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  1. John A

    Intros-Stop, Look and Listen

    Had 3 of these in early noughties, 2 demos and an issue if I remember right, all off eBay (separately) for not much at all. Sold the last one about 8 yrs back for 90 quid I think.
  2. John A

    80s All-nighter footage

    Even the records sounded better in the eighties
  3. John A

    Gloria hill be somebody

    Awesome.... now get back to work Steve, Comtec's relying on you
  4. John A

    Help With Lost Record...

    I quite agree Len, sometimes I think I'll go and spin a few tunes then after about 5 or so I'm like. "Ok, I'm bored now" ..... 10 mins later back on the sofa,playing stuff on YouTube..often records I own.. What's all that about
  5. John A

    Help With Lost Record...

    Ain't that the truth
  6. John A

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    People who don't know the difference between, there,their or they're..... C'mon people,it's basic English ffs.
  7. John A

    Retford New Broken Wheel

    Never heard of the place but a quick google led straight back to soul sauce.
  8. John A


    Is this what you mean? Sorry I don't have one.
  9. Apart from the title line, they're not even the same song.. but side by side then Howard is miles better.
  10. John A

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    Ooh,that's the start of it, 50 odd quid now and you'll promise yourself it's a "one off". Couple of years down the line and you'll be blowing 500 on a record without blinking Trust me
  11. John A

    Oh dear

    I find I care so little these days I gave up reading this thread after about the 6/7 post..... but well said everybody
  12. John A

    The Kindred Soul Of Danny Wagner LP

    I've got one without the sleeve if that's of interest to you?
  13. John A



    Can we buy wristbands on the door?
  14. John A

    Rodd Keith - 'You're Groovy'

    I've got one of these (I stuck the clip up on YouTube) took a punt on it as an unknown for $100 some years back. Had no idea it's been played before, what was it covered as? Mint record but bad lo-fi mastered. Is it worth much?
  15. I sold a minty one for a hundred quid but that was a few years ago now. Very seldom see the 689 mix. But most dealers or collectors have it that the 2** mix is rarer... blame Manships for that because he had it the wrong way round in his bible. Value,who knows? Sorry that hasn't helped too much.


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