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SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (10p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to R. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.

Been away for a bit of October so we're running late with lists again. November already ! Christmas soon. Got some

goodies lined up anyway. Great do's to watch out for November 28th The Dome Tuffnell Park. Always a ball. Almost

Grown on the 5th December is our northern soul special - Saks Clifftown Road Southend on sea. The next day the 6th

is the brilliant mod night Shotgun on Borough High St. Like a proper mod club used to be - soul / R'n'B jazz etc.

Top night. Even if I am guest DJ !

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (10p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to R. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 BOB BRADY Everybodys going to the love in (As used in recent ad) Bell EX £20

2 KENNY BERNARD *** Pity my feet (Rare UK production - dancer) sm.W.O.L. CBS (Demo) M £120

3 HELEN SHAPIRO He knows how to love me (Great dancer - in demand) Columbia M- £75

4 THE SPELLBINDERS Help me (Classic stomper) W.O.L. Direction VG+ £8

5 BUDDY ACE Screaming please (French EP - Great R'n'B dancer) Disques Pop EX/EX £50

6 BROTHERS GRIMM *** Looky looky (Rare UK collectors piece - dancer) Ember M £75

7 JULIAN COVAY A little bit hurt (French copy - mod club classic) Fontana EX/M- £20

8 AL WILSON The snake (All time classic - hard on 1st issue)sm.T.O.L. Liberty M- £25

9 JESS & JAMES Something for nothing (Dutch issue of this mod fave) Palette EX/EX £15

10 HOWLIN' WOLF My country sugar mama (Great blues) Pye Int EX £10

11 HOWLIN' WOLF Little girl (Great blues) Pye Int EX £10

12 ELMORE JAMES Dust my blues (Classic blues tune - plays fine) Sue 335 VG £10

13 BRENDA HOLLOWAY Starting the hurt all over again (Classic Detroit stomper) Tamla Motown EX £20

14 JAY & THE AMERICANS Livin' above your head (Great Torch oldie) United Artists EX £25

15 BOBBY GOLDSBORO Its too late (Great oldie) United Artists EX £10

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

16 THE MARRIOTS Tell it like it is (Wonderful version Aaron Neville song) ABC EX £15

17 JIMMY WILLIAMS The half man (Nice mid pacer) ABC EX £10

18 THE SAPPHIRES Hearts are made to be broken (Lovely mid tempo floater) ABC EX £10

19 THE IMPRESSIONS I'm the one who loves you (Superb mid tempo) ABC (Demo) M- £10

20 THE SHEPHARDS Little girl lost (Wonderful northern mid pacer - nice demo) ABC (Demo) M- £100

21 THE PERFORMERS Love is the answer (Clip clopping dancer) ABC (Demo) EX £15

22 LITTLE JOHNNY TRIUTT Don't let me be a crying man (Soulful piano led mover) Abet EX £12

23 ELLIOTT SMALL I'm a devil (Pounding New Orleans thumper) ABS EX £20

24 KENNI ROSSI Don't lose this love (Rare Philly 2 sider) Arctic (Demo) EX £40

25 BONNIE MILLER What you trying to do to me (Late 60's thumper) Astro EX £30

26 MARY WELLS Set my soul on fire (Great semi known dancer fr Mary) Atco EX £6

27 PATTY LaBELLE & BLUEBELLS You forgot how to love (Great mid 60's dancer) Atlantic EX £6

28 FERN KINNEY Sweet devil (Great R'n'B flavoured cut - great guitar hook) Atlantic M- £25

29 JOHNNY COPELAND Sufferin city (Great soul pounder - slight warp NAP) Atlantic M- £20

30 JEAN ELIAS How long can I go on fooling myself (Gutsy femme mover) Back beat EX £20

31 CARL CARLTON Competition aint nothing (All time classic northern) Back beat M- £25

32 JEANETTE WILLIAMS You didn't know then (Driving Texas dancer) Back beat(demo) M- £15

33 THE PROFILES *** A little misunderstanding (Nice Chicago group soul) Bamboo (demo) EX £15

34 THE O'JAYS The choice (Great late 60's dancer) Bell EX £6

35 OCCAISIONS *** There's no you (Obscure Cleveland group soul) Big Jim EX £15

36 LOU JOHNSON If I never get to love you (Superb beat ballad) Big Top (demo) VG £15

37 JOYCE KENNEDY Does anybody love me (Good Chicago girlie soul) Blue Rock EX £25

38 PHIL LOWMAN *** Rock me till I want no more (Obscure Chicago groover) Blue soul M £50

39 SAM CHATMON *** Nobody but me (Great early femme R'n'B mover) Boss EX £250

40 THE PROMISES This love is real (Beautiful version of Jackie Wilson) BRC (Demo) M £60

41 SUGAR PIE DESANTO The one who really loves you (Nice version Miracles tune) Brunswick EX £10

42 GENE CHANDLER There goes the lover (Class from Mr. Chandler) Brunswick EX £10

43 BILLY BUTLER Come over to my side (Killer soulful dancer) Brunswick M £45

44 JEAN WELLS After loving you (Great soulful tune) Calla (DJ copy) EX £12

45 DEE DEE SHARP Comin' home baby (LP track only - killer version) Continental (SA) EX/M- £60

46 JOHNNY GILLIAM Tell your friend (Its over) Beauty !! What a voice Cancer M- £15

47 BARBARA & BELIEVERS *** What can happen to me now (Lovely girl group floater) Capitol (Demo) EX £35

48 HANK & CLAUDE CARBO Be prepared (Great duet dancer) Castle M- £15

49 THE MATADORS *** Say yes baby (Ultra rare northern biggie) Chavis EX £600

50 THE CLICKETTES I just cant help it (Super catchy girl group mover) Checker EX £15

51 BARBARA CARR Don't knock love (Good R'n'B flavoured dancer) Chess VG+ £10

52 BETTY JAMES I like the way you walk (Rare Chess no. - bluesy dancer) Chess (Demo) M- £12

53 THE PUSSYCATS I want your love (Driving girl group dancer) Columbia M- £35

54 WALTER JACKSON *** I don't want to suffer (Awesome big voiced mid pacer) Columbia M- £40

55 THE SPELLBINDERS We're acting like lovers (Great group soul) Columbia M- £15

56 TIM ROSE *** I got a loneliness (Builds and builds - tremendous tune) Columbia (Demo) EX £35

57 TOMORROWS MEN *** Who's that lady (Obscure group soul crossover) Congress EX £50

58 THE DYNETTES New guy (Excellent girl group mover) Constellation EX £15

59 MOODY & THE DELTAS Everybody come clap your hands (Forgotten oldie) Daisy EX £20

60 SYL FOREMAN Before I leave you(Never seen it on this local label before) DBS EX £100

61 ROTATIONS *** I cant find her (Great crossover dancer) DeBrossard M- £150

62 SAM ANDERSON Standing at the edge of the sea (Rare 1st label - plays fine Deck) VG £50

63 CHERRIES & RHYTHM KINGS You know you're gonna need me (Nice girl group sound) Della EX £20

64 ROBERT PORTER Casanova (Great big voiced mid tempo) Diamond M- £60

65 LEE ROGERS I want you to have everything (Good Detroit dancer) D Town M- £25

66 THE SOULETTES *** Find somebody new (Beautiful soul - Rare Chicago piece) Dud sound VG £35

67 JIMMY WILLIAMS Standing there (Nice beat ballad) Dyno voice M- £55

68 THE CONTENDERS You gotta do what you gotta do (Great uptempo northern) Edge EX £15

69 SHIRLEY LAWSON *** So much to me (Rare Detroit fingersnapper) Enterprise EX £60

70 BOBBY KIMBLE *** A good fool is hard to find (Excellent R'n'B dancer - deep flip) Fat Fish EX £35

71 DON WYATT I've got myself to blame (Big voiced uptempo dancer) Garpax(Demo) M- £75

72 VIRGIE TILL Loose me love (Two driving soulful R'n'B sides) Glover (Demo) M- £40

73 MARVA HOLIDAY It's written all over my face (One of the great cheapies) GNP Crescendo M- £8

74 DIAN JAMES High blood pressure (Cooking early R'n'B dancer) Groove M- £40

75 THE CHANNELS Anything you do (Great uptempo northern - both sides) Groove (Demo) M £30

76 THE TURBULATIONS I'm in love (Nice sweet soul group sound) Guava M- £60

77 RICHARD SMITH *** Mama cried (Incredible horn hookline - gritty soul gem) Hi-Q M- £75

78 LILY FIELDS I've got to tell you (Absolute gem - great northern sound) Holton EX £150

79 DEE DEE WARWICK I can't go back (Lovely beat ballad) Hurd VG+ £20

80 THE BOBETTES Mr Johnny Q (Popular early girl group sound) Gone M- £40

81 DARROW FLETCHER What have I got now (One of his best - haunting soul !!!) Jacklyn EX £40

82 THE PENTAGONS I'm in love (Nice early group soul)sm T.O.L. Jamie M £30

83 THE ATTRACTIONS You don't know boy (Killer Chicago crossover winner) June Bug M £150

84 ROBERT DOBYNE I cant get along without you (Orig of Maxine Brown) Kama Sutra M £40

85 THE SOUL TWINS Quick change artist (Classic northern oldie - nice demo) Karen (demo) M- £75

86 MILL EVANS Why why why (Killer crossover dancer) King (Demo) M £40

87 VANGUARDS *** Gotta have love (Superb uptempo northern dancer) Lamp M- £225

88 BILLY McGREGOR The great creation (2 nice soulful sides) Melotone M- £35

89 CLYDE McPHATTER In my tenement (Nice early version of Roosevelt Grier) Mercury EX £15

90 CLYDE McPHATTER *** I'll love you till the cows come home (Getting spins) Mercury EX £40

91 BRENDA LEE EAGER There ain't no way (Ultra soulful slowie) Mercury EX £30

92 THE SUPERIORS Can't make it without you (Classic group northern) MGM (Demo) M- £20

93 FREDA PAYNE Sad sad September (Atmospheric femme soul gem) MGM (Demo) M- £25

94 SPENCER My baby's comin home (Big voiced mid pace gem) Midtown (Demo) M- £25

95 FREDDIE GORMAN *** The day will come (Wonderful early Motown mid tempo) Miracle (Demo) EX £100

96 THE OTHER BROTHERS Its been a long time baby (Finally getting noticed) Modern M £20

97 DELILAH MOORE Wrapped up tight (Ultra soulful Philly class) Money M £20

98 LINDA GRINER Goodbye cruel world (Lovely demo - rarer title - classic !!) Motown (Demo) EX £300

99 HAROLD BURRAGE A long way together (Great shuffler with R'n'B feel) M-Pac M- £20

100 ACCENTS New girl (All time classic northern cheapie) M-Pac M £10

101 NEIL REED *** Not as beautiful as you (Wonderful crossover mid tempo) Music Now M- £40

102 BILLY T SOUL The way to a womans heart (Great oldie - superb dancer) Musicor EX £80

103 THE OPALS *** I'm so afraid (Beautiful girl group sound) Okeh M- £70

104 THE VIBRATIONS End up crying (Killer Chicago group soul) Okeh EX £30

105 THE VIBRATIONS Come to yourself (Another ace side from this group) Okeh M- £25

106 THE ARTISTICS *** What'll I do (Their 1st 45 and its blooming great) Okeh VG+ £20

107 THE ARTISTICS Get my hands on some loving (Class group soul) Okeh EX £25

108 BILLY BUTLER Nevertheless (Sweet soulful sound of Curtis Mayfield) Okeh M- £25

109 BILLY BUTLER My heart is hurting (Excellent Chicago soul) Okeh VG £12

110 MAJOR LANCE Without a doubt (Atmospheric masterpiece) Okeh EX £40

111 WALTER JACKSON *** Special love (What a superb floater this is - getting plays) Okeh EX £25

112 WALTER JACKSON Its an uphill climb to the bottom(Awesome tune nice P/S) Okeh M-/M- £30

113 THE CHEERS Take me to paradise (Cracking group soul dancer) Okeh M- £30

114 BILLY BLAND I cross my heart (Popcorn / soul crossover) Old Town (W/D) M- £40

115 PAULINE SHIVERS You better tell him no (Great R'n'B flavoured dancer) O-Pex M £20

116 PAULINE SHIVERS *** Wont you come back home (Ultra soulful mid pacer) O-Pex M £20

117 RODDY JOY *** Walkin' back (Excellent Philly soul builder) Parkway M £30

118 LITTLE FRANKIE LEE I gotta come back (Cookin' R'n'B dancer) Peacock M- £60

119 TSU TORNADOS Please heart don't break (Great uptempo crossover) Rampart St M £125

120 THE DYNAMICS *** You make me feel good (So good - highly underrated) RCA M £40

121 FAYE CRAWFORD What have I done wrong (Lovely mid tempo Stafford spin) RCA (Demo) EX £100

122 KETTY LESTER Please don't cry anymore (Gorgeous mid pacer) RCA (Demo) M- £20

123 THE PAGEANTS Are you ever coming home(Cool mid tempo dancer M.O.L.) RCA (Demo) M- £30

124 DAYLIGHTERS Cool breeze (Canadian issue of this great 45) Regency VG+ £25

125 EDDIE SULL I'm looking for my baby(Local label on this Chicago mover) Renee M- £30

126 RUBY ROWE We love each other (Wicked R'n'B perfect 4 2days scene)T.O.L. Resist M- £40

127 LINDA QUEEN I feel the pain (2 excellent sides beat ballad / mid tempo) Rod M- £100

128 ARGIE & ARKETTS *** You're the guy (Brilliant choppy dancer) Ronnie M- £75

129 GERALDINE HUNT Push sweep (Uptempo mover with nice slowie on flip) Roulette EX £20

130 ANITA HUMES Don't fight it baby (Great dancer) Roulette EX £15

131 THE JOINT EFFORT *** Coming home to you baby (Rare West coast dancer) Ruby Doo EX £60

132 LENIS GUESS Just ask me (Tough original - Wigan stomper) S.P.Q.R. M- £25

133 JIMMY ELLIS Puttin it on your mind (Killer R'n'B cut - watch this go) Salem M- £35

134 EPITOME OF SOUND You don't love me (All time great northern oldie) Sandbag EX £80

135 MINZI BERRY *** Don't you dare to cry (Rare New York coast screamer) Score M £150

136 DEENA JOHNSON I'm a sad girl (Catchy uptempo bouncy dancer) Simpson (demo) M £15

137 THE TRENDS Dance with me baby (Great group dancer) Smash M- £30

138 MODERN REDCAPS I couldn't care less (Nice early group soul) Smash (Demo) M- £25

139 VELVET HAMMER Happy (Classic 70's northern oldie) Soozi M- £20

140 MAMIE GALORE *** Too many memories (Fingersnapping Chicago mover) St Lawrence M- £12

141 JOHN GARY WILLIAMS The whole damn world is going crazy (Rare 70's) Stax M £80

142 JOHNNY LOVE Chills and fever(Original label / artist name 4 Ronnie Love on Dot) Starville EX £125

143 THE BIRDS *** I'd love to (Great girl group similar to "Shop around") Sue EX £30

144 LARRY BIRDSONG Somebody help me (Driving beat on this groover) Sur Speed M £15

145 EMANUEL LASKY Welfare cheese (Great early Detroit mover) Thelma EX £25

146 BULL & MATADORS *** If you decide (Lovely slick Chicago soul) Toddlin Town M- £20

147 THE INVERTS Look out love (Great group soul thumper) Tower M £30

148 DEREK MARTIN Sly girl (Classic Detroit northern gem) Tuba M £12

149 BETTY RENAY Money honey (Femme R'n'B / hard soul sound) Ultra City M- £15

150 KARL TARLETON Along came you (late 60's Stomper) Uni (Demo) VG £12

151 MARV JOHNSON With all that's in me (Rare mid paced dancer) U.A. (Demo) M £50

152 THE AFFLUENTS *** Tom's song (Great organ based dancer - perfect for a c/u) U.S.A. EX £100

153 YVONNE CARROLL Please don't go (Plays perfect half price for this beauty) Vee Jay(Demo) VG £75

154 COLLETTE KELLY City of fools (Incredibly catchy dancer slt warp N.A.P.) Volt EX £35

155 JIMMY DEE *** If it wasn't for pride (Big voiced beat ballad) V Tone M- £60

156 KENT DRAKE *** Boss thing together (Great crossover dancer) Wand VG+ £50

157 EUGENE CHURCH Dollar bill (Pounding horn led dancer) World Artists M £20

SECTION 3 - General soul collectors labels

158 THE HERBS Put a hurtin on my heart (Lovely tune) Smoke EX £10

159 CHARLIE GRACIE Walk with me girl Sock & Soul M- £8

160 MATT & ROBERT Mr Pitiful (good version) Soft M- £10

161 BILLY HAMBRIC New York city baby Soho M- £7

162 MACK JOHNSON Sting ray Solar M £10

163 PAT LEWIS Warning Solid Hit EX £25

164 JIMMY GILFORD I wanna be your baby Solid Hit M- £30

165 MARTHA BRANCH You Solid soul M £150

166 GERALDINE JONES I'm cracking up Sonar EX £15

167 SONJI CLAY Nobody Songee EX £8

168 ROBERT TAYLOR Packin' up your love Sonic EX £40

169 IKE & TINA TURNER If I cant be first Sonja M- £10

170 BOBBY JOHN Lonely soldier Sony EX £10

171 THE BARONS Dog eat dog Soul M £10

172 5TH DIMENSION Dontcha hear me calling you Soul City M- £5

173 THE WHISPERS Needle in a haystack Soul clock M- £6

174 THE WHISPERS I'm the one Soul Clock M- £10

175 THE WHISPERS I can remember Soul Clock EX £10

176 JESSE BOONE I got the rings Soul Potion M- £8

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

177 LES McCANN+EDDIE HARRIS Compared to what (Brill club jazz) Atlantic EX £12

178 SOLOMAN BURKE Keep looking (Great club soul as covered by Artwoods) Atlantic M- £10

179 CLARENCE CARTER Looking for a fox (Mod club fave) Atlantic EX £8

180 HECTOR RIVERA Do it to me (Latin classic) Barry EX £10

181 DAVID COLEMAN Drown my heart (Smooth Latin mod club fave) Barry (Demo) M- £60

182 MONGO SANTAMARIA Yeh yeh ! (Classic club Latin jazz) Battle M- £8

183 JUNIOR WELLS I'm gonna cramp your style(Brilliant Chicago R'n'B 2 sider) Brightstar M- £20

184 HERBIE GOINS Coming home to you (Big mod spin in the 80's) Capitol M- £15

185 THE PLEASURES Music city (Issued on UK Sue - rare on US - 60's mod spin) Catch EX £15

186 J.C. DAVIS Monkey (Excellent club inst - organ / sax & effects !) Chess M- £20

187 JAMO THOMAS Stop the baby (Killer mod club soul dancer) Conlo M- £20

188 THE MOHAWKS The champ (Classic on a hard U.S. promo) Cotillion (Demo) EX £50

189 PINEY BROWN Everything but you (Great funky R'n'B mover) Deep Groove M £30

190 DAVIS JONES & THE FENDERS Boss with the hot sauce (Drum heavy club soul shouter) Derry M- £10

191 JIM PIPKINS & BOSS FIVE Mr C.C. (Get down 60's club mover) minor lbl stain Emerge M £20

192 DARROW FLETCHER The pain gets a little deeper (Mod classic)Sm.T.O.L. Groovy M- £15

193 JIMMY McCRACKLIN Steppin' up in class (Great R'n'B) Imperial M- £10

194 CHRIS KENNER I like it like that (Club classic as covered by the Action) Instant VG+ £6

195 CARTER BROTHERS So glad she's mine (Great R'n'B dancer) Jewel (demo) M £25

196 COASTERS Love potion No.9 (Still a mod club floorshaker) King M- £15

197 RICHARD FUDOLI Gwee (Funky flute inst dancer) Maestro M £20

198 LITTLE DADDY WALTON Spend my money (Wicked R'n'B cut) Pennie M £20

199 LYN COLLINS Think (Great funk tune) People EX £8

200 SHINDIG SMITH & SOUL SHAKERS Through fooling around (Great club soul shaker) Pitter Pat M £25

201 CHARLIE EARLAND Black talk (Excellent organ inst - club jazz) Prestige M £10

202 ROOSEVELT FOUNTAIN Red pepper parts 1 & 2 (Great organ inst) Prince Adams M- £15

203 LONNIE SATTIN *** Watermelon man (Superb vocal version) Scepter EX £20

204 JUNE BATEMAN *** Possum belly overalls (Excellent R'n'B dancer) Shaw (Demo) M- £20

205 JIMMY McGRIFF Step one (funky organ inst) Solid State EX £10

206 NOBODY'S CHILD Geraldine Jones (Funky dancer) Sound of soul EX £10

207 JOHNNY LITTLE JOHN Cant be still (Hammond / Sax laced club inst) Terrell M- £20

208 JIMMY ROBBINS Waiting on you (Great R'n'B - as good as "cant please u") 20th Century EX £30

209 JANET DAWSON Dindi (Oddball funk dancer) U.A. M- £15

210 WYNDER K. FROG I feel so bad (Organ inst vers of Jackie Edwards - US only) U.A. (Demo) EX £25

211 WYNDER K. FROG I'm a man (All time classic mod tune) U.A. (Demo) EX £25

212 AL PERKINS & BETTY BIBBS Homework (Great R'n'B dancer) U.S.A. M £20

213 JOHN LEE HOOKER She's mine (Incredible slice of R'n'B - his best ??) Vee Jay M- £25

214 L.B. WILSON Don't (Great R'n'B dancer - inst version on flip) Vivid M- £15



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