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  1. Did the record digging stories ever get published.
  2. I’m standing........rufus lumley baby boy..........Fred hughes compared to what.......mr floods party my minds gone blank.
  3. Just a bit of fun. imagine you are only allowed to have 2 records. not necessarily the most valuable,but ones that mean the most to you. mine are........baby boy-Fred Hughes Im standing-rufus lumley both bringing back fond memories of the torch and Blackpool Mecca. still love them now.
  4. Looks like this topic might be a bit of a problem. are people afraid to own up just in case the missus finds out
  5. Sorry if this has been done before,but I was just wondering with all the crazy prices around. what is the most you’ve paid for a record. Do you regret it or do you class it as money in the bank,especially with current interest rates.
  6. Thanks for all your help guys. I’m overwhelmed,it’s like having a big family at my disposal. unlike some of you people,I don’t have a very valuable collection but I have been collecting since my early teens and I am almost 64 so these records whilst not very valuable,mean a lot to me. thanks once again. carl
  7. Amp.....yes,that was going to be the next question. i dont have an amp,my record player is an old Panasonic music centre that has decided to give up the ghost and I was looking to replace everything.
  8. I am not a d.j frankie. I just wanted a good deck for home use,and was torn between the two. im now leaning towards the technics.
  9. Thats the reason I asked the question on soul source. I knew that i would get expert advice. Thanks chaps. now then scootboy,can you not be tempted into parting with your spare mk 2.
  10. The reason I am asking,is that ive been informed by some hi-fi buff that the technics will ruin my records. My reply was that it was the choice of most of the people i know and I had never heard any bad reports. He was still adament that Thorens was the better option.
  11. Bloody hell.....I’m even more confused now. thanks for the reply.
  12. I am looking to purchase a deck for home use. Thorens versus technics. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. Watched them a year or so ago in Manchester. Very disappointed Loads of people were walking out before the end. tavares who did the warm up were pretty good though.

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