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  1. Went to SOS at Bradford Sunday afternoon.Seemed nicely busy with great quality music (always measured by how long since I've heard certain records out) Nice warm, welcoming crowd.Standout tune Teen Turbans NTBL, sounded ace. Paul
  2. Someone who took The Rosebuds on Tower off my hands several years ago for 50.00. Saved valuable space! Paul
  3. Good artist/group. I am led to believe that Ben kept the 'little' until his father passed as a mark of respect as his father was also an accomplished singer. Paul
  4. What a brilliant day. Ace music, venue and people. Will be back. Thanks everybody. Paul n Lorna
  5. One of the most obscure I ever saw was The Hot Biscuit Disc Co. Looked like a big expense for a small label. Paul
  6. You are joking. Will have a look. Thankz as they say. Paul
  7. Hi All, I recall skipping around You Tube several years ago and tumbling over an instrumental of The Chandlers YLML Wasn't called YLML. Can somebody help me to find it again please? Thanks in advance. Paul
  8. RIP. Could have sat back after The Shoop Shoop song but carried on and left us some gems. One in a million Tears Everybody plays the fool (sublime) Paul
  9. If I was pushed I'd go for Take My Heart Mary Saxton as a good early example of a tailor made attempt albeit Canadia Allergies suit me, don't believe they mis represent anything, just combine the juicy bits from tunes and add their touch. As we do our thing highlights that arresting Motown drum intro. Was it Nile Rogers quoting Schubert that said....good musicians borrow music, great musicians steal it! Paul
  10. Think..... I ain't goin' nowhere - Junior Walker Just about sums it up. Paul
  11. Had always thought they named the group after the road (Stemmons Expressway) due to it's notoriety as the scene of JFK's fatal shooting. Paul
  12. What a brilliant night. Well maintained dance floor,balanced mix of underplayed and known, well worth a visit. Paul

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