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  1. Hope you’ve had a great birthday Mike best wishes to you and the family
  2. just dug out my copy which I’ve had for a good few years and it came from the states. Run out info on the a side is scratched in . It reads P-1-A , 3-26-71 and NOLA SOUND. Didn’t think that this had been booted. Hope this helps Ed
  3. Yep Joan...at least 25 years ago cos you put it on a tape for me...took me a couple of years to get a copy Me...I still like it
  4. Me ....I love it...Can remember buying this for the Too Much side and being over the moon when I played the flip and hearing Home town boy, which I knew from a tape I had,but didn’t know what it was called.. Get it played
  5. Dave...Don’t forget to add Johnny Griffith to September and Billy
  6. Bloody hell...Dave Carne, how are you.havent seen you for many moons. Was it in Tam’s car when one of our fellow passengers decided that he’d had enough and was gonna jump out of the car when we bombing down the motorway...mad trip that was Yep..the Unicorn was a great niter ...nothing pretentious...just good music and great people anyways Dave...hope you’re keeping might fine
  7. And some mighty fine spots you did there too Pete
  8. Doni’s Version is ok, but Edwin’s version is Magnificent...still get goose pimples from his version after all these years ...and maybe even a tear to my eye if I’ve had a few glasses
  9. Me...I love it. I did hear Des Parker give it a spin a good few years ago at Gloucester niter. Don’t see it for sale that often but when you do it’s usually cheap as chips
  10. Thanks for the info people. apologies as I have not been on line for a while
  11. are there two presses of this ...I've seen one with bigger writing on it (like the BMI) and one with a smaller font .My copy has the smaller font and has the nashville matrix stamp. Any ideas? Thanks Ed

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