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Joe Dunlop

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JOE DUNLOP TEL 01978761739

MOB 07739394787

EMAIL joedunlop@btinternet.com

pictures on website WWW.SOULMOUNTAIN45.CO.UK






1 johnny howard the chase is on ‘wdj’’ bashie ex 350

2 omystics i’m so in love with you castle vg 350

3 cix cix band i can’t turn myself around haze m 450

4 lee rogers cracked up over you wheelsville ex 50

5 s.bros six i’ll be loving you  ‘wdj’’ Atlantic ex 75

6 bobby angelle it’s just gotta be that way money ex 350

7 vibrations surprise party for baby  ‘’wdj neptune ex 150

8 cheers take me to paradise ‘wdj’ okeh ex 75

9 dee clark that’s my girl constellation ex 125

10 darrell stewart name it and claim it wand vg+ 125

11 steinways you’ve been leading me on oliver vg+ 200

12 hal frazier after closing time ‘’wdj’’’ reprise ex 200

13 bobby thomas steak your piece dj boblo vg+ 100

14 dusty Springfield what’s it gonna be ‘’’WDJ’’ phillips ex 40

15 notations i can’t stop  ‘’wdj’’’ twilight vg+ 25


16 homer banks hooked by love liberty ex 85

17 ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’ ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’ 60 minutes of your love ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’ ex 60

18 ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ a lot of love ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’ ex 60

19 decisions i can’t forget about you A&M ex 40

20 packers hole in the wall pye int ex 40

21 jackie lee the duck fontana ex 40

22 nancy ames i don’t want to talk about it columbia ex 300

23 roy hamilton the panic is on mgm ex 600

24 johnny nash (i’m so) you’re my baby’noc mgm ex 85

25 n. johnson our love will grow (red & yellow) action ex 150

26 globetrotters cheer me up rca ex 6

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