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Dennis T Brennan's Soul 45 auction no 90


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Welcome to Dennis T Brennan's Soul 45 auction

# 90 for October, 2003.

All records guaranteed 100% and are U.S. originals unless noted.

Only winning bidders will be notified.

Foreign winners will be quoted postage.

Call 717-652-4947.

Fax # is 717-652-6291.

Bidding on the internet at dtb45s@msn.com

Website address is www.dtb45s.com

Auction ends on Monday November 3rd, @ 7 PM, EST.

1 ABC Natural Four U did this for me/Why should we.. WLP wol sol Vg++

2 ABC Persians Too much pride/If you want me to wol Vg+

3 ABC Probe Bobby Dixon Don't wanna love me/Woman, you made me M-

4 A-Bet Butch Davis Turn on your love light/Party rw M-

5 A-Bet Bettye Swann Don't wait too long/Can't stop loving you M-

6 AGP Masqueraders Love, peace & understanding/Tell me u love me rw


7 ALA Jimmy Bee Find your self/All my love belongs to you Vg+

8 ALA Jimmy Robins Trust your child pt 2/same pt 1 StVg++

9 All Plat. Bobby LaCour Daddy want you home/Had my life rw label

fade Vg++

10 Amy Lee Dorsey Confusion/Neighbor's daughter bb M-

11 Amy Little Eva Stand by me/That's my man Vg

12 Argo Etta James Breaking point/That man belongs back here with me


13 Argo Etta James Dearest darling/Tough mary rw Vg++

14 Argo Etta James Do I make myself clear/Somewhere down... rw Vg-

15 A/S Dave Evans Another day gone/Such a good lookin' woman Vg+

16 Atco Ben E. King Don't drive me away/So much love rw WLP Vg-

17 Atco Ben E. King Tears, tears, tears/Man without a dream bb rw Vg

18 Atco High Keys Que sera, sera/Daddy, ooh' long legs rw Vg++

19 Atco Dobyne/Jones Shotgun wedding/Suddenly there's spring in my..

rw StVg++

20 Atlantic Barbara Lewis Keep believing/On bended knees bb rw


21 Atlantic C.L. Blast I'll take the case/If I could see my baby's..

lbl tear bb Vg+

22 Authentic Sunni-Keru Portrait of love/What happens now M-

23 Authentic Rainy thursday Case worker/same (the secretaries) M-

24 Avalanche Buck Ram Pl. If the world loved/Sunday with you rw Vg+

25 Barry Hector Rivera Playing it cool/Got my eye on you WLP rw


26 BASF F. David Select Lost in outer space/Blues in e-lectronic flat

rw M-

27 Big Hill Lou Johnson Last one to beloved/Kentucky bluebird Vg+/Vg

28 Black Prin. R. Walker Shindy butterfly/Pride & soul Vg++

29 Brunswick Artistics I'm gonna miss you/Hope we have Vg+/Vg++

30 Brunswick Barb. Acklin Love makes a woman/Come & see me baby Vg++

31 Bullet Watts Line Never meant to love you/Never stop lovin' me M-

32 Cadet Dells Run for cover/Over again rw Vg+

33 Cadet Dells Does anybody know I'm here/Make sure bb rw Vg++

34 Cadet D. Ashby Soul vibrations/Lonely girl rw Vg+/Vg

35 Cadet Marlena Shaw Brother where are you/Waiting for charlie.. rw

bb Vg++/Vg+

36 Cadet Marlena Shaw Woman of the ghetto/I'm satisfied bb rw Vg++

37 Cadet Wildweeds Never mind/No good to cry wol bb Vg++

38 Cadet Wildweeds Can't you see that I'm lonely/Someday morning bb


39 Cadet Con. Aesops Fables Temptation bout to get me/What is love bb

rw Vg+

40 Calla Charlie Hodge Someone to love/Never fall in love again tol


41 Capitol Brown Sugar Game is over/Going through changes now WLP M-

42 Capitol Tom. Promise Good love/Don't love u like I do WLP M-

43 Capitol Tom. Promise The way it will stay/same promo M-

44 Capitol F. Terrell/Blue You had it made/Why not me promo M-

45 Capitol Graham Bonney Super girl/Hill of lovin' StVg++

46 Capitol Jay Lewis Had it not been for love/Love her rw Vg+/Vg

47 Capitol Debbie Burton Baby, it's over/Next day M-

48 Charger Dobie Gray Go-go/Walk with love xol rw sm lbl tear Vg

49 Checker Cash McCall I'm in danger/S.O.S. bb rw Vg++

50 Checker Gene Chandler Time to settle down/River of tears bb rw


51 Checker Bobby Rush Much to much/Sock boo ga loo bb rw M-/Vg++

52 Checker Willie Walker Running too fast/You name it, I've had it

rw bb Vg+

53 Chess Denise La Salle Count down/Promise is a promise bb rw Vg+

54 Chess Kittens How long/Got to get over you rw G

55 Chess Jan Bradley Nights in new york city/Gave me what's.. rw bb


56 Chess T. Stephens Can't take my eyes off u/Where would u be rw


57 Chess Laura Lee Love more than pride/Mama's got a good thing rw


58 Cleveland Hot Chocolate Good for the gander/We had true love xol

rw Vg-

59 Columbia Jimmy Walker Greatest love/Dawn WLP rw Vg+

60 Columbia Tower of Power Ought to be havin' fun/We went to the moon

rw Vg++

61 Constellat. Gene Chandler Everybody lets dance/Can't hurt me no

more sol Vg++

62 Cool Schol D.Hart & Fyve Soldier coming home/I can make it M-

63 Cord Julia Dewitt New chapter in my life/If you want your man


64 Crazy Hor. Aaron Collins Little bit of lovin'/Easy to say rw M-

65 CTA Gail Sonders Try a little harder/Don't brake easly rw Vg

66 Dash Obatala Shades of september/Remember april M-

67 Delta Ltd. Enchanters Should be loving you/Hide and seek M-

68 Drive Jimmy Horne Music to make love by/Don't worry about it rw


69 Dynamo Tommy Hunt Biggest man/Never love a robin M-

70 DynoVoice Toys Baby toys/Happy birthday broken heart bb rw G

71 Elf Johah/Whale Old man/Savannah sun rw bb sol Vg+

72 Elf Clifford Curry Just a little taste/East, west, north or south

rw bb Vg

73 Enjoy Bobby Porter Foxy devil/Searching for love rw Vg+

74 Flo-feel Jimmy Dockett Count your blessings../When we first met rw


75 4 Brothers Tyrone Good company/If you don't need me rw StVg++

76 4 Brothers G.L. Crockett Gonna make you mine/Think twice before..

rw Vg+/Vg++

77 Free Form Free Form Exp. Blowin' my mind/Reach higher rw M-

78 Frisco Danny White Miss fine miss fine/Can't do nothing.. rw bb

tol Vg+

79 Future Star Matilda Jones Wrong too long/Part of the game rw

promo Vg++

80 Gaiee Valentino Born this way/Liberation promo M-

81 Gamble Billy Paul Somewhere/Bluesette xol WLP rw Vg

82 Gamble Intruders Check yourself/Must be love bb M-

83 Glades Archie Bell/Dr. Ain't nothing for a man in love/Never

know..bb rw M-

84 GMC Priscilla Price Rockefeller jones/Do I stand a chance.. rw

promo Vg++

85 Good time Soul City Who do you think you are/Cold hearted blues bb


86 Gordy Bobby Taylor My girl has gone/Should have been me loving.. rw


87 Gordy Bobby Taylor Growing/Malinda M-

88 Gordy Bobby Taylor I am your man/If you love her M-

89 Gordy Martha Reeves Heartless/Taking my love M-

90 Gordy Martha Reeves Should be proud/Love, guess who M-

91 Great Pot. E.T. White Loosen up/Let me hear you say yeah rw wol


92 Gregar Raw Soul While I'm alone/Tomorrow may not be.. tol rw Vg

93 Gregory Jato Vondel We'll join together/Small token of my love

wol Vg/Vg-

94 Hodish Numonics You lied/Forever and a day M-

95 Hour Glass Gayletts Son of a preacher man/How strong my love is rw


96 House of F. Sam & Bill Come on show me/same WLP rw M-

97 Hudd Jeannie Dee Three fools in love/Shake a hand rw lbl tear


98 Icepac Gary Brown Do something/Outside looking in rw lbl tear sn


99 Ichiban Clarence Carter Trying to sleep tonight/same sol M-

100 Impact Wheels Dancing in the street/Taste of money rw Vg/Vg+

101 Jamie Barbara Lynn You'll lose a good thing/Lonely Heartache rw


102 Jamie Barbara Lynn Better to have it/People gonna talk rw Vg-/Vg

103 Janus Charlie Mitchel Love don't come easy/After hours sm lbl

tear M-

104 Java Contenders Lovely lover/Like it like that rw promo G

105 Jen Jillus Jimmy Jones Handyman is back in town pt 1/same pt 2 M-

106 J & S Clarence Ashe If I could only lie/Why have I had so much..

rw Vg++

107 JSJ L. Miller/Playboy Need somebody to love/Never been to vegas

wol Vg++

108 Kapp Patti/Emblems Please don't ever leave me../All my.. WLP rw


109 King James Brown Ain't it funky now pt 1/same pt 2 bb rw Vg++

110 La Shawn L.J. Waiters If you ain't getting' your thing/same pt 2

rw Vg+

111 Laurie Hoagy Lands Yesterday/Forever in my heart bb rw wol Vg

112 Loma Sugar N' Spice Playboy/Come go with me WLP rw Vg++

113 Loma Reb Foster Something you got/Quetzel and jude rw WLP


114 Luv Fresh Air I know/Can't make it any more rw Vg

115 Magic Cty Mad Dog/Pups Come in to my love shop/same M-

116 Mellow Marvin L Sims I'm in love with you/What can I do WLP wol

rw Vg+

117 Minit Gene Taylor Don't go away/Got my nose wide open rw dj Vg-

118 Minit Jimmy Holiday Turning point/Gonna move to the city promo

rw Vg++/Vg+

119 Minit Young Hearts Got love for my baby/Takin' care of business M-

120 Minit Players Get right/I'm so alone rw Vg

121 Motown Henry Lumpkin Don't leave me/What is a man xol sol WLP

rw Vg

122 M-Pac Accents New girl/Do you need a good man M-

123 Musicor Lee Moses Bad girl pt 1/same pt 2 WLP rw Vg++

124 North Bay Little Dooley Now or never/Memories M-

125 Now Betty Foster Never before/Baby loves me lbl stain rw Vg+

126 Now/Then Bad Sneakers Angeline/Say goodbye sol StVg++

127 One-derfu Otis Clay Satisfied/Testify M-

128 Parkway Simms Twins Together/Baby it's real rw Vg+

129 Parkway C. Checker You better believe it baby/Wants t' swim rw Vg

130 Pawn Silk Storm Love will make you feel better/Don't.. promo rw Vg

131 Pawn Willie Clayton Say yes to love/How have u been promo M-

132 Philips New Concepts Give me another chance/Over the rainbow bb


133 Philips Madeline Bell Picture me gone/Gonna make u love me bb M-

134 Philips Madeline Bell What'm I supposed to do/Step inside love xol

bb M-

135 Philips Madeline Bell Doing things together with you/Finding you..

rw M-

136 Philips Paul Kelly Glad to be sad/Love is growing stronger bb rw


137 Philips Bobby Hebb Bound by love/Everything is coming up.. rw bb


138 Pi Kappa Storm She comes up/Don't know why wol rw Vg

139 Pompeii Gary Ferguson Can't hide it/There's a gift rw M-

140 Port Carol Fran You can't stop me/My turn now rw wol Vg

141 Quaker T. Jean Wells Song of the bells/Sharing you love rw


142 RCA Benny Gordon Kiss to build a dream on/Comes.. rw WLP xol Vg

143 RCA Gale Garnett I'll cry along/Where do U go rw heat warp dnap


144 RCA Della Reese Blow out the sun/Love you so much it hurts sol Vg

145 Ringgold Mighty Fire Larks Little girl pt 2/same pt 1 rw Vg++

146 RRG Doris Duke Congratulations baby/Divorce decree WLP M-

147 S Records Diamond Joe Wait a minute baby/How to pick a winner bb


148 SCM Village Choir Talk to me sometimes/Switch Vg++/M-

149 Selector Gloria Taylor What's your world/Had it all the time M-

150 Sew City Witches Wanderer/No where to run, no where to hide M-

151 Shout R. Walker Love her more/Good ole soul rw Vg

152 Shout Deon Jackson I'll always love you/Life can be that way rw


153 Silver Doll. Sound Express Ain't it good enough/Been trying rw


154 Sky Disc Timothy Wilson These are the things../Ta ta rw M-

155 Sony Bobby John Lonely soldier/Bad man rw wol Vg-

156 Soul Hit Pack Never say no to your baby/Let's dance rw bb Vg

157 Soul Jimmy Ruffin Gonna give her all the love../World so wide M-

158 Soul Edwin Starr Take me clear from here/Ball of confusion rw


159 Soul Edwin Starr There you go/same (instr.) M-

160 Soul Jr. Walker/Allst. Soul clappin/Peace and understanding Vg++

161 Soul Jr. Walker/Allst. Come see about me/Sweet soul M-

162 Soul Jr. Walker/Allst. Gotta hold on to this feeling/Clinging to

the.. M-

163 Soul City George McCrae Take it all off/Please help me find my

baby xol rw Vg+/Vg++

164 Soulville Sound Experien. Don't fight the feeling/Don't fight

the.. WLP rw Vg++

165 Sound Dave Cortez Funky dance/There's a new man lbl tear rw Vg++

166 Snd. St. 7 Joe Simon Standing in the safety zone/Looking back Vg++

167 Sounds Int. Adrian's Sinsat. Place for me/It will stand rw Vg+

168 Stax Stingers Do the cissy/same sol WLP rw Vg

169 Stax Eddie Giles Losing boy/same WLP rw Vg

170 Stax Staple Singers Love is plentiful/same sol M-

171 Stax Staple Singers Give a damn/same sol rw M-

172 Stax Judy Clay Takes a lotta good love/Can't run away.. bb rw Vg+

173 Stax William Bell Never like this before/Soldiers good-bye wol rw


174 Stax William Bell Such a sweet thing/Everybody loves a winner rw


175 Stax William Bell Eloise/One plus one rw M-

176 Stax William Bell Tribute to a king/Every man oughta have a..rw M-

177 Stax W.Bell/c.thomas Need you woman/Can't stop rw M-

178 Stax W.Bell/J. Clay Baby specializes/Left over love rw M-

179 Stax Carla Thomas Fallen in love/same rw sol Vg+/Vg

180 Stax Carla Thomas Time for love/Living in the city sol rw M-

181 Stax Carla Thomas Starting to grow/Something good bb tol rw wol


182 Stax Ollie/Nighting. Don't do what I did/Mellow way you treat..rw


183 Stax Ollie/Nighting. You're leaving me/Showered with love bb wol

rw StVg++

184 Stax Eddie Floyd Love is a doggone good thing/same wol M-

185 Stax Eddie Floyd Laurie/My girl M-

186 Stax Eddie Floyd Got a reason to smile/Stealing love Vg++

187 Stax Eddie Floyd Talk to the man/Got a reason to smile M-

188 Stax Rufus Thomas Breakdown pt 1/same pt 2 rw Vg++

189 Stax Johnnie Taylor Next time/Sundown rw bb Vg+

190 Stax Emotions Shouting out love/I'm through sol Vg++

191 Stax Little Milton Before the honeymoon/Walking the back streets..


192 Stax Little Milton What love will make u../Living off.. lbl tear

rw Vg++

193 Stax Little Milton Let me back in/Let your loss be your lesson


194 Ste-al Soulsations Here comes the pain/same rw Vg-/G

195 T.A. Five Flights Up Like Monday follows Sunday/C.A. girl sol

WLP Vg++

196 Tamla Isley Brothers Way love is/same WLP rw Vg++

197 Tamla gl Miracles Can take a hint/Love she can count..xol rw WLP


198 Tamla gl Miracles Gotta dance to keep../Such is love.. WLP rw

xol Vg-

199 Tamla gl Miracles Tracks of my tears/Fork in the rd WLP rw sol xol


200 Tamla gl Miracles Come on do the jerk/Don't you go rw Vg++

201 Tamla gl Miracles Girl has gone/Since u won my heart bb rw sol


202 Tamla Miracles Baby I love you/Crazy about the la la la Vg++

203 Tamla S.Robinson/Mir. Who's gonna take the blame/Gotta thing for u


204 Tamla S.Robinson/Mir Baby don't cry/Mother's only duaghter rw Vg

205 Tamla S.Robinson/Mir That girl/Don't blame you at all Vg++

206 Tamla Miracles Wigs and lashes/Don't let it end StVg++

207 Tamla Miracles Up again/Don't cha love it Vg+/Vg++

208 Tamla Val. Simpson Can't it wait until tomorrow/Back to nowhere M-

209 Tamla gl B. Holloway Together till the end of time/Sad song


210 Tamla gl B. Holloway Sad song/Together til the end of time rw M-

211 Tamla gl B. Holloway I'll be available/Operator rw M-

212 Tamla gl Kim Weston Should have been me/Love me all the way rw


213 Tamla gl Stevie Wonder I was made to love her/Hold me StVg++/Vg+

214 Tamla gl Stevie Wonder Shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da...Don't u lead me to

love M-

215 Tamla Eddie Kendrick Did it all for you/Can I M-

216 Tamla M.Gaye/t.terrell Ain't livin' till you're lovin'/Keep on

lovin' me.. StVg++

217 Tamla M.Gaye/t.terrell Onion song/California soul M-

218 Tamla M.Gaye/t.terrell Satisfied feelin'/Good lovin' ain't easy to

come by M-

219 Tangerine George Byrd I'm available/You better tell her so rw


220 Tangerine Jimmy Lewis Stepping out/Let's call the whole thing off

rw WLP Vg-

221 Tangerine Andy Butler Coming apart at the seams/Hold back the

night M-

222 Tenacious Lenny Dexter Let's do it again/Move on M-

223 Timco Tim Harris Don't say/Mac Arthur park rw wol Vg

224 Todd Tn Alvin Cash Keep on dancing/same (instr) rw Vg

225 Toto Pat Lundy Play it again/Keep pressing on rw WLP sol Vg-

226 Tower Starlets Won't even know her name/Multiply by three rw Vg+

227 United Art Cornelius Bros Too late to turn back now/Lift your love

higher M-

228 United Art Keisa Brown Five on the black hand side/same WLP sol


229 Vee Jay Gene Chandler Man's temptation/That's love Vg++

230 Velvet Arlene Bell Stop before you start/Wanna be loved rw


231 Verve Pal Rakes Can't deny the hurt/Old shep rw promo Vg-

232 Verve Bobby Brown Why/Woman and some soul rw promo M-

233 V.I.P. Headliners Tonight's the night/You're bad news rw G

234 V.I.P. Bobby Taylor Oh I've been bless'd/Blackmail M-

235 Volt Jeanne/Darlings Unbelievable/same rw sol G

236 Wand Freddie Hughes Send my baby back/Where's my baby bb


237 Wand Smallwood Br. One last memory/same (instr.) Vg++

238 Wet Paint Carl Sims Pity a fool/Word is out rw dead wax crack

dnap Vg+/Vg

239 Westboun Ohio Players Wanna hear from you/Got pleasure Vg++

240 Yew Intrigues Know there's love/Tuck a little love away WLP xol


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