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Pitching Up


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Pitching up...yes I know we have done this before..just wanted to express my feelings about a venue I went to last night,Im not going to mention its name, it could just have been a DJ having a bad night forgot to check the speed

Anyway for the first 2 hours I am sure I was listening to Pinky and Perky ,and I think he played some of the chipmonks classics

it was ridiculous..I could not belive it, he was playing them so fast I had to think twice as to what the tune actually was.the nice steady shufler type sounds ..the poor punters could hardly keep up

whats wrong with playing the great tunes at the speed they were produced to be played at ,leave the bloody pitch control alone

thats it rant over


Just adding to this...the DJ played Billy butlers - right track

this chap sez to me " this dosent sound right summat not right"

It was not Billy butler it was a cover by someone else ,but my point is if it had been played at the correct speed it would have been obvious to this chap that it was not Billy

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