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  1. Noticed that on the same sellers sales,some records state that they will be subject to vat and others don't-confused or what !
  2. Would expect most buyers will now think twice about bidding on records from the States-especially the high end stuff. Could this situation force prices to rise from UK sellers ?
  3. If it's the case that Ebay is going to add 20% vat on any record I purchase from the States,that is going to go a long way to curing me of the madness that is record collecting !
  4. Hi Guys, Tracking showed the 45 was stuck in Miami for around 4 weeks.Asked for updates from USPS about a week ago,eventually got an update showing item had passed thru Miami and then regular updates showing progress to London and beyond-happy days it arrived in one piece !
  5. Record arrived today after being stuck in Miami since April 3rd
  6. You just missed one on Ebay
  7. Have fond memories of this club,a few of us from Hull used to attend when ever we could (transport permitting ) Can't for the life of me remember after all this time,were it was situated though
  8. Couldn't agree more,there's some right idiots out there
  9. Thought the media coverage in the 70's was bad enough,but this preoccupation with the BBC trying to look trendy is beyond the pale. The majority of the scene is nothing more than a money making exercise and self promotion, by some people who should know better-look at all the garbage for sale at so called weekenders. To sum up,it's certainly not the scene I discovered and loved in the early 70's ,will I be watching yet another major embarrassment on National TV ? NO, i'll probably be having a pint somewhere and remembering a time when Northern Soul was underground and not just a

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