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  1. Just saw her at Victorious Festival in Southsea-brilliant! A breath of fresh air amongst the average sounding “bigger” acts.....
  2. VG+ or better please, cash waiting willing to pay around £150 for Stairways and £50 for Jeff Dale Thanks for looking, Steve
  3. They’re not, but this thread is about the scene and it wasn’t all jazz, just as the Northern scene wasn’t all soul. I used to have the A&M 12”, crossword on the cover as I recall! I’ll buy one of your spares if you’re selling?
  4. And I wouldn’t want to know everything, nothing to look forward to hearing that first time again.....
  5. Nice, never heard that before, thanks!
  6. Thanks for that, I thought I heard a third version in there, may have been the Charles Earland one too....I’ll investigate!
  7. Just seen the latest Clint Eastwood movie and More Today Than Yesterday is heavily featured....poignant to me as I got into this scene when catchy pop records were rife, late 70’s ....but still, what an uplifting dancer of a tune, and a lot of their other stuff Is equally pleasing to the ear and feet! Was it a hit back then, if not where did Clint get into it? Never saw him at Yate, but it would have “made my day”!
  8. Apparently I knew Dave way back, don’t remember him but happy to chip in for a member of the soul family.

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