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  1. Anybody? Original of course I know there's a couple on Discogs, just thought I'd try here first.
  2. I've got one When we all start heading off to the care homes in another 10 years they'll be loads coming up for sale.
  3. John Anstey was a bugger for writing on labels (it's not me BTW)
  4. Hi, I've a nice minty copy I might let go. Not sure of value though. Message me an offer if interested. Regards J.
  5. No worries mate. I'm happy to keep it. ATB John.
  6. Hi mate, have seen your ads here and on Facebook the last few days,and had a think about it. Is this what your looking for? Nice clean copy £500 best John.
  7. Supposedly Larry is the rarer, however there's been a U.S. seller drip feeding a few out lately on eBay so who knows.
  8. This is of course absolutely right. While this outbreak was confined to China the media were loving to portray this as some sort of Zombie apocalypse! Now it's arrived on our doorstep it's kinda backfired as the country is now going into panic mode.
  9. Another nail!!! Steve, I think that lid finally got nailed shut and the whole thing buried some years back
  10. I started going around 85/86 and it was a full 15 odd years before I saw a pair of baggies. They were rare at first but now very common.
  11. There is no 70's reissue. No one wanted the record back then.
  12. BR is ultra hard to find. One went through eBay back in April finishing just shy of 500 quid. Was the first copy I've seen for sale in ten years or so. https://www.popsike.com/Carlettes-Carletts-Im-Getting-Tired-Northern-Soul-45-BR-mp3/362623562198.html Darren Brown sold one on Capitol the other day for £200. Seemed reasonable. Also issued as the CORLETTS.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NORTHERN-SOUL-KURT-HARRIS-EMPEROR-OF-MY-BABY-039-S-HEART-DIAMOND-PROMO-/312722222373?hash=item48cfb26d25%3Ag%3AR1kAAOSw6ZBdRdjU&nma=true&si=U%2BmSgWq8FRCadm4hEhdFyf6lbzo%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 No offence intended but can't your mate read? He clearly states they are not originals. Obviously this blokes a bit of a chancer and is taking advantage of some dumb people with more money than sense but at least he's not trying to blatantly rip off... Levine's counterfeits from the other year spring to mind here.
  14. Didn't Rick die about 5 years ago? Or am I thinking of someone else

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