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  1. hi have an issue and demo ….. but issue is grey never seen a black one franc
  2. sorry don't have it anymore franc have other fred martin on rujac still
  3. cobbles

    Morris Chestnut ‘too darn Soulful’ wanted

    have clean ex demo labels reversed if anyone else looking ...offers franc actual 45
  4. cobbles

    Wishes ( Chadwick )

    have one in vg+ to ex if you wanna make an offer ….can do a youtube clip if you need to check out label n sound quality franc
  5. have bart Jackson demo £100 all in clean ex franc
  6. hi have a Wilson pickett correctone w/d ex cond ...if you wanna make an offer? franc
  7. cobbles

    Holidays I've lost you groove city

    I have if you want to make an offer ...nice clean ex copy...... could be a few days before I can reply though....franc actual copy
  8. cobbles

    New Wants

    hi have demo in ex cond £150 paypal as gift .... actual 45 thanks franc ps .... may be a few days before I can reply
  9. cobbles


    have one if you don't get sorted from bitchdj .................... ex cond ...actual 45 below ...cheers franc
  10. hi have jack n mods ....will have to dig it out n send you a youtube video of cond cheers franc
  11. cobbles

    Eddy Hughes on Bard

    hi have a nice vg+ copy if you wanna make an offer in uk £s ? franc actual 45
  12. have it by roy n dewdrops if that's any use .... better version imo only
  13. cobbles

    Sandy Golden 45s

    hi have phoenix 45 in ex cond if you want to make an offer ? franc actual 45
  14. cobbles

    Oscar Wright - Fell In Love

    hi have a hemisphere copy in clean ex cond if you want to make an offer ???....if you're not sorted already franc
  15. cobbles

    clifford binns youve got to help me

    hi , don't have orange issue anymore ...but have USS acetate still ...if that's of any interest ? franc


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