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  1. Thank you to everyone for your comments, I’m still learning and I always value another person’s view whether I agree with it or not. I bow down to you guys on here with the superior knowledge all about soul, that is why I joined this site. I love to read the articles and in the short time I’ve been on here I have read some great stories and found out some amazing facts. Kegsy I was certainly keep my eye out for that album pal. Cheers Tomo
  2. Agreed Joey, I’m most probably not explaining myself clear enough and I fully respect your view. I grew up dancing to Northern, we never really danced to Motown even at the school disco or youth clubs. I suppose we were doing it for a reason more than because we didn’t like the music. We would take our own records for djs to play at the pop n crisp night discos and then also on to the top rank. I missed out on places like the wheel and maybe if I had attended venues like that then I would’ve appreciated them more.
  3. I don’t profess to be any long serving expert the point I was making is that this has always been my view right or wrong. I’m certainly not into the soul police or politics. I will try and explain MY point of view, at certain large city venues( my own city has 2 a year)in the main room they are playing, third finger left hand, jimmy Mack, heaven must have sent you etc etc a lot of people like that style but not me and again MY point of view dancing to that music is different to dancing to northern.
  4. Firstly I appreciate your opinion, I don’t need anyone to tell me what to listen too. To answer your question was wasn’t my point, the couple of dozen or so are to me the Motown records that I think that you can get away with playing at a Northern night. I fully recognise that most if not all Northern was down to artists trying to emulate that Hitsville sound, never would dispute that.
  5. Myself and a good friend who have both been into Northern for nearly 50 years discuss this a lot. We both like Motown but we love Northern. We have in the past left venues when in our humble opinion there has been too much Motown played(not advertised). Any thoughts on this and whether it is ok or not to dance Northern to Motown? There are some fantastic Motown songs and I could select a couple of dozen or so where you could get away with it. Tomo
  6. Asked a few and no one knows, could try Ray Copley he’s a member on here and knows him well. Tomo
  7. Such sad news, RIP Barry. Great memories of the Kgb! Tomo
  8. Really!!! Was that from people genuinely from the scene or just the sad trolls that sadly have nothing else better to do.
  9. So true Wayoutgirl, I’ve watched many of Glynis’s images, my favourite being the one from 1978 - 1980 where there’s someone holding a sign saying “chemist open” memories
  10. Thanks Ted for the update, I wish him well in his recovery. My thoughts are that we are the losers here, he was doing a great job which preserved great memories. Tomo
  11. Laid in bed self isolating decided to reminisce about the past. Seen lots of footage of people sadly no longer with us( Ray France etc) a lot of the filming was done by Jud, does anyone know why he’s not putting up any new ones? I know filming at soul events is a controversial topic but wondering if there’s no pictures/filming done anymore at events what memories will we have in another 20 years(if we are still here ) of venues that we don’t attend. Ps not found any of me Atb Tomo
  12. Went to the Remembering Clive Johnson night yesterday in Sheffield, some of the the filming on here was a real talking point. Thanks to all who posted the great footage. Tomo
  13. Great footage showing some unbelievable spinning from Vernon, when he had a cigarette in his mouth it used to look like a complete circle of fire. He perfected the art of when he was just about to lose his balance he would go down into the splits. Did see him come second in a dance competition at Hinckley ( think it was the night Edwin Starr was on) by a guy called Kim, what a dancer he was. Tomo
  14. For me a great dancer, dancing to a great record. Tomo
  15. Thanks for this post, I have some great memories of Morecambe. I was there when this was filmed. One of my old mates who I travelled the country with Cliff Dale is on stage dancing at 3.28. Tomo

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