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  1. Wanted Reggie Soul And The Soul Swingers- My World Of Ecstasy - Capri Pm's with price and condition please,Thank's
  2. Looking for an original clean copy of Constellations - I don't know about you - Gemini Pm with price and condition,thank's
  3. Steeplechase will have its day, brilliant record
  4. Looking for clean copies of Kool Blues - Can We Try Love Again - Capsoul also Enchanters - There's A Look About You - Tee Pee Thank's Pm's thank's
  5. Looking for a clean copy of Enchanters - There's A Look About You - Tee Pee Pm's Thank's
  6. Doo Da


    Looking for a clean copy copy of the Enchanters - There's a look about you - TeePee pm's please Thank's
  7. Looking for a copy of George Hobson - Let It Be Real - Sound City Records Pm's Please Thank's
  8. Looking for an ex or better copy of Los Mosambiqued - I'd like to be with you - Happy PM's please with price and condition, Thanks
  9. Conway And Temple - Love Lights 12" Old town Demo b/w instrumental Ex condition small foxing on label £40 plus £5 shipping Please look and listen - This youtube clip is the actual record for sale Pm please thank's
  10. Looking for a copy of Kool Blues - Can we try love again - Capsoul PM's please, Thanks
  11. Cheapie wanted,Jodi Mathis - Don't You Care Anymore,original US Capitol EX or better Pm's Thank's
  12. Doo Da


    Wanted Jokers - Soul Sound - Skofield - Original please,pm's with price and condition,Thank's
  13. Wanted Connie Laverne - Can't Live Without You - GSF - Original please,pm's with price and condition Thank's
  14. Looking for a clean copy of - Celebrity Four - Inspiration - Tangerine Pm's please
  15. Looking for a nice original copy of Willie Tee LP - I'm Only A Man -Capitol Pm's Please Thank's

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