep' Me Bobby Lacour Too hurt to cry Killer soul VG++ £30

49 Hi-Q Gene Cooper Go Go Inn M £25

50 Hitman Cal Brandon 24 Hour love man M £10

51 Ichiban Barbara Lynn Trying to love two M £80

52 Ichiban Clarence Carter Messin with your mind M £40

53 Jamie records Bobby bradshaw It's a miracle WD M- £50

54 Jessica Willie Small How high can you fly M £50

55 Jubilee Appreciations Afraid of love WD GREAT M- £35

56 Junior The Sensations Mend the torn pieces Rare 1st Issue VG £15

57 Kelli-arts Walter Jackson Touching in the dark M £10

58 Kent Lowell Fulsom Talking woman M £10

59 King The Solars Here's my heart YD M- £40

60 King Mary Moultrie Trying to tear us apart M £50

61 Main line Bob Collins One and only girl M £300

62 Mainstream Almeta Latimore These memories WD M £200

63 Martay Little John Heart breakin time M £100

64 Maxx Gladys knight & pips Tell her you're mine VG+ £5

65 Mayfield Marvin Smith Who will do your running VG++ £85

66 Mercury The soul city I shot for the moon WD M £50

67 Mercury Dreamlovers Somebody to love WD M- £15

68 Metromedia Winstons Color him Father M- £10

69 Mgm Roy Hamilton You can count on me Killer M- £75

70 Millenium Bay brothers What does it take M- £100

71 Minit Bobby Womack Tried and convicted M £20

72 Miracle Temptations Check youself G £3

73 Mirwood Jackie Lee Oh, My Darlin' M £10

74 Motown Supremes Itching in my heart M £15

75 Motown Bettye Lavette I can't stop WD M- £10

76 Motown Tammi Terrell Believe you love me M- £10

77 M-Pac Harold Burrage Master key M- £35

78 Musicor S.O.U.L This time around D M £8

79 Musicor Tony Drake Shes Gone M- £10

80 Nola Robert Parker Barefootin M £10

81 Norfolk Int The Soul Cop Tribute to girls M- £15

82 Northbay Little Dooley Now or never M £12

83 Okeh The Vibrations Gonna Get Along Without M £15

84 Okeh Billy Butler Right track VG £3

85 Okeh Ted Taylor Don't lie M £20

86 Okeh Ted Taylor Somebodys allways trying VG £15

87 Okeh Cheers Take me paradise BRILL M £30

88 Okeh Belginettes The train VG+ £15

89 Okeh The Opals Your gonna be sorry VG £12

90 Okeh Major Lance Without a doubt VG++ £35

91 Okeh Artistics Hands on some loving PURPLE WAX VG+ £20

92 Okeh Billy Butler Tomorrow is another day VG+ £3

93 Old town Arthur Prysock I wantcha baby M- £8

94 Pacific The Monzas Hey I know you VG++ £10

95 Parachute Randy Brown Always in the mood M £10

96 Parkway Bunny Sigler Follow your heart M £20

97 Pat Barbara Jones Treat me right XOL M- £40

98 Philips New Concepts Another chance Great VG++ £20

99 Philips Bobby Hutton Come see whats left of me VG+ £75

100 Philips Ronnie Walker You're the one VG++ £10

101 Planetary Dorothy Berry Better watch out VG++ £35

102 Playboy Al Wilson Be Concerned M- £10

103 Playboy Al Wilson Did it for me M- £10

104 Polydor Gloria Gaynor This love affair my last copy M £50

105 Polydor Gloria Gaynor This love affair VG++ £40

106 Port Carol Fran I'm Gonna Try VG++ £15

107 Prime Beau Dollar Any day now VG+ £25

108 Priority Irma and the Larks Without you baby BRILL VG++ £75

109 Private stock Innervison Honey baby M £25

110 Pzazz Robby fortson Are you for real GREAT M £40

111 RCA Gwenn Stacey Lonely girl M £75

112 Rca Susan Wallis A time for us WD M £35

113 RCA Micheal Wycroft Looking for you M- £40

114 RCA Ketty Lester Some things are better left VG++ £30

115 RCA Paul Anka When We Get There M £20

116 RCA Garland Green Don't let love walk GREAT M £35

117 RCA The Main Ingredient Looks like rain great M- £20

118 Renee Barbara Greene Young boy M £10

119 Reprise Hal Frazier After closing time M- £125

120 Revue Garland Green Ain't that good enough VERY CLEAN VG+ £40

121 Revue Garland Green Girl I love you D VG+ £40

122 Ric Tic Fantastic four Can't stop looking for VG++ £100

123 Rik Roosevelt Grier In my tenement Small lab stain M- £80

124 Romor Bobby Wells Be's that way sometimes M £40

125 Roulette Four Below Zero My babys got e.s.p M- £60

126 Roulette Little Natalie Teardrops are falling VG++ £10

127 RSVP Elaine Hill Really worth it Seen @ 75 VG+ £35

128 Sandman Mckinnley Mitchell Gypsy VG++ £20

129 Sanla Buckner brothers from the bottom of my heart G £5

130 Satelite Chuck Bernard Funny changes M £30

131 Scepter Ernistine Eady The Change VG++ £100

132 Scepter Shirelles Wait till I give the signal VG+ £10

133 Scepter B J Thomas have a mind of my own M £10

134 Scepter Te Shirelles Last Minute Miracle M £25

135 Select Pat Jarvis Guess who I'm fooling M £30

136 Seventy 7 Moody Scott We gotta save it VG++ £20

137 Shiptown The Soul Duo Just a Sad xmas DEEP WD VG++ £20

138 Shy-soul Four sights Love is a hurting game M- £200

139 Smash Kelly Garrett Loves the only answer M £125

140 Smash Danny woods Want to thank you D M £75

141 Smash Lenny O'henry Mr Moonlight M- £40

142 Solid Hit The Fellows Lets make it last VG++ £100

143 Soul Edwin Starr Don't tell me I'm crazy M £15

144 Soul city Willie Hutch How Come Baby M £10

145 Soul city Al Wilson The Snake M- £10

146 Sound Chuck Corby Happ go lucky Local label M- £30

147 Sound Gems Crystal motion You're my main squeeze M- £20

148 Sound stage 7 The Valentines Breakaway M £50

149 Sport Gordon Berry How lonely VG++ £40

150 SS7 Jimmy Church Right on time M- £50

151 St Lawrence Mamie Galore It Ain't Necessary M £15

152 staff versatiles Cry like a baby M £30

153 Stang Moments Nine Times m £10

154 Stax Wendy Rene Bar-B-Q m £15

155 Success The Martinels I don't care M £30

156 Symbol Inez Foxx I see you my love M- £10

157 Tangerine Neal Kimble If it wasn't for children VG+ £15

158 TCB Sue ann jones I'll give you my Love RARE M- £125

159 Teepee Kalenders It takes two GREAT M £100

160 TnT Shep Fool to fool SO SO GOOD M £40

161 Tower Marlynes My Heart G £5

162 TRC George wydell Funny feeling LABEL RING VG++ £50

163 TRC Alex Brown What would you do without GREAT M- £10

164 Tri disc Dolly & Fashions Adsence made my heart M £30

165 Truth Newcomers The whole worlds SO SO GOOD M £20

166 Tsop Dee Dee Sharp Happy 'bout the whole thing M- £15

167 Tuff Rodney Jones RnB Time VG++ £20

168 UA Garnet Mimms Prove it to me M £10

169 UA Cornilous Brothers Too late to turn back M- £8

170 Uni Garland Greeen Angle Baby VG++ £10

171 United Intern Mary Ann Lorri I wanna thank you M £15

172 VAL E G Taylor You made me mad Water dam label M- £20

173 Vando Chris Bartley This feeling you give me M £10

174 Vee Jay The Duke of earl Forgive me Seen @ £40 VG++ £20

175 Vee Jay Fred Hughes Ooh wee baby I love you VG+ £7

176 Vee Jay Jerry Butler I'm The one M- £25

177 Veep Soul sisters You got em beat WD M £20

178 Verve The High Keys Living a Lie Yellow! M £150

179 Verve Jackie Follett I am what I am GREAT45 M £50

180 Verve Youngblood Smith You can split D M £150

181 Vibrant Soul Upsetters Ive been going through VG++ £25

182 VIM Carolyn Howard If I Got To Lose You M £20

183 Vioce Four vioces Summer kind of love M £30

184 Volt Charmels Sweet about my baby M £10

185 Volt emotions Steeling Love M £15

186 Volt Eddie Purrel The Spoiler M £10

187 Vulcan Mickey Laney I'm gonna walk M- £55

188 W Bothers Apollas Mr Creator VG £25

189 W brothers Ashford and simpson Have you ever tried it VG+ £10

190 W brothers Cajun Hart Got to find a way VG+ £150

191 Wand Maxine Brown One in a Million VG+ £10

192 Wand Bobby Bradshaw Show Me A Man M £25

193 Wand Nella Dodds Come back baby M- £10

194 Wand Chuck Jackson In between tears M £15

195 Wand Chuck Jackson Hand it over VG+ £4

196 Wheelsville Lee Rogers Are you fixed for love BRILL VG+ £10

197 Wheelsville Buddy Lamp Wanna go home wol VG £5

198 Wicked Willson Picket Best part of a man M- £10

199 Windy C Five stairsteps Playgirls love M- £8

200 Yew Intrigues I'm gonna love you M £10

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