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    The radio station seems to have gone 24/7 - Tunes currently blasting down the air-waves! Great stuff, and it's only Wednesday! Len
  2. You seemed to be at every single venue I attended. RIP Skippy Sue. Len x
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    Hi 'thejackos', I think they will if there's enough time left after all the requests on here have been put in, but there's no harm re-posting any you may have in mind that you would like played. At 8.00pm this All-dayer turns in to the All-nighter, with the 'live' DJ Spots as previous weeks. This is gonna be a good day! All the best, Len
  4. At first I thought lots of 'promoters' will be chomping at the bit TO BE THE FIRST! So a load of events will be scrambling for the diary dates. But the longer this goes on, maybe, just maybe, less people will bother putting events on after re-evaluating that other things are more important in their lives. So rather than have the stress of putting on an event, they choose to attend other events instead. Time will tell of course, but I for one am hoping that the scene is a more 'condensed' animal after this virus has said goodbye - Let's not rush this. Hope to see you all at The Bury All-nighter when it is safe Len
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    Yet another write up that covers everything Johnny thanks. As you and Chalky mentioned, there truly is so much work done to put this show together for us all to enjoy. I did actually get 18 'plays on the decks' - I hope they were noticeable in amoungst my chatting As discussed, I hope all the Spots are listed. Here's what I played - Len ‘MIKE 1’ (INTRODUCTION) ‘MIKE & THE SENSATIONS - THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT’ ‘MARION ANGEL - IT’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT’ ‘JERRY BUTLER - I’M GIVING UP ON LOVE’ ‘J.J. BARNES - LONELY NO MORE’ ‘BULL & THE MATADORS - IF YOU DECIDE’ ‘MIKE 2’ ‘REGGIE ALEXANDRA - IT’S BETTER’ ‘ANDY FISHER - HEARTS BEATING STRONGER’ ‘DIANA ROSS AND THE SUPREMES - WILL THIS BE THE DAY’ ‘SONJI CLAY - I CAN’T WAIT (UNTIL I SEE MY BABY’S FACE)’ ‘MIKE 3’ ‘COOKIE SCOTT - I DON’T CARE’ ‘OTIS LEE - HARD ROW TO HOE’ ‘THE CAESARS - (LALA) I LOVE YOU’ ‘THE DE VONS - SOMEONE TO TREAT ME (THE WAY YOU USE TO)’ ‘MICKEY LANAY - I’M GONNA WALK’ ‘JIMMY McFARLAND - LONELY LOVER’ ‘MIKE 4’ ‘EDWIN STARR - TIME’ ‘DON DOWNING - DREAM WORLD’ ‘THE DELLS - IT’S ALL UP TO YOU’
  6. Hi Rob, Welcome to Soul-source - Yes by all means post a pic of yourself. It's always nice to put a name to a face on here even if we don't know someone in person. All the best, Len
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    It's just dawned on me how long I've known Johnny Fingers. Being serious for one moment (This won't last) A truly awesome set of tunes Johnny - Thanks Apparently there's a Care Home Facebook page promoting a 'Clap for Johnny' - How long did you spend at that Bury Care Home earlier mate?!!! Len
  8. until

    A great selection from Baz again. I also enjoyed Dave Malloy's set earlier - Lots of new stuff for everyone I recon. Now for the moment we (and care homes all over the country because they're on Face Book) have been waiting for, I give you the legendary - Johnny Fingers! Go Johhny..... Len
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    It really is Johnny..... Len
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    Thanks for the coffee Pete (Glad you didn't melt) Right I'm back in da room. I've been busy answering texts from tall people asking if they are periscopes......"You are now!"......They seem pleased. 'The Periscopes' have always been a jovieal bunch. And breath Len...... Len P.s - Sos about the phone Simon
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    Hiya Pete, I'm good thanks. It's great, you genuinley feel the excitement as people 'turn up' Ha ha - A man of your word! Len
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    Len P.s -
  13. until

    A really strong start again tonight. Fab requests hour 'weaved' together nicely by 'Mr Producer', then a lovely introduction to the show courtesy of Pete C which included what has to be young Franklin's very first mention on a radio show. I'll say it again, welcome to this crazy world Franklin! Your grandad is going wild tonight - He can't stop smiling We're currently half way through Mick Howard's wonderful selections - Go Mick Go! Len
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    'GYPSY - DRY WELL' currently playing - Thanks Mr Producer Len
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    Glad you told them all about the Bury All-nighter being the reason for your adventure - Wellingborough Care Home are aware, so that along with the Bury Care Home, word will soon get round that 'scene' Johnny, you have a new following! Len
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    Just stopped at the services for some dinner - They did a lovely Prawn Linguine c/w Pizza on the side. Traffic slowed a bit because there was a cat in the road (hallway) Should be there in good time I recon. Martin - I hope you enjoy celebrating becoming a grandad at Bury tonight - I'll join you for a cigar (But not when JOHNNY is on) Len
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    I and my whole family are SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to JOHNNY FINGER'S DJ Spot! My gran has even got the radio set up at the local old people's home where they're now all 'talking Johhny'! ......."Maureen, Johnny Fingers goes right back to the 1970's"......."Oh I know Marg, I'll be dancing for sure, with a little help from my Zimma Frame"...... Wellingborough is rooting for you JOHNNY! Len
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    Congrats Martin - That is lovely news! Yes, welcome to the world Franklin - Cool name btw Len
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    Saves anyone else having to google..... 'Soliloquy' Noun - An act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play. Oh dear Len
  20. until

    You don't wanna know - I've just had the Producer on the phone Len
  21. until

    Ha ha yes Steve - My very own 'Scary Corner' Len
  22. until

    The corner awaits me! Len
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    It really is! Johnny, it's an 'out of body DJing' experience - Very weird the DJ you're listening to being you! In fact I'm concidering going home just before my DJ spot, and turning up just after it - That would be a first! Len
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    Don't tell Simon I said, but he puts 'weaves' these requests in to some sort of order, which takes him a good while. The All-dayer is getting pretty much full up with some fabulous requests (Looking forward to them) But the week after, let's all request the most obscure wierd and wonderful tunes - See if we can give him a headache For example - Simon, Can you play 'Gypsy - Dry well' as well please? Thanks mate Len P.s - I love 'Gypsy - Dry Well' btw...
  25. until

    TUNE! (S) I don't think I should add any requests this week as I'm DJing........That Johnny Fingers bloke just don't know the 'rules' .......Actually Simon - Could you play 'Gil Blanding - Rules' please? Len

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