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mr  blue

95 New Adds! Cleaner Than Usual - Rare 60's Detroit And More

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Thank you for looking! New additions are at the top.Same day service, whenever possible. Sorry - I can't hold things, even for friends. I try to check Soul-Source every day, however sometimes I am busy in my shopand messages may sit for up to 24 hours, but I try to write back as quickly as I can.Prices are is U.S. Dollars.Shipping to UK / Europe is $7 for as many as you like.PayPal is peoplesrecordsdetroit@gmail.com------------------------------------------>Fun Company - Zambezi pts. 1 and 2 (Funco) VG/VG+ good gloss labels sound $400WDJ - The Prince Of Soul - Funky Loving / Invitation To Love (Gent's) VG/VG+ good gloss labels sound $350The Parliaments - Heart Trouble / That Was My Girl (Golden World) nice VG+ or better $250The Medallions - Blowin' Through Yokahama Part 1 (Munro) VG++ $200Seminoles - It Takes A Lot / I Can't Stand It (Hi-Lite) M- $150Virgil Henry - You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New / I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving (Tamla) M- $150Mack Rice - Baby I'm Coming Home / My Baby (Lu Pine) M- x on label $150 clean!!!!!Seminoles - Drifting / You Mean Everything To Me (Hi-Lite) VG+ $100Fabulous Play Boys - Nervous / Forget The Past (Daco - rare white label DJ copy) M- $100Jake Wade & the Soul Searchers - Searching For Soul pts. 1 and 2 M- $100Harvey - Any Way You Wanta / She Loves Me So (Tri-Phi) VG+ $100Geno Washington - I'll Be Around When You Want Me / Like My Baby (ATAC) VG+ $80Mr. Bo - I'm Leaving This Town / Times Hard (Northern) VG+ $75The Parliaments - Poor Willy / Party Boys (APT) rare promo M- $70Brothers Of Soul - Candy / Dream (Shock) VG++ signed $60Mike & the Modifiers - I Found Myself A Brand New Baby / It's Too Bad (Gordy) VG++ $60Nathaniel Mayer - I Had A Dream / I'm Not Gonna Cry (Fortune) VG++ $60Geno Washington - I'll Be Around When You Want Me / Like My Baby (ATAC) VG / stamps on label $60Cornell Blakely - Don't Do It / You Broke My Heart (Rich) VG+ or >, bb hole, nail polish dot on label $50Father & Sons - Soul In The Bowl, pts. 1&2 (Imperial DJ promo) M- $50JJ Barnes - Cloudy Days / To An Early Grave (Magic Touch) VG+ $50Emanuel Laskey - Don't Lead Me On Baby / You Better Quit It (Thelma WL second issue) NM $50Geno Washington - When You're Lonely / Romeo (Creed) VG+ $50Johnny Wellington - Paper Hearts pts. 1 and 2 (Mutt) M- $50The Arabians - Tell Me / School Is Cool (Mary Jane) VG++ $50Richard Street and the Distants - Same Me From This Misery / Answer Me (Thelma) VG- $40Fabulous Peps - My Love Looks Good On You / Speak Your Peace (D-Town) VG/VG+ $40Impressions - Ridin' High (ABC) jukebox EP w/ cardboard picture cover, strips and 3 pics NM sealed $40 Fabulous Emotions - Number One Fool / Funky Chicken (Tamboo) DJ VG+ $40Ron & Bill - It / Don't Say Bye-Bye (striped Tamla) Str. VG wol $40Johnny Sayles - My Love's A Monster / Never Let Me Go (Chi-Town) VG+ $40Dynamite - Steve Colt / Take Away (Big Beat) M- $40Fabulous Playboys - Honkey Tonk Woman / Tears, Tears, Tears (Apollo) VG- $40New Holidays - Maybe So Maybe No / If I Only Knew (Soul Hawk) rarer green label VG- plays $40Nathaniel Mayer - I Had A Dream / I'm Not Gonna Cry (Fortune) VG or better, sticker on label $40Creators - Transmeditation / Shauna's Theme (ACS) VG+ stamp on label $40Carol Jones - Don't Destroy Me / Problem Child (Mutt) M- lt. pressing bumps w/a/p $40Milton Harris - She's Hurting Me / Should Have Told Me (Mutt) VG+ tiny tears $40Soul Toranodoes - Hot Pants Break Down / Boot's Grove (Magic City) M- $40Johnny Daye - Good Time / I've Got Soul (Jomada) VG+ $40Nathaniel Mayer - Super Boogie / Raise The Curtain High (Love Dog) VG or > $40Sherri Taylor & Singin Sammy Ward - Lover / That's Why I Love You So Much (Motown) VG++ $35Yvonne Fair - Say Yeah Yeah / Straighten Up (Dade) VG sticker on label $35Total Capacity - Who's Who Making Love pts. 1 and 2 (Sensation) M- $30Gino Washington - Is A Coward / Like My Baby inst. (Do De Re) VG++ $30Five Dollars - Harmony Of Love / Doctor Baby (Fortune) rare purple w/ horiz. lines VG++ $30Tyrone The Wonder Boy - Suffer / Try Me (4 Brothers) DJ sticker/stamp VG+ 30Just Brothers - She Broke His Heart / Things Will Be Better (Empire) VG/VG+ $30Chuck Rowe - Come With Me To Albany / I Need You (Speedway) VG+ $30Reuben - I Am Drum / Stand Up Mr. Washington (Solar) M- $30Lucious Broome - Getting Ready For Heartaches / Keep On Moving (Tru-Soul) strong VG or > $30Lula Reed - You Gotta Have That Green / Know What You're Doing (Federal) strong VG or > $30Timmy Shaw - Get To Stepping / Can't We Make This Love Last (Premium Stuff) VG+ $30Darrell Banks - Somebody Somewhere Needs You / Baby What'cha You Got For Me (Revilot) VG++ $30Jimmy Holland - Sugar Baby / More Sugar Baby (Syco) VG $30The Commodores - Keep On Dancing / Rise Up (Atlantic) M- PROMO $30Bongalis - Undercover / Cover-Up (M-S) VG- $30Juanita Williams - Baby Boy / You Knew What You Was Gettin' (Golden World) M- $30Hearts Of Stone - If I Could Give You The World / You Gotta Sacrifice (VIP) VG++ $30The Temptations - Check Yourself / Your Wonderful Love (Miracle) VG/VG+ $30Johnette - I Gotta Hold On (To My Man) / Living With The Blues (Rich) VG PROMO $30Hindal Butts - Gigin / Happiness (Is So Far Away) (Kool Kat) VG WOL $30The Precisions - If This Is Love / You'll Soon Be Gone (Drew) M- $30George Clinton and The Funkadelics - Whatever Makes My Baby Feel Good / Instrumental (Funkedelic) VG+ $30Bobby Cook and The Explosions - On The Way / Sister Lu (Composé) M- $30The Detroit Night Riders - Getting Funky / Night Time In The Ghetto (Mutt) VG+ $30Laura Lee - To Win Your Heart / So Will I (Ric-Tic) VG $25Joe Weaver with The Don Juans - Baby, I Love You So / It Must Be Love (Fortune) VG+ WOL $25Pop Corn and The Mohawks - Shimmy Gully / Custer's Last Man (Motown) G+ PROMO $25Gloria Taylor - Do Your Duty / Freedom (Whizenglo) VG $25Moody and The Deltas - Everybody Come Clap Your Hands / Monkey Climb (Daisy) VG+ $25Willie Kendrick - Fine As Wine / Stop This Train (Golden World) VG+ sm. WOL $25Little Eddie & the Don Juans - This Is Miracle / Calypso Beat (Fortune) VG $20Bouncing Cornell Blakely - Tell Me More / Just Promise Me (Carrie) VG $20Eddie Floyd - Baby Bye / Never Get Enough Of Your Love (Safice) M- $20Gino Washington - Puppet On A String / Gino Is A Coward (SonBert) VG $20Wayne Cochran - Some-A' Your Sweet Love / When My Baby Cries (Chess) VG+ PROMO WOL $20Don Gardner - You Babe / I'm A Practical Guy (Verve) VG+ BB hole, Sticker on label $20Chuck Edwards - Downtown Soulville / I Need You (Punch) VG- PROMO WOL $20Holidays - All That Is Required (Is You) / I'll Keep Coming Back (Revilot) VG WOL $20Clarence Reed - Sooner Or Later / Down With It, Can't Quit It (Selma) VG/VG+ PROMO WOL $20Walter Hamilton - Muchacheata Part 1 / Muchacheata Part 2 (Big H) M- $20E.J.'s LTD. - Rockin' In The Same Old Boat / Black Bull (Back Beat) EX $20Lee Jennings - Going And Get It / Instrumental (Dotty's) VG $20Natural Bridge Bunch - Pig Snoots Part 1 / Pig Snoots Part 2 (ATCO) M- BB hole $20The Pirates - Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) / I'll Love You 'Til I Die (Mel-o-dy) VG WOL light H2O damage $20Ed Townsend - I Want To Be With You / Don't Lead Me On (Tru-Glo-Town) VG+ $15Gino Parks - My Sophisticated Lady / Talkin' About My Baby (Golden World) VG+ PROMO sm. WOL $15The Precisions - Never Let Her Go / A Place (Drew) VG/VG+ $15Theresa Lindsey - Daddy-O / I'll Bet You (Golden World) Daddy-O side won't play, I'll Bet You is VG PROMO $15Big Daddy Simpson - What Can I Do / You Won't Believe A Word I Say (M-Pac!) VG PROMO $15Al Kent - Country Boy / You Know I Love You (Wingate) VG+ $15Samson & Delilah - There's A DJ In Your Town / Time To Prove My Love To You (Indigo) VG+ paper torn $15That's the end of the new ones. Here is my previous list:Kip Anderson - I Get Carried Away / Here I Am, Try Me (Tomorrow DJ) NM $100Maxine Woods & Pat Patterson - I'm So Hungry / One Rainy Day (De-To) VG $80Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There / same (Motown US promo) VG++ $75James Shorter - Modern Day Woman / Ready For The Heartbreak (LaBeat) VG wol $70LaDorie and the Ballads - God Help The Fools In Love / Ooh La La I Dig You The Most (Dormart DJ) NM $60Jewel Bass - Let Your Love Rain Down On Me / I Don't Trust Myself (Malaco) VG++ $60Dramatics - All Because Of You / If You Haven't Got Love (Sport) VG $50Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Here / same (Tamla US dj) NM- $50Falcons - Has It Happened To You Yet / Lonely Nights (LuPine) VG wol $50Fabulous Apollos - What's Good To You / same (Valtone) str VG $40The Valumes - I Love You / Dreams (Chex) rare mis-spelling VG/VG+ $40Jimmy McQuade and the Unique Echoes - Bongo Talk / Booga-Ka-Do (Swan DJ) NM $40Anthony and the Imperials - Down On Love / It's Not The Same (Veep) VG wol $40James Carr - Only Fools Run Away / You Don't Want Me (Goldwax) VG- $30The Playgirls - Donnie / Bells (Galaxy DJ green vinyl) VG $30The Falcons - I'm A Fool I Must Love You / Love, Love, Love (Big Wheel) $30Emanuel Lasky - Lucky To Be Loved By You / Our World (Wild Deuce) $30Little Sonny - Orange Pineapple Cherry Blossom Pink / Let's Have A Good Time (Wheel City) VG $30LaMont Anthony - I Didn't Know / Just To Be Loved (Checkmate) VG small tear $30Billy Butler - I'll Bet You / Careless Heart (Brunswick) VG $30Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston - It Takes Two / same (Tamla US DJ) NM- $30Ninapinta and his Bongos and Congas - Satisfaction / A Lover's Concerto (Decca DJ) VG+ $30Fabulous Peps - This Love I Have For You / She's Going To Leave You (Ge Ge) VG $25The Precisions - If This Is Love / You'll Soon Be Gone (Drew) VG $25Holland-Dozier - Come On Home / What Goes Up Must Come Down (Motown US DJ) VG/VG+ $25Major Lance - Too Hot To Hold / Dark And Lonely (Okeh) VG/VG+ $25Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow / A Toast To You (M-S) VG/VG+ $25Billy Preston - Billy's Bag / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Vee-Jay) EX $20Clarence Townsend - I Found A New Love / Forget It Baby (Clara) VG plays great $1750Nicky Newarkers - Woman / Leave Me Or Love Me (Mercury DJ) VG+ wol $650Sherri Taylor - He's The One That Rings My Bell / I've Got A Crush (Gloreco) NM $600Bessie Banks - Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come / same (Quality DJ) VG++ $400Don and Juan - All That's Missing Is You / I Can't Help Myself (Mala DJ) VG+ $125Curtis Blandon - In The Long Run / Push Comes To Shove (Wand) NM $120Robert Ward - Your Love Is Real / Nobody Does Something For Nothing (Thelma DJ stamp) EX $100Ed Crook - That's Alright / same (Tri-Sound) VG++ small tears on label $80Patty Charles - Love Is Like A Holiday / Never Say No (Hot) M- $75Derek Martin - Daddy Rollin' Stone / Don't Put Me Down Like This (Crackerjack) DJ copy VG $75Belita Woods - Magic Corner / Grounded (Moira) VG/VG+ plays well $60The Fabulous Playboys - Nervous / Forget The Past (Daco) VG- WOL and light label wear $45Calvin Williams - Going and Get It / Instrumental (Northern Del-la) VG $30Holidays - This Is Love / The Love We Share (Rob-Ron) VG+ $50the Rivals - She's Mine / Make Your Mind Up (Puff) VG+ $40Deon Jackson - I Need A Love Like Yours / I Can't Go On (Carla) VG WOL $15The Precisions - Such Misery / A Lover's Plea (Drew) VG $30A.C. Reed - Boogalo - Tramp / Talkin 'Bout My Friends (NIKE) VG $10Gino Washington - What Can A Man Do / Instrumental (Washpan) VG $20Ted Taylor - Help The Bear / Thank You For Helping Me See The Light (ATCO) VG/VG+ WOL $20Wayne Bennett - Casanova / Rocking (Giant) VG $8The Magnificent Men - I've Got News / Maybe, Maybe Baby (Capitol) VG+ $10The Soul Twins - Just One Look / It's Not What You Do It's The Way That You Do It (Karen) VG+ $8Debbie Dean - But I'm Afraid / Itsy Bity Pity Love (Motown) VG+ $30R Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House / Don't Fool Around (VIP) EX v lt. warp NAP $40David Ruffin - You Can Come Right Back To Me / Dinah (Motown) VG $15Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - I Care About Detroit EX $75Barbara Randolph - You Got Me Hurtin' All Over / I Got A Feeling (Soul) EX $40Miracles - Shop Around / Who's Lovin' You (striped Tamla rare H55546 mix) VG+ wol $25the Spinners - I Cross My Heart / For All We Know (Motown ) VG+ lt warp n.a.p. $20Freddy King - One Hundred Years / I'd Love To Make Love To You (Federal) VG DJ $50Billi Wells Outer Realm - Lotsa Papa pts 1 and 2 (Karen) EX $25Henry Lumpkin - Mo Jo Hanna / Break Down And Sing (Motown) VG $15Marvin Gaye - Pretty Little Baby / same (Motown white label DJ) VG $15Jimmy Hughes - A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues / I Worship The Ground You Walk On (Fame) VG/VG+ $20Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations / Lonely Girl (Cadet) VG $40Spinners - Truly Yours / Where Is That Girl (Motown) VG+ $15Diamond Uprisers - New Kind Of Jerk (Diamond Jerk) / Diamond Jerk (New Kind Of Jerk) (Riley's) VG+ $30William - Two Houses Can Be One / Instrumental (RenCen) H2O damage, WOL VG+ $20The Masqueraders - Sweet Sweetning / (Call Me) The Traveling Man (ABC) VG+ $15Candy And The Kisses - The 81 / Two Happy People (Cameo) VG $15Etta James - Mellow Fellow / Bobby Is His Name (Argo) VG+ $40Falcons - Got To Make A Move / inst (Atkins) M- $75Dan Brantley - You Got To Prove It / Begging Just Ain't My Bag (Federal) EX wol $50Ron and Bill - Don't Say Bye-Bye / It (Tamla) VG+ $50Valerie and Nick - I'll Find You / Lonely Town (Glover) VG WOL $30Bobby Marchan - Snoopin' And Accusin'/ This Is The Life (Fire) VG WOL PROMO $30Jimmy Gilford - Heartbreaker / I Wanna Be Your Baby (Solid Hit) VG WOL $20Ben E. King - Teeny Weeny Little Bit / Katherine (Atco) VG $20Mongo Santamaria - We Got Latin Soul / Getting It Out Of My System (Columbia) VG $20Twistin' Kings - Congo pts. 1 and 2 (Motown) VG, tape on label $20Betty Everett - You're No Good / Chained To Your Love (Vee Jay) VG, paint on label $20Marlys Roe and The Talismen - Whole Lot Of Happiness / Missing Parts (Of My Heart And Soul) (ABC) VG+ PROMO $20The Tempos - Don't Leave Me / I Need You (Riley's) VG $20Edwin Starr - It's My Turn Now / Girls Are Getting Prettier (Ric-Tic) M- $15Dennis Coffey and The Lyman Woodard Trio- It's Your Thing / River Rouge (Maverick) VG/VG+ $15Lou Johnson - Magic Potion / Reach Out For Me (Bigtop) VG WOL $15The Tempos - Don't Leave Me / I Need You (Riley's) G+ $15The Crampton Sisters - I Cried When I Found You Gone / I Didn't Know What Time It Was (DCP) M- $15The JB's - The Rabbit Got The Gun / Gimme Some More (Peoples) VG+ $12Bobby Bland - Getting Used To The Blues / That Did It (Duke) VG/VG+ $12Bobby Cook Quartette - Ridin' High Parts 1 and 2 (Compose) VG $12Anna King and Bobby Byrd - Baby Baby Baby / Instrumental (Smash) M- $10Fabulous Peps - Why Are You Blowing My Mind / I Can't Get It Right (Premium Stuff) VG/VG+ $8Timmy Shaw - If I Catch You (Running Around) / There Goes My Baby (Wand) VG+ $8Little Walter - Teenage Beat / Just A Feeling (Checker) VG/VG+ $30Al Perkins Band - Love Me Baby / Mickey (Salem) WOL VG+ $30Chuck Wright - Love I'm Not Gonna Be Your Fool Anymore / Dear Beloved (Ember) VG- $15Samson and Delilah - Woman / Will You Be Ready (Red Cap) VG wol $15Linda Lyndell - What A Man / I Don't Know (Volt) VG wol $25King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew / Blue Nocturne (ATCO) VG $20Pure Pleasure - By My Side / Dancin' Prancin' (QC) Blue label copy. VG/VG+ $75Cermakk And Doug Shorts - Feels So Right / Love's Gone Wrong (Cherries) M- $30Soul Runners - Grits N Corn Bread / Spreadin Honey (MoSoul) VG+ $25Soul Brothers Six - You Better Check Yourself / What Can You Do When You Ain't Got Nobody (Atlantic) VG WOL $15Magictones - Trying Real Hard To Make The Grade / Happy Days (Westbound) EX $15The Spellbinders - We're Acting Like Lovers / Long Lost Love (Columbia) VG WOL $20Jimmy Lewis - We Can Make It / Two Women (Tangerine) VG $10Bobby Bland - Getting Used To The Blues / That Did It (Duke) VG/VG+ $12Now - Girl You Sure Turn Me On Part 1 / Girl You Sure Turn Me On Part 2 (Fee) VG $20Diane Cunningham - Someday Baby / Party Time (New Breed) VG+/VG- flip $20The Supremes - The Only Time I'm Happy / Supremes Interview (George Alexander) EX $40Winfield Parker - Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me / Trust Me (GSF) VG+ $20Bob Green - Running And Hiding / Sweet Sweet Memories (Super!) VG/VG+ $25Spice - Everything Is You / What Do We Mean (LPG) VG+ $25Jan Bradley - Back In Circulation / Love Is The Answer (Sound Spectrum) VG+ $25Our Brother's Keeper - The Harlem Clown / Who's Gonna Keep You Warm Tonight (King DJ) VG+ $60Al Gardner - Watch Yourself / Just A Touch Of Your Hand (Sir-Rah) VG $30Miracles - Way Over There / Depend On Me (Tamla) VG wol $30Supremes - The Only Time I'm Happy / interview (George Alexander) VG+ $30James Brown - The Funky Drummer (King) VG+ $20Bobby Franklin's Insanity - Bring It On Down To Me (Thomas) VG+ wol $20Jimmy Robins - I Can't Please You / I Made It Over (Jerhart) VG/VG+ $20Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow / A Toast To You (M-S) VG sm tear $20Jim Coleman - Cloudy Days / It Doesn't Seem Like You Love Me (Sir Rah) Vg wol $20Dramatics - Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo / Baby I Need You (WinGate) VG+ wol $15James Carr - That's What I Want To Know / You've Got My Mind Messed Up (Goldwax blue) VG/VG+ $15JJ Barnes - Real Humdinger / I Ain't Gonna Do It (Ric-Tic) VG/VG+ tear on label $10Bobby Bland - Yum Yum Tree / I'm Sorry (Duke) VG $10JJ Barnes - Hold On To It / Now She's Gone (Revilot) VG/VG+ wol $10Jr Walker All Stars - Good Rockin / Brainwasher pt 2 (Harvey) VG- sm edge chip w/a/p $10Barbara Mason - Ain't Got Nobody / Oh, How It Hurts (Arctic) VG wol $15Dee Dee Warwick - We're Doing Fine / You Don't Know (Blue Rock) VG/VG+ $20Fabulous Peps - Why Are You Blowing My Mind / I Can't Get Right (Premium Stuff) VG/VG+ $20Magnificent (7) - In Mist And Rain / Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (Lemco) EX $25Jackie Ross - Keep Your Chin Up / Love Is Easy To Lose (Brunswick) NM $30Warm Excursion - Hang Up pts. 1 and 2 (Pzazz) VG+ $30Lloyd W. Williams - I Need You Now / Be Mine Tonight (Soul Beat) VG wol $30Bobby Bland - Shoes / A Touch Of The Blues (Duke) $25 VG pl. VG+, wolBetty Everett - Trouble Over The Weekend / The Shoe Won't Fit (Vee-Jay) VG+ wol $25 promoLouis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow / A Toast To You (M-S) VG/VG+ $20J.J. Barnes - Cloudy Days / To An Early Grave (Magic Touch) VG+ $20Little Sonny - We Got A Groove / Sonnys Bag (Revilot) VG/VG+ $15Silky Hargraves - Hurt By Love / Go On Girl (D-Town) VG/VG+ $40David Ruffin - Action Speaks Louder Than Words / You Can Get What I Got (Checkmate) VG/VG+ $40Lee and the Leopards - Come Into My Palace / Trying To Make It (Gordy) VG+ $30Willie Johnson - Between The Lines / It's Got To Be Tonight (Cat) VG $40Dee Dee Warwick - Standing In The Need Of Love / I Really Love You (Cameo) VG or > $15The Gibson Brothers - Love Coming At Us / To The Bone (Rocker) NM $30 sweet 70's Detroit groupAl Hudson And Soul Partners - When You're Gone / I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) writing on the label. VG $30Ernie K-Doe - A Certain Girl / I Cried My Last Tear (Minit) VG++ $30The 21st - I Just Can't Forget Your Name / The Sun Came Out (Joy) WOL VG++ $25Johnny Parr - Monkey See, Monkey Do / If I Ask You For A Date (Roulette PROMO) M- $25The Willy Cole - Right On / A Pretty Good B Side (Phil-L.A. of Soul) EX $25Eddie Hill - Nothing Sweeter / Nothing Sweeter (Instrumental) (M-S) Poor $20Darrell Banks - Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You / Baby What'cha You Got (For Me) (Revilot) very light warp. plays great. VG $20Na Allen - Hard To Do Without You / Love Don't Come Easy (Pedestal) EX $12Fenton Robinson - You're Cracking Me Up / I Put My Baby In High Society (Giant) VG wol/sticker $25Just Brothers - She Broke His Heart / Things Will Be Better (Empire) VG wol $30Mable John - Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That / You Made A Fool Out Of Me (striped Tamla) VG/VG+ $40Leah Dawson - My Mechanical Man / Strange Things Happen (Magic City) VG/VG+ $30Jimmy Norman - I Don't Love You No More / Tell Her For Me (Little Star) VG $10the Notations - I Can't Stop / I'm Still Here (Twinight) VG+ WOL $25Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded / Chained To A Memory (VJ) VG $20Dee Edwards - Too Careless With My Love / He Told Me Lies (D-Town) VG wol $10Tom Storm and the Peps - That's The Way Love Is / I Love You (Ge Ge) VG wol $40Betty LaVette - You Made A Believer Out Of Me b/w Thank You For Loving Me (Epic) VG $40Direct Pressure - Let Me Love You (Future Electric) Rare one sided promo. VG $40Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded b/w Chained To A Memory (VeeJay) VG/VG+ $25The Chi-Lites - Are You My Woman? b/w Troubles A' Comin (Brunswick) VG $20Will Hatcher - What Is Best For Me Is Better For You b/w Who Am I Without You Baby (Wand) VG $15Steptones - Your Love Is Like The Rising Sun b/w Success Don't Come Easy (Fast Track) VG $10

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