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  1. Think..... I ain't goin' nowhere - Junior Walker Just about sums it up. Paul
  2. Had always thought they named the group after the road (Stemmons Expressway) due to it's notoriety as the scene of JFK's fatal shooting. Paul
  3. What a brilliant night. Well maintained dance floor,balanced mix of underplayed and known, well worth a visit. Paul
  4. That'll be that little Tim O'Keefe fella. He wasn't messin' up his top British 45 collection with one of them 'nasty imports'. Paul
  5. Interesting anecdotal article regarding background to the birth of a Memphis classic. Paul https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/mar/11/green-onions-booker-t-and-the-mgs-steve-cropper-booker-t-jones?CMP=share_btn_link
  6. Thanks for all your efforts. Now satisfied closed 1971. Paul
  7. Hi All, Trying to settle a debate. Does anybody know what date/year the above finally shut? Thanks in advance. Paul
  8. Our Kid


    Absolutely great music from all the DJ's. Very high quality mix of known oldies and unknown 60's possibles. Well worth a visit for a great atmosphere and rewarding selection of tunes. Thanks. Paul Standout tracks It's a woman's world - The Gypsies Left Out - Jessie Johnson The Vibrations - Pick Me Ronnie Walker - Trouble
  9. The one I am starting to doubt at the moment is Dean Courtney Love You Just Can't Walk Away. Always thought it said You Can Depart - But The Prize Is To Stay now wondering if he sings But You Promised To Stay?? Any thoughts out there. Thanks. Paul
  10. Hi welcome Clifford. Thanks to the both of you for a good double sider. Just a quick question - could you confirm the release year as I have seen it as both 62 and 66 (sounds more 66 to me) Thanks in advance. Paul
    Brilliant day, thanks to all who organised it. Great crowd and really refreshing choice of music 10/10 for all the deejays. Be back soon. Paul
  11. Oh dear Steve - that's a shocker, very nice lad Phil. Paul
  12. Kaddo Strings - Nothing But Love Ace tune to my ears but reckon an outsider would believe the whole thing is off key, hopefully done on purpose to arrest yer ears! George Lemons - Fascinating Girl ditto Paul

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