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all sorts now reduced

Posted (edited)

betty everett  unlucky girl uni (demo ex 15 now 8 SOLD

 the fantastic johnny c   dont depend on me  phil-l a  of soul  ex  15 now 7 SOLD

festivals  music   smash vg++  10 now 5 SOLD

rodger collins   shes looking good  vocalion  ex 10 now 5 SOLD

 bobby bland   good time charly(wheel tune) duke vg++ 10 now 5 SOLD

ben e king dee dee sharp  we got a good thing going on(tune)  atco ex 10 now 5 SOLD

channal three the sweetest thing/kenny wells isnt it just a shame vg++ s c s c (winsford anniversery single) 20 now 10 SOLD

joe turner two loves have i  joe turner phillips pic cover  vg++  15 now 8 SOLD

sam moore  plenty good lovin m-   expansion   20 now 10 HOLD

ron moody   the new breed columbia white demo  ex  20 now 10 SOLD

tony and lynn  im hip to you baby  blue rock white demo GREAT TUNE   20 now 10 SOLD

 chuck bernard   indian giver   satellite white demo   ex  20 now 10 SOLD

thne de -vons some one to treat me (the way you use to)  ex   king 20 now10 SOLD

patrice holloway stolen hours (white label) 10 now 5 SOLD

 the majesticts   i love her so much it hurts     ex  linda(boot) 10 now 5

tony tyrone   please operater brittish atlantic  ex  10 now 5 SOLD

 ester phillips catch me im falling vg++ us atlantic  20 now 10

joe tex all the heaven a man really needs   dial ex 10 now 5 SOLD

joe tex  show me brittish red atlantic  vg+ plays fine  10 now 5

 babe ruth elusive brittish capital vg++ 20 now 10

billy butler   right track brittish epic demo  vg++  the slightley different take  (hard to get) 25 now 15 SOLD

edward hamilton  baby dont you weep/im gonna love you  ex   gpapevine demo 40 now 20 SOLD

 mill evans   got to have your love  constilation 20 vg only plays fine hence only 5 SOLD

 p.p. arnold everythings gonna be alright  vg++  immediate  (yellow)  20 now 10

 chuck wood  seven days to long brittish tower  ex 20 now 10   seen this go around 40 mark SOLD

four voices like my love for you   sevens  ex  10 now 5 SOLD

 hamilton movement    shes gone   ex  soul mafia  20 now 10 SOLD

 the futures party time man  pir  white demo  ex 20 now 10 SOLD

 ruby andrews just lovin you  zodiack white demo  with pic cover(recent re issue type thing ex 10 now 5 SOLD

bobby hutton lend a hand   brittish abc white demo from 1973  ex 25 now 15 SOLD

post £1.95 first class    f and f 



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38 minutes ago, Tiggerwoods said:

devons on King if still there please !!

I sent him a pm a few hours ago for a few bits including this. No response at all.

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Sent a PM a while ago.....So did I.     Cut him some slack FFS, he maybe has more important things to worry about. A record list isnt the end of the world

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Have  bought a few off Lawrence, and have to say top man not sure why not got back as he does all the time i to was hoping for  devons too but some one got it befor me, but as said top man

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hi all to clear it up    put sales up then did edit when a few sold   ten mins later loads more sold did edit again to say what had  sold but forgot to press edit button   sorry for the mix up


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