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  1. Looking for a nice clean copy complete with center: CHRIS FARLOWE - THE FOOL - IMMEDIATE Please drop me a line if you can help with this. Cheers!
  2. Looking for a nice clean copy: Kenny Bernard - Isn't that a good idea - Pye Complete with center. I offer £35 + postage. Thanks for looking.
  3. So sorry to read. Did not know him in person but purchased quite a lot of records from Soul Bowl in the pre-Internet days. Top stuff and friendly service always. RIP.
  4. **SORTED NOW** Thank you! Looking for a clean copy complete with center located in Europe (USA not thank you) of: GLORIA JONES - HEARTBEAT - (UK) Capitol Pay up to 30€ depending on condition. Can do Paypal gift. Cheers!
  5. BEAT CITY CLUB (Oxford Street) as reviewed by Melody Maker in 1964.
  6. **SORTED NOW** THANKS Looking for a clean copy located in Europe (USA not thank you) of: DUSTY SPRINGFIELD - LIVE IT UP Pay up to 20€ depending on condition and if it's got picture sleeve or not. Can do Paypal gift. Cheers!
  7. Joe Dunlop Soul Mountain has one for sale without center £250
  8. This one is on the stairs that led to the Whisky a Go-gó (upstairs to The Flamingo) and outside the place the Flamingo used to be.
  9. The Ham Yardies nights sadly ended years ago. Guy Steven's widow attended one of them in London. They even put out two nights in Spain: Barcelona and Madrid. I think they are trying to rearrange something soon but not quite sure.
  10. No, so sorry I only got my own copy. Good luck! It's a very nice tune.
  11. I would not say "Lean lanky daddy" is a reissue. Actually Kent Select is the first time it came out available. I mean it was an unissued tune on 7" vinyl.
  12. Oh, you should put something together. It really amazes me there's no such thing by now about London Mod Clubs in the 60s.
  13. When did The Scene Club start running? Late 63. But exact date? Anyone?

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