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  1. Tomo

    Talc - yes or no?

    Without being too controversial in nearly 50 years of being into northern love it or hate it talc has always been part of the scene much like the drugs. In my youth I can’t honestly remember a venue I attended where neither wasn’t used. I don’t disagree with the people that say it’s not good for you or that it’s not dangerous indeed talc may have had a small part to do with a venue that I used to frequent closing as there was an unfortunate incident when someone slipped on the dance floor breaking her wrist. As a spinner (too old now) and slider I nearly always use a little talc if it’s around the edge of the dance floor but I would never take it to a venue. I agree with the earlier post that there are some venues where they don’t allow talc and the dance floor can actually be dangerous for the opposite reason, I’m thinking of one in particular that I went to recently in Chesterfield, great music but I had to be very selective on what to dance too as it was painful to dance on the uneven sticky dance floor (could well be old age again). Some of the larger venues don’t allow talc and it has put me off going to these as the floors tend to get covered in beer and dancing becomes a pain. I have totally empathy with anyone who’s health is affected by talc and fully understand why you wouldn’t want to go to the venues where it is used. If I was ever in the presence of someone that has ill health or if I’m ever asked not to use it then without hesitation I would not use it. Tomo
  2. Tomo

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks guys had a few really good suggestions. Cheers Kev I won’t be taking your advice although my daughter wishes that I would
  3. Tomo

    Any Ideas?

    Can I clarify I’ve obviously looked at the calendar, what I’m asking for is for information on venues that will accept a 15 year old. cheers
  4. Tomo

    Any Ideas?

    Hi, Looks like we are going to have our child(15) for New Year’s Eve. We have been thinking of possibly going to a Northern do, can anyone help? We are in northern England but don’t mind travelling (weather permitting) We went to Blackpool a few years ago and couldn’t get in anywhere( our fault should’ve checked first)so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance of any suggestions!
  5. Tomo

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    A superb venue with a really friendly atmosphere. With such a vast choice of events to choose from this was certainly well worth the trip from Sheffield. Excellent variety of music in all 3 rooms. We did spend most of our time in the main room where the music at times was sublime. Met some fab people from all over the UK who helped to make this a great day out for myself and my wife.
  6. Anyone who feels like I do should message John and let him know how they feel about this. Some people have no morals. Tomo
  7. Tomo

    RIP Ray France

    Got to know Ray over the past few years when out and about. What a true gentleman, he will be sadly missed. My deepest condolences to all his close family. Tomo
  8. Salvadors - Stick By Me Baby / I Wanna Dance - Pressing - Ex - £45.00 Oscar Perry - Main String - VG++ £40.00 ***SOLD*** Postage £2.50 or free if paid by FF
  9. Tomo

    Value Please

    Thanks chaps
  10. Tomo

    Value Please

    Grier Bros - Weeping Baby , just dug this one out can anyone help with a value? Thanks in advance of any help
  11. Oscar Perry - Main String - VG++ a few light marks, plays well - see label for sticker residue mark - £40.00 Bobby Paris - I walked away b/w H B Barnum - Heartbreaker - EX+, plays well - £25.00 ***SOLD*** Postage - £2.50, payment FF Thanks
  12. Tomo

    Cheap and Cheerful.....FREE Postage

    Hi Daz will take mandrill if available. Cheers
  13. Clifton Hall.........memories!!


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