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  1. The arrival of the TAMLA MOTOWN in London (January 1965) as told by the RECORD MAIL.
  2. Looking for a clean copy complete with center of: STEVIE WONDER - HEY HARMONICA MAN - STATESIDE (UK) Please pm if you can help. Cheers!
  3. This series of pictures are by Photographer Jeremy Fletcher. They are dancers at the FLAMINGO CLUB in Wardour Street (1964) and are simply superb.
  4. The Scene Club even got a few lines on USA magazine TIME on April 10th 1964.
  5. Yes I've been to Gaz's Rockin Blues @ St. Moritz. Great Club, nice music and the venue has a special vibe! Love it.
  6. TILES CLUB and its shops gallery in full swing 1966.
  7. When THE SCENE CLUB became THE NEW SCENE CLUB in 1965.
  8. Outside and inside THE MARQUEE CLUB around 1965
  9. "HOME OF THE BLUES" Soul magazine and TILES CLUB had some kind of relation between them.

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