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  1. Agentsmith's post in Spoken Intro ? R.Dean, was marked as the answer   
    Has anyone taken the time to think about and reply to the original question?
    Maybe, with the spoken intro, originally recorded in the 60's it ( Lets Go Somewhere ) was seen as a protest song.. against Nam or just the way the world was at the time?
    By 74, perhaps Motown in Canada didnt see it as relevant, hence the edit.
    The record sold nothing on its release in 65, neither did " Ghost " recorded nearly 2 years later...only the fact that it caught on here, in northern circles, lifted it from relative obscurity to a national best seller for Motown in 74. It was certainly a wise idea to team up Taylor's two best offerings on one double header.
    im not suggesting any favourite intro's because enough have been already, and its taken the rmphasis away from what was originally asked.
    Any thoughts?, anyone wish to elaborate?👍.

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