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Wedding receptions 21st C.

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Recently returned from a wedding up country in an exclusive Abbey. Three day event, fantastic!

Saturday the big day, food, speeches and then the Disco.

First hour non-stop Motown, Stax, Philly, Chicago and... Gasp... Full on Northern!

Example Don Thomas, Lou Pride, Edwin, Salvs, to be geeky he was probably DJing from Elaine's soundtrack. This thread isn't about the media being played from. I'm not even gonna mention it at all, save to say he didn't have any vinyl with him. 😉

So my lass has had her Prosecco well and truly pimped, has had a few Moets and has changed from killer stilettos to flat dollies (BooB****rdHoo) and is tearing it up on the floor Casino style along with all the other yummy mummies and glad-dads. The DJ is giving it the old 'This is the sound, that super sound of the sixties and seventies, Northern Soul, on with the monsters' and to be quite honest it's great.  

Being as nowadays most grandmas and parents of marrying age kids remember this stuff, I imagine this is common and will be more so, I don't get invited to many exclusive weddings in exclusive venues so it may be more common than I know, who knows? 

Question is this, would you personally, yes you, get up and strut your best moves, spinning round to slide on your knees to cooly grab your Champers before necking it as you backdrop, go on to tell all the other guests about your Casino adventures, or walk off in disgust because not OVO or commercialisation of our underground scene or what?

Loosely moderated, you can go off topic as long as it's funny anecdotes!

Here we are in wedding mode, just to prove it isn't a made up scenario! As if I'd do that 😉


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At me and Nina's wedding (back in 2002) we had 150 guests - 142 soul people / 8 relatives / One rule - No kids!

We had Adam & Roger Banks looking after the DJing, along with Marco, Rob Holmes, and Teff. To save the hassle of setting up kit, we hired a 'normal' disco, but told the two guys that they were to simply set the kit up, but not to DJ - They didn't understand, and seeing how the evening was going so well on the dance floor they insisted on having a 'piece of the action'. Completely cleared the floor and were kicked off soon after (They didn't mind) :rofl:

In this instance, including 'what we do' so much so in our wedding worked well because at that time Nina and I were still out every weekend, seeing the very people that shared our day with us. First dance was 'Al Wilson - Show and Tell', then 'the signal' to fill the floor straight after was 'Jackie Wilson - Because Of You'......We cut the cake to 'Isaac Hayes - Shaft' :)

But - Had our wedding been more of a ratio of 'normal' people, I wouldn't have dreamed of mixing the two. Maybe getting a few played later to appease, but that would be about it. Same with Birthday's, if lot's of 'normals' are there, it's not fair to force our stuff on em - The party is the important thing!

All the best,

Len :thumbsup:

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Len. It was your wedding mate.   You set the tone of the music. Nothing to do with normal everyday people.  

When I got married back in 1982. I had 350 guests mostly soulies.  DJ, s where Brian Rae. Keith Brady ( R.i.p ) Cog.  Biff ( R.i.p ) My wedding my music policy.  I haven't got a clue what the 1st dance was to or even the last one.  😎


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Me and my Mrs got married 1992 at the thistle hotel in haydock, most of my mates were into garage, myself and my Best mate Janice Thorpe (rip) from Leigh were the only real soulies but we had Barry May djing for us so it was just like downstairs at Bradford queens hall, it was a crazy crazy night, most of the oldies left by 10 so it was just me and my wife and all our mates, I think Barry must have dj d for about 6 hours solid, I don't now how he did it..........well I do...lol

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I get that Soul people will have a NS themed disco for the reception.

This wedding was two twenty somethings with no connection to it, I guess that NS is an interesting alternative to the Bee Gees sort of stuff popular at weddings. Obviously Motown and that has always been a popular choice.

Like I say this wasn't a soul wedding and later on the music did change to a lot of Shakira, Beyoncé, Hip-hop and later still went to Oasis and all that.

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On 05/07/2018 at 14:34, BabyBoyAndMyLass said:

Question is this, would you personally, yes you, get up and strut your best moves

absolutely, one of my kids is getting married next year and the reception will definitely have a part of it for dad dancing to NS records (but no Snake etc)

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