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Rare Soul Question


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quick question....

I started out on the Northern scene at the end of the 70's having been into jazz funk. Still being into both, and the modern stuff aswell, I was just wondering about the defination of the northern ( rare) scene now !

Let me explain.....back in the day, the Northern scene was (mostly) about rare soul, I know there were exceptions and still is. My question is, what do we now class and define as....RARE ?

When I listen to SOLAR or Starpoint, I hear as much Northern as I do Jazz funk, new soul, modern etc. As for normal radio, nether is played, well apeart from the odd specalist show. Sooooo, how does Northern still stand up to being the ....RARE soul scene ? Because as far as radio air play goes, you could argue that say, DISCO, is a more rare format played on the more popular soul radio stations on the net than Northern these days.

So, should we be looking at the types of soul music ( or even some funk?) that is now included in a DJ set at a Northern do, or do we keep to the same path for the next 30 years, hoping that more youngsters get involved with the scene ?

Personally, I would like to see a broader scope of the music, but with DJ's mixing it up, not one set 60's, then another doing a more modern set (80's modern ? thats another discusion !!). I know there are some places doing this, but until the scene "bats from the same base" we could be missing the chance to bring in a lot more youngsters into it. :lol:

Now being in my 40's I would love to know that the scene I (we) love, carries on way beyond my life span...... :wicked:

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