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    Soul basketball climbing
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    Halifax West Yorkshire
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    Charles Brandy I cant get enough of you

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  1. Hi there is Johnny Nash still there ???????????????/
  2. Gibby Gibby

    Cats Whiskers In Leeds?

    Hi mate it was Terry Sampson we spent a lot of time together doing gigs with Graham Slater as well Terry had a few things running
  3. It's a week since the loss of My favourite female soul singer and I'm still crying listening to Gotta find me a ANGEL., I still get moved when I hear Walter Jackson's version, as well. Spent a week in Detroit last year crying at awesome legends. I had to decide in my life what was more important to me and what made my heart skip a beat, jump, speed up and miss a beat , it's SOUL. Over the last 10 years I've been on a remarkable journey of emotions, before this things just got bottled up. Were all so blessed to have experienced music of such fine outstanding quality, it will continue and so will the Emotion Of Soul. That's me most of you know me, thanks for reading. Gibby
  4. Gibby Gibby

    Casino Club advert

    Still got mine it's a bit ragged
  5. Gibby Gibby

    Soul Toon Alldayer Farewell Bash

    Really thought I,d miss this but as luck has it nothing on Saturday so talk Hoss ,Talked to Mick I'm on my way best night ever superb see you all there great so far two and me travelling from Halifax/Bradford I have room for 4 more if anybody wants to go let me know cheers Gibby . Oh setting off in afternoon for a tea time arrival all been well !!!!!
  6. Gibby Gibby

    How much for Soul Stirrers

    poss 150-200 in mint condition demo is very rare !!!
  7. Gibby Gibby


    Awesome were else can you here Joseph Webster and other top tracks as well as classics, just point out Sam will play some oldies in the main room but on orig accetates or slight improved mix so he as normal will always cater for everyone that's why he is The leading Light in the Soul scene.
  8. Gibby Gibby

    Lisa & Tony's great big wedding bash, Burscough Legion

    Hi there Gibby ere hopefully rallying the troops for Sat great. So that's at least 2 more DJ's
  9. Gibby Gibby

    Charity Northern Soul Alldayer

    Hi mate can you update DJ times please ASAP. cheers looking forward to this.
  10. Gibby Gibby

    The Mighty Bub - Would Have Been 60 This Year

    Hi there Bub came to DJ for us in the mid nineties at Yorkshire Rider Club metro club in Halifax, I had popped to see him in his bungaloo and sorted a date and that was that until I realised the bloody two flight of steps up there holy shit going to have a long microphone lead and keep running back and forth to decks with records or summat, !!!! Sorted: he went for it .........................................and he made it top man and a great spot as always superb night my memories of a great guy. Awsome what a scene !
  11. Gibby Gibby

    The Mighty Bub - Would Have Been 60 This Year

    Hi there Gibby ere was that Bob Blower and Kevin Schoffield in that picture sure it looks like them poss not, see below for another BuB memory
  12. Gibby Gibby


    I long for the smell of wigan in the bar record room area just never found that smell again probably 70;s aftershave and deodorant , but the pies upstairs always smelled ok , since I was the only one eating them !!!., I think ???
  13. Gibby Gibby


    Spot on mate you should come to Swinton allnighter week sat as well the way to go as rough and ready if you wanna play underplayed, Donny is perfect and owners can only do with what they have its always been same some of the doos in Leeds and Bradford , Scout Huts man caves are better but that's what keeps it affordable ITS FREE FREE FREE wow, you can come with me to Brid or Detroit but respect each venue the same, its the commitment we all put in , Waggy wants to go outside the box playing 1000,s of records we don't here or we don't know and this is the way to do it , Spot On great . just great.
  14. Gibby Gibby

    Swinton Palais Early Easter All Nighter

    Great up for this as norm so original to the old venues in the late 70's and 80's just great. No same old same old hear . Anybody has any underplayed or unplayed !! oldies they would like let me know can dig them out. Recent one was Standing at a standstill Sherlock Holmes !builds up nicely. Just let me know pick a couple or so to give a me a chance. !!.
  15. Gibby Gibby


    Great night storming and packed superb 70th birthday celebrations for waggy never seen a cake that big !!!. Next one 2nd March Waggy's lined up some top names should be great. Sadly might be not there or at least very late, so another guest has or will be added, keeps it fresh !!!!.


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