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  1. pogo paul

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    By rights the Divs should be better dancers because they have all had lessons. LOL
  2. pogo paul

    pogo paul

  3. pogo paul

    Racism at NS venues; did/does it happen

    I vaguely remember a Northern night near Peterborough where they were mobbed by skinnheads and got "trashed", late 80ts i think. Was anybody there ? I was at a niter in Peterborough at that time, a gang of local skinheads tried to take over, sieg heiling on the dance floor. Didn't last very long and from what i remember they got kicked to fcuk. Never saw them again.The only racist incident i have witnessed and not soul people. I
  4. pogo paul

    Ronnie Forte - J.manships Auction.

    I did exactly the same, sold both with a big mark up, but nothing like they go for now!
  5. pogo paul

    Unpleasant Record Dealings

    If no transaction taken place, goods belong to seller and there is nothing you can do, need to be a bit more sneaky in future.
  6. pogo paul

    News: Don Covay R I P

    So many great records, a true legend! RIP Don.
  7. pogo paul

    Tamla Motown Experts

  8. pogo paul

    Buddy Holly And Motown?

    The Temptations did a song called "That will be the day"
  9. pogo paul

    Advert/ Tune

    Viagra - Spyder Turner - "i can't make it anymore"
  10. pogo paul

    Owls Effort No1

    Bought the first 3 or 4, ripped them up now,still have the back page hitlists. Still got all my copies of "Shades of Soul" that was a far superior fanzine.
  11. pogo paul

    What The Hell Is This?

    Is the clue in the title? lol
  12. pogo paul

    Radio 2 - Out On The Floor - 1/1/15

    Must be him paying the big bucks on Manships auctions?
  13. pogo paul

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    You won't get in,its not there anymore. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Repro-Wigan-Casino-Membership-Cards-/191446559415?pt=UK_Records&hash=item2c931aaab7
  14. Buddy Holly cover, who used the classic Bo Diddly riff and made no secret of it.


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