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  1. You just missed one on Ebay
  2. Well said Dave, Vermin like her want doing away with,but unfortunately they think they have a God given right to decimate wildlife for their own perverted satisfaction. I for one, cannot comprehend this mindset - so sad and utterly contemtable
  3. Have fond memories of this club,a few of us from Hull used to attend when ever we could (transport permitting ) Can't for the life of me remember after all this time,were it was situated though
  4. Couldn't agree more,there's some right idiots out there
  5. Thought the media coverage in the 70's was bad enough,but this preoccupation with the BBC trying to look trendy is beyond the pale. The majority of the scene is nothing more than a money making exercise and self promotion, by some people who should know better-look at all the garbage for sale at so called weekenders. To sum up,it's certainly not the scene I discovered and loved in the early 70's ,will I be watching yet another major embarrassment on National TV ? NO, i'll probably be having a pint somewhere and remembering a time when Northern Soul was underground and not just a Saturday night joke Comments welcome !
  6. Signed. The guy and his Sons are a stain on humanity,it goes with his proposal to let the sick hunting bas**** kill bears with cubs. Just cannot get my head round the fact that so called Humans want to slaughter animals for some perverted pleasure
  7. More than happy to sign,absolutely disgusting practice
  8. Many thanks,will make payment as requested Best wishes Mike

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