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  1. Cleethorpes Pier Sunday 1977 great sounds, atmosphere etc Went by bus made up of Barnsley and Wakefield punters including Bub and Paul Rowan.
  2. There’s a copy of Stop Girl for sale on the latest Anglo American Sales List - £200 M-
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  3. See a pevious discussion, although some of the shops mentioned may now have closed - https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/topic/326543-new-york-crate-digging Also see this link about record shops in New York - https://foursquare.com/top-places/new-york-city/best-places-record-shops I tend to go to East Village - A1 Records and Good Records, nearby is the 12th Street Ale House, good selection of beers, happy hour etc. Also endorse members comments re the flea markets. Happy digging, be useful to hear how you go and if you managed to find any bargains.
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  4. I first started collecting soul records in 1975, buying new releases and Northern from Jumbo Records, Virgin in Leeds, and the weekly fix of the list from Soulbowl coming through the letterbox. My most expensive purchases at this time were £15 for Matt Lucas Baby You Better Go Go, bought in the Precinct Pub, Leeds, getting through to Soulbowl very nervous and asking for Shane Martin I Need You listed at £20, it had already gone so bought the Jewels We Got Togetherness for £15. Both buys in 1977, and a lot of money at the time, as my salary was £25 a week. A year later I got into jazz funk and disco and my collection of about 150 records was consigned to the attic. In 1981 the girl I was seeing pestered me to buy a car, ended up selling nearly all the records for £60 to go towards a mini. This included lots of records bought from Soulbowl e.g. Don Thomas, The Sapphires, Slow Fizz and Matt Lucas. For some reason I kept the Al Foster Band, K-Jee by the Nightlighters, Lamont Dozier Going Back to My Roots and Jean Carne If You Wanna Go Back. The relationship and the car did not survive. Moved to London in 1993 and a couple of years later came across a CD in HMV Oxford Street called Dance, Dance, Dance a collection of 20 Northern Soul Classics. This reignited my passion for Northern, started collecting the Goldmine CD''s and in 1997 decided to start collecting vinyl , my first purchase and one I had bought from Soulbowl over 20 years previously Fantastic Johnny C Waiting for the Rain. The most I have spent is £175 for a RCA demo of Hold on Judy Freeman, about six or seven years ago, some others around the £50 to £80 mark - What Kind of Lady, Linda Jones, Breakaway Valentines etc. I have enjoyed collecting again, coming across new sounds to my ears, (e.g. Stafford, Crossover, Latin) and the tunes highlighted by members on Soul Source My other half is Spanish and does not understand why I need to buy vinyl when you can download it, and why I always ask for Soul Box sets at Christmas - (must have got lost on translation last year, she bought me golf lessons
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  5. My copy arrived from Anglo American in today’s post, it was worth the wait
  6. Agree with all the above comments, although the two record shops on Hanway Street have gone. If you go up to Camden, also consider going a bit further on the Northern Line to Alans Records at East Finchley - http://alansrecords.com/page2.html Owner is very friendly, lots of soul 45's at reasonable prices. One other option , tube to Notting Hill and Music and Video Exchange 40 Notting Hill Gate, soul section is upstairs. Good luck
  7. Photos of my demo copy I purchased from Soul Bowl in the 1990s. Plug side is Destination No More Heartaches. Hope this helps.
  8. Rest In Peace Denise, quite like her version of Billy Butler's Right Track
  9. Is this for real ! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B000024JO6/ref=tmm_acd_used_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=used&qid=1512592376&sr=8-3
  10. Leeds Central, Wakefield Unity Hall, Capitol Soul Nights at the Dome and These Old Shoes London. Good times and happy memories
  11. Only two I have signed by an artist are Edwin Starr Time from a Torch Trentham Gardens all nighter back in 1997. The second is the LP Darrell Banks is here with the alleged signature of the great man himself. I have got no proof and picked up the LP from Ebay about 8 -10 years ago. Back in 1979 remember going to see the Jackson 5 in concert at Wakefield Theatre Club. At the end of the night saw the Jacksons getting on their tour bus. They all signed the tour programme I had bought and being young and stupid at the time I gave the programme to the girl I was seeing .We split up a couple of weeks later and she kept the programme
  12. Likewise
  13. Wish I had a time machine to go back and buy these. I remember buying The Sapphires Slow Fizz, and The Fascinations, from Soulbowl but can't remember what I paid. I had forgotten about the LP listings. The Larry Santos LP I remember being in demand together with Bobby Hutton and the Skullsnaps at the time (1975/76). Happy Days?
  14. Bobby Wells Lets Copp A Groove
  15. Anglo American sent out an auction update today. They admitted they had made a mistake and that the copy was the limited repress from John Anderson from 1976 and have withdrawn it from the auction.

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