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Uk Labels - Stateside For Instance


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I have often wondered about the releases during the 60's.

Who decided to release for instance "Whats Wrong With Me Baby" and not "Skiing In The Snow"

In fact who decided on any of the soul releases, or was it virtually a random sample of USA releases that they gained the rights to via some of the pop hits

Which Label would you say now with hindsight was the most Influential.

I would have to say the Stateside Label


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Personally Sue records for the very diverse catalogue in the UK

Soul icons

Ike And Tina

Inez and Charlie

Phil upchurch


Billy Preston

Donnie Elbert

Baby Washington


Joe Tex

Jimmy Mcgriff

Lowell Fulsom

Elmore James

James Brown

to name but a few Whose R nB influenced a lot of people



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Chicago biggies,Okeh,Chess/cadet

there bloody loads of them...It really depends on personal taste.

Wake up Gash! It says "UK Labels"

Try these :rolleyes:


Influential on what by the way? If it means getting Brits interested in soul music I would have though Tamla Motown would be up there.


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What about Dave Godin's Soul City label?

I would say Chess. Masses of releases and very few overtly commercial.

You would have to mention also HMV and at least nod toward Columbia.


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Guest Netspeaky

Has to be TAMLA MOTOWN or STAX/ATLANTIC, we wouldn't have checked out the others without them. You would never have come across an Invitations without the TEMPTATIONS or James Carr without OTIS REDDING. If anybody says different they are talking from todays point of view (Hindsight) not the 60's when they were released. Sue would have followed hot on the heels of the above. :huh:

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