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Community Answers

  1. I remember Anglo American auctioning one of these some years ago saying it’s had plays,so known by some, somewhere.
  2. I’m pretty sure that Howard Guyton was never booted in the seventies. That bootleg often sold as a seventies reissue (pic) actually appeared in the early nineties.
  3. Both labels on the boot say 1001-A where as on the original side 2 is 1001-B also see position of word inst/instrumental. Real one top
  4. Never had this problem when they used to charge a nominal listing fee.
  5. I agree, insuring them would be the easy part. Making a successful claim? Not so.
  6. All sales bulls*it This is what he had to say 7 years back when selling the 1932 version. "the much rarer 1st. Mix 4.32 long Different mix without sound effects. Different break from DM 1879 & DM 81853 releases. His version does not have the hi-pitched percussion sound."
  7. Here ya go Wilxy, I've put it on YouTube for you. Bit lo-fi but it get you the idea
  8. I'm not knocking the product. I'm sure it's a great piece of work It was just a tongue in cheek comment about Facebook advertising practices.
  9. Ah, the old "getting everyone to advertise my product" trick Not that I'm cynical mind
  10. Had it sold? Only I've just popped by the website in question for a listen and I can't find it. Mind you, this website is the most user UN-friendly one going with a search function that doesn't work. Puts me off even dropping by for a laugh every now and then.
  11. I remember seeing this while it was still a live auction. It messed with my head because I knew it shouldn't exist so I didn't even put a watch on it. It probably went to the right guy really cos if someone like me won it, Nobody would believe it was real.
  12. Being the same sort of age as Chris, when I started going in 86 onwards I had no concept of oldies or newies, only knew I was hearing lots of incredible records. It took me a few years to realise the sounds you could hoover up on cheap 70's boots and soul supply compilations were generally your oldies. And the sounds which were a complete bugger to get even on a rubbish cassette recording were ya Stafford rarities
  13. Bloody hell. I should have guessed!
  14. It was a lot less than that! I would have gone a lot more than that and still probably have lost out if it was available to UK bidders.

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