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  1. As usual, great afternoon. Great to see Martin Christie so energetic on his 70th . Paul
  2. Nice venue, great broad range of music. Paul
  3. As I recall was totally solid in the middle, would be a brave person to create a spindle hole but sure it could be done. Rod is on here, maybe he could confirm my memory isn't playing tricks? Paul
  4. He was pretty good at occasional mischief making our old friend Mr McAdden, but I do recall him doing a double take at The Volumes Pama photocopy, looked like he wished he had done it himself first! Did I recall Dave Withers or Rod Shard unearthed a Porgy & Monarchs MHCFY which had not had the import centre pressed out, looked pretty tasty? Paul
  5. Deffo blue eyed judging by the Lucky Guy side. Lucky Guy co written by L R Brown.......There's an Elbie to consider? Paul
  6. Hi All, Appeared in The Guardian 04.03.24 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2024/mar/04/elvi-dan-penn-hits-aretha-otis-dolly-im-your-puppet-do-right-woman Paul
  7. New tunes have always been the lifeblood of the scene, tumbled over this baby recently on YT and in 50 years attending many events never recall hearing this one so thought I would share. The Wrecking Crew - My Chico. Hope I am not breaking any SS rules? Paul
  8. Very good. Seems like the riots certainly took a bit of steam out of the momentum at the time. Paul
  9. Broadways Sweet & Heavenly Melody/You Just Don't Know Jerry Williams If You Ask Me/Yvonne Shirley J Scott Goosepimples/Lonely Girl What's evident from the responses is you could have a tidy half price collection if you concentrated on double headers! Paul
  10. Definitely a minefield of choice, after all these years the most instant call to arms to these ears is The Twans - I can"t see him again. No prisoners at that opening. Paul
  11. John explained to me that he wrote the first verse and the chorus but then got writer's block with the song. When he met Dino and Nick 12 months later they were keen to see any finished material he had. John Rhys produced a few things which didn't grab their attention,so when they were still insistent for material he reluctantly offered the unfinished TWPYB. They saw the potential merit and set about finishing it off, we all benefited from that meeting. Paul

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