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  1. Used to have a discatron with cassette tape slot on the top, was crap though coz it only had one drive wheel so it never played very well. Used to take mine in junk shops listening to records I didn't know, spent hours in various shops sorting through records then giving them a listen either buy em or put em back, happy days
  2. I don't expect to get top price for these, a lot of them are vg+ to ex there are a few minters but to be honest I've had so much joy out of them that getting some cash out of them is a bonus. If I looked on them as a classic car they'd be a practical classic, not sitting in a air conditioned garage going up in value but not being used
  3. Cheers for that, probably go with the discos account
  4. Got stuff like Betty Moorer, Sam moultrie white demo, wally Cox, millionaires never for me, there's about 80in all, had a look on true soul valuations but most aren't on there and the valuations on there seem a bit over the top
  5. Sorry obviously a touchy subject
  6. Hi guys finally decided to sell up, not got a lot of records now, been off the scene for quite a while was wondering where's the best place to find valuations. Many thanks
  7. Wow that brings back some memories, John Black used to do Ilkeston coop on a Saturday night used to go there leave early to get the bus from the market place to Derby train station, get a weekend return to Wigan. Used to change at crewe and have to wait an hour for the connection. Sorry bit off topic but great days
  8. Cheers paul,looks like a counterfeit unfortunately many thanks. Tim
  9. Ive got it on a purple rika label no matrix stamps,i know not all records are stamped but dont know if the original is
  10. Hi guys can anybody tell me if the fabulous jades come on and live on rika was ever pressed many thanks
  11. I remember it seeming weird after travelling all over the place to go to nighters ,then there was one on the doorstep.good nights though if memory serves
  12. Do any of you guys and girls remember the all nighters at Derby tiffanies think it would have been 1975/77 time.can remember Hector doin sets but cant remember who else djayed there,anyone remember?
  13. Ive had one for thirty years with just a bit of sellotape on the b side still plays fine,not bothered about the b side so its all good

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