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Soul Lps For Sale. Updates Since My Last Sale


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I added new titles since my last sale here and I lowered some of the prices. If you feel insecure about my reliability due to my low number of posts please let me know and I will try to link you up with some people that I have dealt with previously.

Please read my grading scheme at the end of the list. I try to grade strict to avoid unhappy buyers. I can possibly provide pictures of some of the more expensive titles.

Shipping is from Denmark. Please ask for exact prices. Uninsured packages are sent a buyers risk but I will pack records carefully and write the address clearly.

I take paypal plus other forms of payments.

E-mail: sebastianlarsen@hotmail.com

-Al Johnson "Peaceful" (Marina) nm/vg++(light wear only and a timing strip on front) £32 great modern soul with the original version of "I've Got My Second Wind".

-Sam Dees "The Show Must Go On" (Atlantic) nm/vg+(looks nm but sounds vg+)/nm £35 Brilliant album start to end.

-Prince Gideon "Smooth Sailing" (Hangar 18) £45 nm/vg++ very rare modern soul with a lovely floater in the title track.

-Balford Lindsay "Memories of Her Love" (R.T.C.) nm/nm £40 rare modern soul from Canada.

-Sugar Billy "Super Duper Love" (Fast Track) nm/vg++ £22 beautiful copy still in shrink and only the slightest bit of wear on the opening seam. Cover is very close to nm. Famously covered by Joss Stone.

-The Modulations "It's Rough Out Here" (Buddah) vg++/vg+ £18 great classic album.

-Edna Wright "Oops Here I Go Again" (Rca) vg++/vg++ £50 Rare Greg Perry produced LP. Title track is a great and classic 2-stepper.

-Joe Bourne "It Must Be Love" (K-Tel) nm/vg++ £25 "You Are Magnificent" sublime modern soul track from this Euro only released LP.

-5000 Volts "Same" (Philips) vg++/vg++ £15 "Bye Love" and "light the flame of love" are nice modern/blue-eyed soul tunes from this Euro only LP.

-Leon Ware "Rockin' You Eternally" (Elektra) vg++/vg++ £20

-Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson "It's Your World" (Arista) sealed. £35 small cut-corner. Classic LP. Live version of "The Bottle" and the great title track.

-Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson "Winter In America" (Strata East) vg++/vg+ (due to about 10 centimetres of split on bottom seam) £30 includes "The Bottle".

-Mitty Collier "I Am Love" (Now Sound) nm/vg++(autographed at backcover) £50 very rare modern soul/gospel.

-California Executive "Dancing and Romancing" (Parliament) nm/nm £30 rare modern soul with good tunes in "I Can't Forget You" and "The Same For Me".

-Stephanie Mills "Movin' In the Right Direction" (abc) vg++/vg++ £15 the title track is so great.

-Barbara Acklin "Love Makes A Woman" (Brunswick) vg++/nm £15

-West Wing "Same" (20th Century) nm/vg+ £25 nice Barry White produced album.

-Pratt & Mcclain "Featuring Happy Days" (Reprise) nm/vg++ £10 "Whachersign" blue eyed/modern soul floater that was comped on Soul Togetherness.

-Al Wilson "I've Got A Feeling" (Playboy) sealed. £8 cut corner. "You Did It For Me", "Stay With Me" nice selection of 70's dancers.

-Keni Burke: "Same" (Dark Horse) vg++/vg+ £6 "Keep on Singing"

-Keni Burke: "Same" (Dark Horse) nm/vg++ £10 "Keep on Singing"

-The Younghearts "Do You Have the Time" (20th Century) Sealed. With a cut-corner. £12 Great sweet soul in the title track and "Wild Fire" is a nice rare groove.

-Brighter Side of Darkness "Love Jones" (20th Century) vg++/nm £12 nice sweet soul album from '73.

-The Originals "California Sunset" (Motown) sealed. £12 great crossover tunes produced by Lamont Dozier like "Don't Turn the Lights Off", "Good Lovin Is Just A Dime Away" and the title track.

-The Originals "def-i-ni-tions" (Soul) sealed. £12 "I'm someone who cares", "Lie no. 2", "Come rain or shine" & "Make it with you" all good early 70's soultunes.

-Dianne Steinberg "Same" (Atlantic) vg+/vg+ £8 "One More Time" lovely blue eyed soul.

-Blue Magic "Mystic Dragons" (Atco) vg++/vg+ £6 "Summer Snow" nice mellow soul.

-Anita Baker "The Songstress" (Beverly Glenn) nm/nm(small sticker at upper right corner) £8 Great classic 80's soul album.

-First Choice "Armed And Extremely Dangerous" (Philly Groove) nm/nm £10 "Newsy Neighbours" nice 70's soul.

-Chuck Jackson: "Needing You Holding You" (All Platinum) vg++/vg++ £8 "I've Got the Need"+"Beautiful Woman" good soul tunes.

-Marilyn McCoo And Billy Davis, Jr. "I Hope We Get to Love In Time" (abc) nm/vg++ £5 nice soul tune in "You Don't Have to Be a Star"

-Valerie Simpson "Same" (Tamla) nm/vg+ £6 "Silly Wasn't I" beautiful mellow soul track.

-Minnie Riperton "Perfect Angel" (Epic) nm/vg+(still in shrink but one corner is slightly worn) £12

-Minnie Riperton "Adventures in Paradise" (Epic) vg++/vg++ £12

-Touch of Class "I'm In Heaven" (Midland) vg++/vg+ £10 "One Half As Much" but many more tracks worth attention. Very nice modern soul.

-The Friends of Distinction "Love Can Make It Easier" (Rca) vg++/vg++ £6 "Ain't No Woman" great soul track.

-The Persuaders "Same" (Atco) vg++/vg++ £8 "Trying Girls Out" nice tune which also was sampled by Jay-Z.

-The Persuaders "Same" (Atco) nm/nm £12 "Trying Girls Out" nice tune which also was sampled by Jay-Z.

-Terry Huff "and The Special Delivery "The Lonely One" (Mainstream) nm/vg++ £12 nice soul album arranged by Al Johnson especially the track "Just Not Enough"

-Leon Ware "Inside Is Love" (Fabulous) nm/vg+ £5

-Israel Tolbert "Popper Stopper" (Stax) nm/vg++ £8

-Tata Vega "Totally Vega" (Tamla) vg++/vg++ £8 "Mr. Troublemaker"

-Zulema "RSVP" (Rca) nm/vg++ £8 "You're So Empty" good 70's soul.

-Zulema "Suddenly There Was You" (Rca) vg++/nm £6

-Zulema "Same" (rca) nm/vg++ £8 "Wanna Be Where You Are" nice soul tune and good funky soul in "Its alright with me".

-Cory "Fire Sign" (Phantom) nm/vg++ £10 "One Step Away"

-Natalie Cole "Natalie" (Capitol) nm/nm £6 "Sophisticated Lady"

-Smoke "Same" (Chocolate City) sealed. £6 several good soul/funk tracks.

-High Energy "Same" (Gordy) vg++/nm £6 "Goin Thru the Motions" modern soul.

-Willie Hutch "Concert In Blues" (Motown) vg++/vg++ £5

-Willie Hutch "Color Her Sunshine" (Motown) nm/vg+ £5

-William DeVaughn "Be Thankful For What You Got" (Roxbury) nm/vg++ £10

-Ron Banks And The Dramatics "The Dramatic Jackpot" (abc) sealed. £8 Small cut corner.

-The Dramatics "Joy Ride" (abc) vg++/vg++ £6

-The Main Ingredient "Bitter Sweet" (rca) sealed. £6

-Stevie Wonder Journey Through Through The Secret Life of Planets" (Tamla) nm/nm £10 beautiful copy. Was sealed but opened by me.

-Stevie Wonder "Innervisions" (Tamla) vg++/nm £12 beautiful copy of great album.

-David Ruffin "So Soon We Change" (WB) vg++/vg++ £8 "I Get Excited".

-Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler "Thelma & Jerry" (Motown) nm/vg++ £6 "And You've Got Me" Great soul track. Lovely duets.

-Starpoint "It's So Delicious" (Broadwalk) nm/nm £4

-Leo Sayer "Thunder In My Heart" (WB) vg++/vg++ £5 "Easy to Love" nice 2-step.

-Jon Lucien "Premonition" (cbs) nm/vg++ £10 "Mi Vida"

-The Eight Minutes "An American Family" (Perception) vg++/vg++ £18

-Oscar Toney, Jr. "For Your Precious Love" (Bell) vg++/vg++ £10 60's soul.

-Aalon "Cream City" (Arista) nm/vg++ £5 rockish soul.

-Denise Lasalle "Right Place Right Time" (Malaco) nm/nm £4

-Betty Wright "Traveling In the Circle" (Alston) nm/nm £6

-Roberta Flack "Quit Fire" (Atlantic) nm/vg++ £6

-Dick Smith "Initial rust" (WB) nm/nm £8

-Michael Henderson "In the Night-time" (Buddah) vg++/vg++ £5 "take Me I'm Yours" soul/fusion track.

-Linda Lewis: "Not A Little Girl Anymore" (Arista) nm/vg+ £5 "I Do My Best To Impress"

-Lifestyle "Same" (Mca) nm/vg++ £6

-Lamont Dozier: "Out Here On My Own" (Abc) vg++/vg++ £8 "Breaking Out All Over"

-Lamont Dozier "Right Here" (Warner Bros.) nm/vg+ £5

-Lamont Dozier: "Black Bach" (Abc) nm/vg++ £8

Grades are vinyl/cover.

NM : Vinyl is in beautiful shape and has not been played more than just a couple of times. It may have one or two very light faint marks from innersleeve.

NM : Cover is well kept and may only show a minimal sign of wear when inspected very closely.

VG++ : Vinyl has a few surface marks that can be lightly audible in parts but the overall sound picture will be excellent.

VG++ : Cover is still very nice but may have some light wear around the edges/corners or light wear at front/back cover.

VG+ : Vinyl has some light surface marks that are audible in spots but still an overall nice sound. Record will definitely be listenable; mainly with background noise in some parts only.

VG+ : Cover has some wear. May have light ringwear, split seams, or small writing but will still look nice.

VG : Vinyl has lots of surface marks which will be audible in many parts.

VG : Cover has much wear. Cover may have strong ringwear, heavy splits or large writting.

VG- : Vinyl will look bad with many marks which will be audible throughout more or less.

VG- : Cover has lots of wear and looks really bad. It will have heavy splits, large writing and much overall cover wear.

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