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  1. By rights the Divs should be better dancers because they have all had lessons. LOL
  2. I vaguely remember a Northern night near Peterborough where they were mobbed by skinnheads and got "trashed", late 80ts i think. Was anybody there ? I was at a niter in Peterborough at that time, a gang of local skinheads tried to take over, sieg heiling on the dance floor. Didn't last very long and from what i remember they got kicked to fcuk. Never saw them again.The only racist incident i have witnessed and not soul people. I
  3. I did exactly the same, sold both with a big mark up, but nothing like they go for now!
  4. If no transaction taken place, goods belong to seller and there is nothing you can do, need to be a bit more sneaky in future.
  5. So many great records, a true legend! RIP Don.
  6. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=tamla+motown+500+series+pictures&qpvt=tamla+motown+500+series+pictures&FORM=IGRE
  7. The Temptations did a song called "That will be the day"
  8. Viagra - Spyder Turner - "i can't make it anymore"
  9. Bought the first 3 or 4, ripped them up now,still have the back page hitlists. Still got all my copies of "Shades of Soul" that was a far superior fanzine.
  10. Must be him paying the big bucks on Manships auctions?
  11. You won't get in,its not there anymore. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Repro-Wigan-Casino-Membership-Cards-/191446559415?pt=UK_Records&hash=item2c931aaab7
  12. Buddy Holly cover, who used the classic Bo Diddly riff and made no secret of it.

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