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  1. John A

    Oh dear

    I find I care so little these days I gave up reading this thread after about the 6/7 post..... but well said everybody
  2. John A

    The Kindred Soul Of Danny Wagner LP

    I've got one without the sleeve if that's of interest to you?
  3. John A



    Can we buy wristbands on the door?
  4. John A

    Rodd Keith - 'You're Groovy'

    I've got one of these (I stuck the clip up on YouTube) took a punt on it as an unknown for $100 some years back. Had no idea it's been played before, what was it covered as? Mint record but bad lo-fi mastered. Is it worth much?
  5. I sold a minty one for a hundred quid but that was a few years ago now. Very seldom see the 689 mix. But most dealers or collectors have it that the 2** mix is rarer... blame Manships for that because he had it the wrong way round in his bible. Value,who knows? Sorry that hasn't helped too much.
  6. I might be tempted to let this go, that's if it's of interest to you. Rare Minty Canadian.
  7. John A

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    And a mighty fine record it is too.... I'd still love a Flash Mckinlay.
  8. John A

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    This is very true, I've encountered many U.S sellers who while advertising their record as Northern soul (a unique British term that has nothing to do with America) but refuse to ship to the U.K.
  9. John A

    Tears diff ver

  10. John A

    The bad guys on ruth

  11. Often had this thought too, for me though it's the Magnetics - Lady in green
  12. Because all the clowns on the scene love to put it "out there" can barely listen to radio 2 these days without some dickhead requesting the Snake.
  13. John A

    Val Palmer - Back In My Arms Again

    No confusion I'd have said, 5099 B is a proper old record, you know what I mean,you can tell just by the feel of it. TH-555-B is just a cheap mass produced 70's boot surely. I got the yellow label variant here. Has delta number 103796 in the run out which would confirm that.
  14. John A

    Val Palmer - Back In My Arms Again

    Hi all, just to resurrect this thread from a few years back but may be of interest to some. Now it has to be said this hasn't been at the top of my wants or any where near but I've kept an eye out for one for quite a while now and finally struck lucky recently. Thick vinyl original $18 + post.... scandalous I know Scans below.
  15. John A

    Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    All good mate,hope you're well too? Yeah, I only knew this from hearing it on the radio in more recent times, and quite liked it. Didn't they go on to have a mega pop hit?


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