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  1. Steve White

    CURRENT fave spins! 2019.

    And I wouldn’t want to know everything, nothing to look forward to hearing that first time again.....
  2. Steve White

    The Mule

    Nice, never heard that before, thanks!
  3. Steve White

    The Mule

    Thanks for that, I thought I heard a third version in there, may have been the Charles Earland one too....I’ll investigate!
  4. Steve White

    The Mule

    Just seen the latest Clint Eastwood movie and More Today Than Yesterday is heavily featured....poignant to me as I got into this scene when catchy pop records were rife, late 70’s ....but still, what an uplifting dancer of a tune, and a lot of their other stuff Is equally pleasing to the ear and feet! Was it a hit back then, if not where did Clint get into it? Never saw him at Yate, but it would have “made my day”!
  5. Steve White

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    We sure could use it....
  6. Steve White

    News: Dave Clegg Funeral Fund Raiser

    Apparently I knew Dave way back, don’t remember him but happy to chip in for a member of the soul family.
  7. Steve White

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    You are indeed a Lucky Man!
  8. Steve White


    And some more modern things....please pm if interested Willi J & co Boogie With Your Baby Kiki vg+ £100 Gemma and the Travellers Save Me Legere nm £15 Major Harris After Loving You Atlantic vg+ £5 Expo Road to Sunshine Euphonic vg £30 Funky stuff.... Terri Wells I’ll Be Around Uk London vg+ £5 great version! Rick James You And I Gordy vg+ £4 Barrabas Checkmate Atco Demo long/short vg+ £8 Stanley Clarke Straight to the Top Epic wd vg++ £5 Norma Jean Saturday Uk Bearsville vg+ £3 SOLD Eloise Laws If I Don’t Watch Out Liberty no £5 Gloria Gaynor Let’s Mend What’s Been Broken Polydor vg++ £7 Platinum Hookotta Find a WomanMotown vg+ £10 SOLD G SOLD Foxy Get Off Your Aah and Dance Uk Jayboy Demo vg+ £5 Narada Michael Walden I Shoulda Loved Ya Uk Atlantic vg+ £5 Narada Michael Walden I Want You Uk Atlantic vg+ £5 Tom Browne Thighs High Uk Arista vg+ £5 Thank you for looking, p&p £2.50 signed for
  9. Steve White

    Mixed Northern

    A variety of stuff to sell, please pm if anything is of interest Johnson Hawkins Tatum & Durr Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer Capsoul vg label wear and some crackle £30 on hold The Magnificent Men Forever Together Capitol vg+ £20 Salvage The Foundation of Love Odax vg+ £8 The Ascots Miss Heartbreaker MBS vg- £8 Honey Love and the Love Notes We Belong Together Cameo WD vg+ £40 Cathy Saint Big Bad World Daisy g+ worn copy £5 Sam Bowie The Times We Had Together Wingate vg+ £10 The Metros Now That You’ve Gone Ra-Sel vg+ £8 Leevert Allison I Want To Give My Heart To You Vg++ £25 Dave Blocker Just Like A Ship Verve Demi vg+ £25 Ralphie D Beautiful Thing 20th Century Fox wd vg++ £100 Virtually unknown, quality! Allan Reuss Zorba World Pacific demo vg+ £5 Barbara Mason Ain’t Got Nobody Arctic vg £15 Dave Love Baby Hard Times Worlds vg+ 10 Thanks for having a look, p&p £2.50 signed for
  10. Ordered mine.......other Chalky!
  11. Steve White

    Who Where The Big Boys Back In The Day?

    Except when getting hauled off to Wigan police station on our first ever visit.....
  12. Thanks for looking! Must be original Zodiac, either the plain or signs variety, and at least VG+ please! Regards Steve
  13. Steve White

    Maxine Brown Let Me Give You My Loving

    Now sorted, thanks for the replies.
  14. Steve White

    Maxine Brown Let Me Give You My Loving

    Thanks Foy, I'll check it out tomorrow.....see you there!!
  15. Thanks for looking, must be vg+ or better, Wand issue or demo.....


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