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Massive 45 Blowout - All Genres - Some Rare And Desirable 45's

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Blue Rhythm Combo / I'm Too Old (To Go Through Your Changes) / Wirl (Barbados) M- £100

Modern Soul/Funk monster from the Islands, championed by Ian Wright and James Trouble on Deep Funk Radio, never shown up in quantity, killer 45 that's hard to source and a killer on the dance floor, don't sleep!!

Dusty Springflield / Haunted / Atlantic EX £20

Killer Crossover/Northern from the finest White Femme UK Soul vox of all time, very hard to find considering the label!!

Mitch Mitchell & Gene The King / Definition Of Things / Go Ko M- £40

100 MPH Deep Funk killer outta Cincinnatti, Ohio. Monster sound!!

Downbeats / Pick Up The Pieces / PPX EX (Barbados) £50

Monster Island Funk version of the Average White Band classic, would sound immense in a club, flipped with boss version of 'Do It (Til You're Satisfied), double sided dynamite guaranteed!

Sidney Jones / Sputnik / Moving Up M- £175

Just does not turn up, Dante Carfagna premium, Psych fuelled Stoner Funk perfection, it doesn't get any better!!

Marsha Wilson / Love Is Gonna Get You / Quadrastone M- £35

Femme Folk Funk/Soul perfection, so atmospheric!!

Ricky Hodges / Deep / Music Flow EX £25

Raw Psychedelic Funk charted by George Mahood in the sadly defunct Grand Slam magazine!!

Jean & Donnella / Get Ready / Carrie M- £10

Deep with a Beat Femme Soul with a strong social message, 100% recommended!!

Doris & Kelley / You Don't Have To Worry / Brunswick M- £10

Supreme Deep With A Beat Femme Soul, one for the Beat Heads, hard to find considering the label, don't sleep!!

Dewey Terry / Do On My Feet (What I Did In The Street) / Tumbleweed M- £20

Raw Male Voxed Deep Funk of the highest order, on what looks like a private press C&W label? Fantastic 45 that would sound immense over a large PA!!

Leslie Butler & Count Ossie / Soul Drums / Gay Feet (JA) M- £30

JA Funk with Jazz undertones version on 'It Was A Very Good Year', Count Ossie on the Congas and Leslie Butler on the B2 is just has to be a winning combination!!

Okay Temiz / Denizalti Ruzgarlari / Yonca (Turkey) EX/EX £30

Tripped Out Psychedelic Electronic Turkish Funk, featured on 'Bosporus Bridges', amazing 45!!

Continental 4 / The Way I Love You / Jay Walking M- £15

Atmospheric Crossover Group Soul, sublime 45!!

Helen McAbee / Come On In / EG M- £10

Classy Gospel Fuelled Modern Soul Dancer with tuff femme vox!!

Brass Buttons / Hell Will Take Care Of Her / Cotillion M- £30

Blistering Funky Psych, in serious demand due to it's inclusion on 'Hallucinations' compilation, very rare 45 considering the label, Wax is M-, drill hole through edge of label!!

Pat Kelly / Soulful Love / Punch (UK) M- £10

Sublime Rock Steady Version of 'The Impressions' all time classic!!

The Lumpen / Free Bobby Now / Seize The Time VG (Hairline Crack) £20

Looks VG with hairline crack, numerous surface scratches, play well above grade, fine play out copy of this hard to find Black Panthers related Funk Classic!!

Little Joe / Groove / Hot Cakes M- £40

Kicking Mod Fuelled Boogaloo Funk Dancer that I have never seen before, flip 'Here Comes The Night' is haunting Deep Soul.

The 21st / I Just Can't Forget Your Name / Joy M- £15

Atmospheric Male Group Modern/Crossover Soul 45, first heard this on James Trouble and Ian Wright's 'Deep Funk Radio' back in the day.

Little Joe & The Latinaires / Get Out Of My Life Woman / Tomi VG/VG- £30

Amazing Latin tinged Funk version of 'Lee Dorsey's' timeless classic, and with 'Bobby Butler and Johnny Hernandez' on vocal duties you know its gonna be good, don't you? Wax looks dull with surface marks all over, no deep scratches though, this plays well above grade!!

Ricky Allen / No Better Time Than Now / One Way EX £12

Superior Blues Funk 45, recommended!!

Stu Gardner, Inc. / Spaced Out / Movin' EX £35

Bill Cosby show bandleader cuts blistering slice of Psychedelic Stoner Funk, Spaced Out - indeed!!

Ossie Layne / Come Back / R&B (UK) VG £30

Very rare UK only funky Rn'B styled Mod Dancer, big Rob Bailey spin, light surface marks, plays well above grade!!

Jackie Mittoo / Melody Maker / Coxsone (JA) VG £35

Total monster JA Funk from the maestro, drop this bomb and watch the dance floor ignite, surface marks that sound here and there, backed with 'Horace Andy - Got To Be Sure', Ultra Rare Double Sided Dynamite!!!

Tex Dixon / Funky Trombone / Ackee (UK) EX £20

Legendary JA session player releases rare UK only 45, does exactly what it says on the label!!

MJ Cole / Give Me Back My Love / Talkin Loud (UK) M- £70

Should a 45 released back in 1999 be listed at £100 I hear you ask? Well this is a geniune 500 press rarity featuring a future Modern Soul classic, this is what the UK Garage scene should be spinning, not the meaningless dribble they dish up, Monster 45 that cannot be denied and is only available on 45. The flip 'I See' was a big Gilles Peterson spin!!

The Pennsylvania Players / The Cat / Oron M- £8

Sounds like a long lost Mod inspired Soundtrack classic, I have zero information on this except it's fkn ace!!

Chris Youlden / Nowhere Road / London M- £7

Nice Male Voxed Folk Funk with an experimental edge!!

Joe Valentine / I Can't Stand To See You Go / Ronn M- £8

Heart Wrenching Deep Soul of the highest order!!

The Fourth Way / The Far Side Of Your Moon / Soul City VG+ £25

Trippy Freaked Out Fragile Spoken Femme Psych, unique sound that fits in the Weird Gear bag, 100% recommended.

Gospel Comforter / Jesus Will Help Me / Skyway M- £20

Down Tempo Head Nodding Gospel Funk Monster that was featured on Numero Groups amazing 'Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal',

Ronnie Rae / Break Time / R.J.R VG/VG+ £30

Kicking Mod Funk with Boogaloo undertones, very rare 45, flip side 'Funky Shuffle' is killer as well, recommended 45 that doesn't turn up.

Arnold Albury / My Baby Don't Understand / Dade M- £25

Sublime atmospheric Soul Ballad, one I have never seen on the label, drill hole and removeable sticker on label, killer tune!

Rev. Milton Bronson / Pray On My Child / Hob Is Gospel M- £15

Funk infused Gospel Soul with Funk appeal, femme vox from Maggie Bell kills it!!

Mammoth / Sensations 'Head To Toe' / United World EX £20

Kicking Psych drenched Funk Rock, pulled this out the crates and had forgotten how good it was, the flip 'Mammouth' sounds like Heavy Metal Funk, a new genre?

Saturday / Changes / Ru.Jac M- £30

Blistering slice of Down Tempo Psychedelic Stoner Funk, rumoured to be appearing on 'Chains & Black Exhaust Vol.2', killer 45!!

Dakota Staton / I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know / Groove Merchant EX £15

Adam Leaver premium from a few years ago, Killer Downtempo Bluesy Soulful version of the Al Kooper classic, check the MP3 you will not be disappointed, hard on 45!

Honey Cone / If I Can't Fly / Hot Wax M- £10

Compiled by RZA on The Kings Of Funk alongside Keb Darge, Atmospheric Femme Soul Perfection.

Deliverance / Sitting Around / United Soul M- £15

Top class Modern Sounding Funk 45 that sounds like 'Gil Scott Heron - It's Your World' which can't be a bad thing, can it?

Timothy Wilson / Ta Ta / Sky Disc EX £12

Monsterous Crashing Drums make this hard to deny, sounds like Wu Tang Clan 30 years too early, don't sleep!!

The Grace Gospel Singers / Let This Traveller In / Tuska M- £40

Sublime Deep Soul styled Gospel on this impossibly rare label out of Atlanta GA!!

Tropical Band / Sea Breeze / Bradleys (UK) M- £12

Latin infused Dreamy Folk Funk styled Instrumental hard on UK 45, highly recommended.

Hal Frazier / Walk On By / VMC M- £12

Superb Dance Floor version of this much covered classic, would fit into any DJ set of any genre, sounds immense on a large PA!!

Milton Floyd / Anyway I Can / Rim M- £10

Used for the opening skit on Brain Freeze, and a top class Funker in it's own right!!

The Soul Vendors / A Darker Shade Of Black / Studio One (JA) VG+ £20

Blistering JA version of 'Norwegian Wood' from Jackie Mittoo et all, plays with surface noise, fine for DJ use and very hard to locate on OG 45!!

Leon Gardner / Stay Here b/w Senescent / Misty VG/VG+ £20

Tuff Rn'B from this amazing artist, light surface marks, no scratches, light surface noise in places, nice DJ copy at a nice price.

Jerry Lee Lewis / Shotgun Man / Philips (UK) M- £10

Mod Funk by the Killer, big Blow Up spin from back in the day, love this!!

Lynn Minor and His Band / Hesitate One Time For Me / Tammy M- £20

Raw Deep Funk classic, charted by Dante and the crew back in the day, top drawer Funker.

Alvin Christy / I Don't Know What You Got / Pin Point M- £20

BabyT discovery from back in the day, Kickin' Rn'B flavoured Funk outta NYC.

The Hellers / The Mist Of Time b/w 74 In San Francisco / Command M- £10

Two of the finest tracks from this amazing LP, soft femme voz over lush production and folk funk niceness, hard on 45!

Soul Invaders Inc. / Careless Loving b/w So Good / Yorktown M- £30

Double Sided Dynamite outta N.Y.C, Top side is incesent dance floor friendly male voxed funk, flip side is blistering Stoned Psych Funk that's remenisint of Stone Coal White, killer 45!!

Chocolate City Connection / Take The Music To The Party / CRP M- £20

Top drawer Modern Funk outing that sounds immense over a large PA, only other copy I see of this sold for $150 on Gemm, great 45!!

Dave & Ansil Collins Group / Doing Your Thing / G Clef M- £15

Blistering JA Funk thats impossible to deny, taken from the £50 rated 'Ghetto' LP on the same label, the 45 is much harder in both senses of the word.

Estelle Levitt / All I Dream / Music Factory M- £75

Without doubt up there with the finest Femme Folk/Psych Funkers of all time, on every other wants list I receive and extremely hard to tuen up, pressed as a promo only 45 with the equally as good 'I Like The Way It Feels' on the flip!

Beverly Crosby / That Didn't Stop Me / MPR EX £100

One of my all time favourite Sister Funk 45s, Keb Darge premium from back in the heady days of 'Deep Funk' never turned up ion any quantity and still sounds as fresh today as it did back then, you can't deny class!!

Love Inc. / Loving You / Pink Dolphin VG+ £35

Blistering Garage Mod Dancer on same label as 'Soul Excitment' killer 45 that is impossible to turn up and a monster tune to boot..

Ernest Franklin / Hold Out Till Tomorrow / Jewel VG+ £10

Gospel meets Deep Soul with meaning, killer 45 and very rare considering label, wouls also fit in the Stoned Soul bag....

Hank Shifter / Saturday Noontime / Steed M- £12

Fantastic Psychedelic Pop from the Jeff Barry stable, featured on 'Fading Yellow' very hard 45 to source!!

Frank Butler / How I Feel About You / Space Age M- £10

Classy slice of Rn'B styled Funk, nice 45 for the dollar!

The Sophisticates / I Can't Move No Mountains / Janus M- £10

Classy Mid Tempo CrossOver version on the Margie Joseph classic, great early doors spin.

Hugh Roy / Way Back Home / Treasure Isle (JA) EX £15

Kicking DJ tune with essence of Funk and sublime horns from Tommy McCook, Way Back Home label side has biro circles drawn on it, all text still visible, hard to locate on OG 45, boss tune indeed!

O.C. Tolbert / Message To Mankind b/w Goodness / New Day M- £30

Double Sided Dynamite, Message To Mankind is Psychedelic Stoned Funk Perfection, the flip is Mid Tempo Funk/Soul with Break Beats, class 45 that's hard to turn up!

Mitch Mitchell / Never Walk Out On You / Prix M- £45

Stoned Funk perfection that's impossible to deny!

Johnny Holiday / Show The Peace Sign / Bold M- £10

Boss male voxed funk at a nice price!!

Julia Dewitt / If You Want Your Man / Cord M- £15

For me better than the Cheryl Dorsey version, classy sister funk!!

Breakestra / Getcho Soul Together / Stones Throw M- £8

New Funk classic from '99 - caused massive rumblings upon release!!

Jerry McCain / Funky Down Easy / Royal American M- £5

Cheap funk classic!!

Louis Chachere / The Hen / Paula M- £20

Boogaloo Funk Classic!!

The Chantells / Why Won't You Say / Soul Kitchen M- £20

Mid Tempo Sister Funk Perfection!!

Ty Hunter / I Don't See You In My Eyes Anymore / Invictus M- £20

Killer Modern/Crossover Soul, sublime 45!!

Carla Whitney / I've Been Hurt So Many Times / Attic M- £45

Sublime Crossover Femme Soul Monster, fetches £100 on Northern Lists, killer tune!!

Bobby D. Husband / Mans Best Friend / Mid-Way M- £15

Superior Blues Funk with insane lyrics, seen for £40 recently, dish warp that does not affect play, 100% recommended!

King Solomon / If I Were A Strong Man / Stanson M- £50

Superior Psych Funker, Dante spin from back in the day...

Tommy Lee / I Know How It Feel b/w Wake Up Young People / Tri-Spade M- £60

Very rare Male Voxed Funk double sider, picked up from Garry Dennis at Crazy Beat years ago, I have never seen this again since, double sided dynamite - indeed.

Jay Jordan / Tobacco Road North / Verve M- £10

Downtempo Smokey Jazz Fuelled Stoner Soul, 100& recommended!!

Grading System:

M- / EX / VG+ / VG / VG- / G

Payment accepted in:

Paypal / Cash / Cheque / PO



UK postage:

£2.00 Recorded or £5.00 Special + 50 pence for each additional 45

Overseas postage:

£3.00 Airmail or £6.00 Registered Airmail + 50 pence for each additional 45

I will not be held responsible for any 45 not sent registered!!

Please Note:

I will hold 45s for 7 days ONLY!!

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