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    Halifax West Yorkshire
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    Soul basketball climbing
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    Charles Brandy I cant get enough of you

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  1. until

  2. See you all later LPs for sale
  3. I'm in are You!!!
  4. Yep will be there
  5. Hi there will see you all at 6 late arrival to the party but see you all there. Only place to Hear Danny Owens !!!
  6. On Mary Jane Records, thanks you tell me what I have to pay !!! I realise lot of em were water damaged.
    Great day was had by all, Music was awsome with some little golden nuggets thrown Benny, Cheers Gonna get even, Continental 4, Chi Chi plus many more Great oldies you just don't here anymore The Best way to spend a Sunday and a Great cause Wore my soul for heroes with pride marvellous. Gibby
  7. Hoping the gang can make it looking forward to it, Anybody needs Tickets Brid Cleethorpes, skeggy I will have them with me ,last years prices of course.
  8. Hi gibby ere confirmed with Brent will be in the Mustang room gonna dig a bit deeper poss still have lots to choose from see you and a merry Xmas
  9. until

    Little george will see you at Wigan !!!!
  10. Hi were coming down Dave, col sirloin and myself great to catch up
  11. im in booked in new diary
  12. until

    see you there
  13. until
    Richmond Holiday Centre Skegness Weekend Of Classic Northern Soul At Skegness Main Ballroom Northern Soul Classics Room Two Modern Soul and CrossOver
  14. until
    Crown Jewel Pure Soul October 15th-17th 2021 Tickets for each event are £30.00 per person For tickets and info email sales@starsandstripesimports.com or call 07850 538320 /01754 762635 /01754 611838

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