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Hip City Records Jan List


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SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

I can accept payment via cash (your risk), cheque or credit card.

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (10p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to R. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.

If you get this list a long time after it was e-mailed out its probably due to freeserve holding it till a quiet time then posting in the middle of the night.

Welcome to January's list and a happy new year to ya all. I was going to put this list out in December but it got too

close to Christmas so I blew it out. Then with too many festivities it got left till Jan and I'm late again !

The next Dome is on Jan 30th. Always a cracking night. Opp Tufnell Park tube 9pm - 3am. Alan H Mick H & guests.

Next Almost Grown in Southend is Feb 6th. Last one was a lockout so get there early 10pm - 2am Saks Clifftown rd.

DJ's Marco Rob Messer & guests. I'm DJ ing at the critically acclaimed Weston super Mare do on March 13th too.

Website was finally updated too on 19th January !!!! www.hipcityrecords.com

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (10p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to R. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 REX GARVIN Sock it to em JB (Club classic) Atlantic EX £8

2 ESTHER PHILIPS Just say goodbye (A classic mid tempo winner) Atlantic M- £60

3 OTIS LEAVILLE I love you (Lovely falsetto floater) Atlantic M- £6

4 CHUBBY CHECKER Everythings wrong (Great mid tempo 60's soul) Cameo-Parkway EX £15

5 DORIS TROY I'll do anything (Northern soul gem) Cameo-Parkway VG £25

6 RICHARD WYLIE Brand new man (Early 60's Detroit dancer) Columbia VG+ £12

7 MAJOR LANCE Um um um um um (Club classic) Columbia EX £10

8 GENE CHANDLER Duke of earl (Early soul classic) W.O.L. Columbia M- £20

9 THE FLIRTATIONS Nothing but a heartache (Qiute hard on UK - brill tune) Deram M- £10

10 DONNIE ELBERT Along came pride (Stomps along under rated) Epic M £8

11 THE OLYMPICS Well (Early mod spin - doo wop style R'n'B) HMV VG+ £8

12 LOU JOHNSON Unsatisfied (All time classic - hard on UK) London EX £40

13 JERRY BUTLER Moody woman (Classic oldie) Mercury M- £5

14 PEGGY SCOTT Every little bit hurts (Nice version of Brenda Holloway) Polydor EX £7

15 EDWIN STARR Headline news (1st issue on this all time great) Polydor EX £10

16 BETTY EVERETT Getting mighty crowded / Its in his kiss (2 great sides) President M- £5

17 CYRIL DAVIES Country line special (Great harmonica inst - mod class) Pye Int M- £15

18 BO DIDDLEY Mona (Popular 60's R'n'B cut as covered by the Stones) Pye Int VG £6

19 CHUCK JACKSON If I didn't love you (Awesome mid paced big voiced soul)W.O.L. Pye Int VG+ £10

20 CLAUDINE CLARK Party lights (Seen at £20+ on U.S. Rare on UK)st.O.L. Pye Int EX £12

21 KETTY LESTER Some things are better left unsaid (Great dancer) RCA EX £50

22 GENE CHANDLER Nothing can stop me (All time great) Soul city EX £8

23 THE PACKERS Go head on (Good double sided inst) Soul city VG £8

24 SLIM HARPO I'm your breadmaker baby (Brill R'n'B dancer) Stateside M- £15

25 THE INVITATIONS What's wrong with me baby (Classic - been "cleaned") Stateside VG+ £30

26 THELMA HOUSTON Jumpin Jack Flash (Great funky version) Stateside EX £8

27 VARIOUS R'n'B Chartmakers EP (Rare ! Miracles / Marvin etc) Stateside M-/M- £100

28 THE SUPREMES EP Baby love/Come see/Where did/When the Tamla Motown EX/EX £30

29 MARV JOHNSON I miss you baby (getting spins - great dancer) Tamla Motown EX £12

30 THE PRECISIONS If this is love (Classic Detroit northerm tough on UK) Track M- £25

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

31 THE IMPRESSIONS Its alright (Another classic on an advert !!!!!) ABC M £10

32 THE TRENDS Not too old to cry (Stafford biggie - great mid tempo) ABC M- £150

33 THE MARVELOWS Your little sister (ex-100 club cover up - underplayed now) ABC M- £50

34 BEVERLY HILLS *** I don't care anymore (Superb crossover dancer) Air play M £30 t

35 THE VOLUMES Gotta give her love(Great group soul mover - T.O.L.) American arts VG £10

36 BARBARA MASON Aint got nobody (Great 6T's dancer) Arctic EX £12

37 SHELLEY FISHER *** I know how (to love you) Amazing crossover winner Aries M- £75 t

38 GUYS AND DOLLS Aint it a shame (Late 60's soul with a funky feel) Astrophe M- £30

39 TSU TORNADOS What good am I (All time classic crossover) Atlantic M £15

40 PAUL FLAGG *** What did I do wrong (Thumping 60's dancer) Atlantic EX £20 t

41 ACE SPECTRUM Don't send nobody else (Last copy.) Atlantic M- £65

42 THE INCREDIBLES I can't get over losing your love (Superb California soul) Audio Arts(demo) M £25

43 LEE LAMONT I'll take love (Stafford classic - great dancer) Back beat EX £15

44 THE ARROWS Bring back the one I love (Obscure Chicago dancer) Bandit M- £30

45 SWEET MIXTURE *** House of fun and love (Stomping 70's dancer) Bazar M £100 t

46 THE DYNAMICS I wanna know (2 great slices of New York soul) Big top (Demo) EX £100

47 RENALDO DOMINO *** Don't go away (Uptempo northern obscurity) Blue rock M- £25 t

48 CYNTHIA & IMAGINATIONS Hey boy (I love you)Fabulous same as Emory & Dynamics Blue rock(Demo) EX £75

49 SIDNEY BARNES New York city (Classic mod / northern spin -2 good sides) Blues tone(demo) VG £12

50 FONTELLA BASS *** Honey bee (Great femme R'n'B dancer - Rare !!) Bobbin EX £60 t

51 JACKIE WILSON I get the sweetest feeling (Classic) Brunswick M £8

52 JACKIE WILSON Whispers (Double classic) Brunswick M- £8

53 JACKIE WILSON The who who song (Bargain bucket classic !!) Brunswick M £10

54 JACKIE WILSON This love is real (Superb - 100 club favourite) Brunswick M- £15

55 JACKIE WILSON I'm the one to do it (2 great sides) Brunswick M- £8

56 THE ARTISTICS The price of love (Beautiful group soul harmonies) Brunswick M- £15

57 WATTS LINE *** Never stop lovin me (Superb 70's dancer) Bullet M- £20 t

58 LOU RAWLS Dead end street (Atmospheric killer diller) Capitol EX £10

59 FRANK POLK Trying to keep up with the Joneses (Great 6T's soul) Capitol VG £7

60 DON GARDNER Is this really love (Awesome mid tempo Chicago gem) Cedric M- £250

61 BOGIS CHIMES *** I think you'll find (ex cover up - thumping dancer) Champ M- £65 t

62 JACKIE ROSS Selfish one (60's club soul classic) Chess M- £8

63 MAURICE & THE RADIANTS Baby you've got it (Grt club soul - covered by the Action) Chess EX £10

64 FREDDIE SCOTT Hey girl (All time great slowie / ender) Colpix M- £10

65 PAT LUNDY *** Any day now (Great fast version of Chuck Jackson)T.O.L. Columbia EX £15 t

66 OC SMITH Double life (Great version of Jerry Fuller) Columbia M £10

67 LARRY HALE Shout and do the duck (Catchty uptempo dancer) Columbia EX £10

68 JAMES BOUNTY Rags to riches (Catchy uptempo mover) Compass M- £25

69 J B LOVE No one else but you (Big beat ballad) Congress (demo) M £50

70 BOBBY MILLER *** I'm for the girls (Great Chigo dancer) Constellation M- £25 t

71 NOLAN CHANCE Just like the weather (All time great northern soul oldie) Constellation M- £250

72 THE SONICS *** Do it with soul (Great dancer - uptempo cover of Poppies) Copyright (demo) M- £30 t

73 HOWARD PETERS *** Tighten up the slack (Gritty horn driven dancer) Coral (Demo) M- £40 t

74 THE SEQUINS Someday you'll be mine (Nice late 60's floater) Crajon VG+ £15

75 JOHNNY COOL The love bounce (Oddball dancer seen at £50) Custom M- £25

76 YVONNE FAIR Say yeah yeah (Wicked R'n'B screamer) Dade EX £40

77 THE SOUL BROTHERS What can it be (Very rare promo copy on this dancer) D-Town (Demo) M- £75

78 HARRIET REEVES Just friends (Great dancer) Eon M- £30

79 MAJOR LANCE The Matador (Club classic) Epic M £12

80 JIMMY LEWIS What can I do now (Great horn driven west coast soul) Era (demo) EX £25

81 GLORIA LYNNE You don't have to be a tower of strength (Class !!!) Everest M £50

82 CHORALETTES Won't you call on me (Girly dancer) Fargo EX £30

83 TOP NOTES Wait for me baby (Uptempo early group sound) Festival M- £20

84 HECTOR RIVERA *** Sweet soul baby (Latin flavoured northern) 4 Points EX £25 t

85 JO ARMSTEAD A stone good lover (Oooh class !!!!! Ultra soulful) Giant EX £10

86 IVORY JOE HUNTER *** Every little bit helped me (Obscurity - great dancer) Goldwax M £25 t

87 KIM WESTON A thrill a moment (Makes you melt - nice Demo W.O.L.) Gordy (Demo) M- £60

88 OSCAR BOYD When things get a little better (nice R'n'B) Hermes M- £10

89 LUTHER INGRAM If it's all the same to you babe (Rare white demo !!!) HIB (Demo) VG+ £250

90 RUFUS LUMLEY I'm standing (Thumping torch oldie) Holton M £35

91 BARBARA LYNN Second fiddle girl (Nice club soul tune) Jamie M- £10

92 ROOSEVELT JONES I say that's alright (Incessant rolling beat - R'n'B feel) Jamie (demo) EX £35

93 GLORIA GAYNOR She'll be sorry (Rare demo of this great dancer) Jocida (Demo) EX £12

94 JOHNNY & ExpressionS Boys & girls together(Lovely Impressions soundalike) Josie EX £10

95 BOBBY JONES *** Lovin' hard livin' good (Chicago rarity - gritty dancer ) Kack M £40 t

96 BOBBY BLOOM Love don't let me down (Uplifting big voiced belter) Kama Sutra M £20

97 HELEN TROY I think I love you (French EP with this great R'n'B dancer) Kapp EX/EX £200

98 TWO TONS OF LOVE Brown and beautiful (Wonderful crossover floater) Kapp M £15

99 THE ROYAL JOKERS Nickel 3 dimes and 5 quarters (Great early group sound) Keldon M £20

100 THE COD'S *** Coming back girl (Rare - you never see this stomper) Kellmac EX £225 t

101 FANTASTIC EPICS *** Let's get together (Killer crossover - good funk flip) Kelton M- £75 t

Website was finally updated too on 19th January !!!! www.hipcityrecords.com

102 FIVE KEYS feat RUDY WEST Stop what you're doing to me(Great crossover tune) Landmark M £30

103 THE SINGERS Just a little further (Early group soul -great harmonies) Lebam M £15

104 TIMI YURO I ain't gonna cry no more (Big spin in 80's - superb) Liberty EX £12

105 ROBERTA *** I'm on the prowl (Fast driving R'n'B styled mover) Lu-cee M- £70 t

106 PROPHETS OF SOUND Shade of red (Wonderful harmonies - group soul shaker) Marsi M £20

107 JIMMIE REED JR I ain't going nowhere (Spanking unplayed issue) Mercury M £200

108 APRIL STEVENS Wanting you (Wigan pop stomper - quite hard orig) MGM EX £15

109 THE BROADWAYS Goin' goin' gone (Ulta soulful floater) MGM M £10

110 THE VELOURS I'm gonna change (Claasic northern oldie) MGM (demo) EX £75

110a BIG DADDY ROGERS I'm a big man (R'n'B northern monster) Midas EX £200

Vinyl and label are near perfect but this has virtually NO RUN IN GROOVE so you have to put the stylus right on the start of the track

But as its been selling for £300 plus that's a big saving. It has a scuff which sounds briefly for 2 revolutions otherwise perfect.

111 IRMA THOMAS Hittin on nothing (Great R'n'B dancer - bit crackly) Minit VG £15

112 DANNY MONDAY Baby without you (Classic northern soul rarity) Modern (Demo) EX £450

I would have kept this as I don't have an original - but I just cant afford to keep them all anymore !!!!

113 THE VONTASTICS *** Lady love (Class Chiacgo group sound) Moon shot M- £30 t

114 THE SPIDELLS Hmmm with feeling darling (Demo - Superb group dancer) Monza (demo) EX £20

115 THE PLATTERS Washed ashore (All time classic northern) Musicor M- £8

116 THE PLATTERS Sweet sweet lovin' (Stompin northern dancer) Musicor EX £10

117 MILTON HARRIS *** She's hurting me (Big voiced beat ballad - rare Detroit) Mutt EX £50 t

118 SILK Falling in love isn't easy (lovely mid tempo) Nation EX £30

119 MAJOR LANCE Hey little girl (Great club soul classic) Okeh M- £8

120 MAJOR LANCE The monkey time (club soul classic) Okeh M- £8

121 THE ARTISTICS This heart of mine(Another classic Chicago northern tune) Okeh M- £100

122 BILLY BUTLER Right track (Top 10 Northern oldie - rare demo) Okeh (demo) M- £35

123 THE LITTLE FOXES *** So glad your love don't change (Lovely girl group soul) Okeh (demo) EX £80 t

124 COOKIE SCOTT I don't care (Oh yeah !!! Awesome tune - massive !!!) Orr M £300

125 TOBI LARK *** I'll steal your heart (Killer Detroit on a lovely demo) Palmer (Demo) EX £250 t

126 DENISE LASALLE Too late to check your trap (Rare 1st label - never seen) Parka EX £30

127 CHUBBY CHECKER At the discotheque (All time classic) Parkway EX £10

128 CHUBBY CHECKER Hey you little boogalooo (Superb club soul) Parkway EX £8

129 RONNIE WALKER *** You're the one (Pounding forgotten oldie) Philips VG £8 t

130 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD What's it gonna be (All time fave) Philips M- £10

131 RUTH BROWN *** He tells me with his eyes (Getting spins in North West) Philips VG+ £30 t

132 DOROTHY BERRY *** You better watch out (Excellent dancer - driving beat) Planetary EX £45 t

133 RUBY LEE I believe in you / I'm gonna put a watch on you(2 grt sides) Poptone M- £25

134 FONTELLA BASS My good loving (Great R'n'B dancer) Prann VG+ £10

135 JAMES WALSH Cuz it's you girl (Rare 70's oldie tons of calls before) RCA (Demo) M- £75

136 GARLANG GREEN Girl I love you (One of the best soul records ever) Revue M- £100

137 EDWIN STARR My kind of woman / You're my mellow (2 cracking sides) Ric tic (a'graphd) M- £150

138 THE GEMS I'll be there (Classic northern oldie) Riverside VG+ £25

139 CHUCK BERNARD Every hurt makes you stronger (Really soulful !!!) Satellite M- £25

140 THE BANDS OF GOLD *** It's over (Thumping blue eyed stomper) Smash (Demo) M- £30 t

141 FRAN OLIVER Next time you see me (Worn but plays fine - Rare !) Sonar G+ £25

142 GWEN DAVIS My man don't think I know (Top class R'n'B northern) Sound stage 7 M- £75

143 BUTCH BAKER Batman at the go go (The rare one with 'Robin' on flip) St lawrence M- £175

144 HOLLY MAXWELL *** Don't say you love me until you do (Absolutely fabulous) Star M- £225 t

145 THE MARTINELS I don't care (Honking R'n'B styled girl group dancer) Success M £20

146 MARVIN GAYE Hitch hike (Classic Motown tune) Tamla VG £10

147 MARVIN GAYE One more heartache (2 great sides) Tamla EX £8

148 THE MIRACLES Come on and do the jerk (Classic Motown) Tamla EX £10

149 BRENDA HOLLOWAY When I'm gone Tamla EX £15

150 JIMMY BURNS *** Give her to me (Excellent mid tempo) Tip top M- £30 t

151 THE ODDS AND ENDS Let me try (Superb 70's soul) Today M- £15

152 BARBARA DANE I'm on my way (Massive mod / R'n'B dancer) 3 Trey EX £150

153 THE EMOTIONS *** Brushfire (Great falsetto vocals - girly dancer) Twin stacks M £30 t

154 ELVIN SPENCER *** Lift this hurt (The 1st & best version of this great tune) Twinight M- £175 t

155 JOSEPHINE TAYLOR Is it worth a chance (Funky late 60's groover) Twinight VG £6

156 THE NOTATIONS A new day (Lovely group soul harmonies)W.O.L. Twinight EX £10

157 THE NOTATIONS *** I cant stop (Nice mellow crossover)W.O.L. Twinight EX £15 t

158 BLUE NOTES Hot chills and cold thrills (Good old fashioned soul mover) Uni VG+ £10

159 BETTY MOORER Speed up (Hugely popular crossover dancer) Wand M- £75

160 THE APOLLAS Mr creator (Classic northern - mint store stock copy) Warner bros M £100

161 THE CLASSICS *** Looking for a love (Rare soulful Chicago gem) Wide world M- £200 t

162 RUBY ANDREWS *** Wonderful nite (Rare crossover - corker !!!) Zodiac M- £80 t

SECTION 3 - General soul collectors labels

163 C.C. NEAL All I want is your love Soul craft M- £12

164 DAVID WILL Loneliness Soul craft M- £8

165 BOBBY & THE PREMIERS Gotta have reason (Superb virtual unknown) Souled out EX £50

166 McKINLEY TRAVIS *** Get myself together (Great dancer) Soultown EX £20

167 LITTLE HELEN More and more Soultown M £8

168 AND THE ECHOES I've always wanted someone like you Soultrain M £40

169 THE CAPREEZ Soulsation Sound M- £5

170 THE CAPREEZ Over you Sound M £6

171 ROSCOE SHELTON Running for my life (Classic oldie) Sound stage 7 EX £12

172 ROSCOE ROBINSON How many times must I knock Sound stage 7 M- £8

173 ELLA WASHINGTON Trying to make you love me Sound stage 7 M £5

174 THE AMBASSADORS If you don't know Sound stage 7 M- £8

175 JEFF JOFFRION I'll find my sunshine ** demo ** Sound stage 7 M £6

176 JOE SIMON Don't let me lose the feeling Sound stage 7 M £8

177 JOE SIMON Travelin' man Sound stage 7 EX £6

178 JOE SIMON I worry about you Sound stage 7 M £5

179 LITTLE HANK Mr bang bang man (Good oldie) Sound stage 7 EX £20

180 CYNDY LOVE You never knew Space EX £25

181 FRANK BUTLER How I feel about you (Great R'n'B) Space-age M £25

182 HERBERT HUNTER Dr Feelgood Spar EX £6

183 RAY CHARLES I chose to sing the blues (Great dancer - rare Canadian) Sparton M £10

184 THE MILLIONAIRES It aint no achievement (Class tune) Speciality M £10

185 JACKIE DAY Whats the cost Speciality M- £12

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

186 PIECES OF EIGHT Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf (Groovy organ version) A & M M- £8

187 TOM AND JERRIO Boomerang (Top class mod oldie) ABC VG+ £7

188 FATS DOMINO If you don't know what love is (Great R'n'B - nice demo) ABC VG+ £15

189 LEE DORSEY Four corners (Funky 60's mover - wicked tune) Amy M £25

190 BOBBY HUTCHERSON *** Ummh (Funkeee !!!! Great bit o jazz) Blue note EX £12 t

191 GRANT GREEN Sookie sookie (Brilliant jazz inst dancer) Blue note M- £12

192 JOHN LEE HOOKER Think twice before you go (Classic R'n'B club sound) Bluesway EX £10

193 PHIL UPCHURCH You can't sit down (Mod Hammond fave) Boyd EX £10

194 MAGIC SAM I'll pay you back / Sams funck (Great 60's funky soul) Bright star VG+ £20

195 JUNIOR WELLS Cut my toe nail (Great Chicago harmonica led R'n'B) Bright star M- £8

196 JOE BECK Little girl take your time (Good R'n'B mover) Charles EX £20

197 GILBERTO SEXTET Good lovin (Great Latin version of Olympics) Cotique M £10

198 JUNIOR PARKER Why do you make me cry (Great R'n'B mover) Duke EX £12

199 BOBBY BLAND Turn on your lovelight (Classic R'n'B rare demo) Duke EX £15

200 BOBBY BLAND Honey child (Great mod club R'n'B sound) Duke M- £8

201 FREDDY KING You're barking up the wrong tree (Great R'n'B dancer) Federal M- £20

202 LITTLE WILLIE JOHN I'm shakin' (In demand R'n'B spin) King VG+ £30

203 JAMES BROWN Shades of brown (Superb Hammond inst hits your feet !) King M- £10

204 BUSTER BENTON *** Hole in my head (Solid hard hitting R'n'B dancer) Melloway M- £30 t

205 LONNIE BROOKS Popeye (Cookin funky hammond inst) Midas M £25

206 BENNY SPELLMAN Fortune teller (Classic New Orleans R'n'B) Minit M £15

207 LEE SHOT WILLIAMS *** Mark my words (Rare Chicago R'n'B) Palos M £35 t

208 FRED WESLEY Watermelon man (Heavy funk version) People EX £10

209 MILLIS JACKSON Pool shark (Great Hammond inst) Prestige EX £12

210 BOOGALOO JOE JONES I feel the earth move under my feet (great jazzy version) Prestige EX £10

211 INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND Bongolia (Funky Bongo inst - killer !!!) Pride M- £10

212 ROOSEVELT FOUNTAIN Red pepper (Great Hammond sound) Prince-adams M £12

213 JIMMY CASTOR Magic saxophone (2 great sides - club soul / northern) Smash VG+ £8

214 JAMES BROWN New breed (the boogaloo) great jazzy inst Smash EX £8

215 VONTASTICS Day tripper (Class club soul take on Beatles classic) St Lawrence EX £8

216 RAY BARRETTO El watusi (Mod club Latin oldie) Tico EX £8

217 JUNIOR WELLS I got a stomach ache(Super rare now - R'n'B masterpiece) Vanguard M- £100

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