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  1. hi .... i know you were looking for a clean copy but it's a hard 45 to find ....so if you want a lesser cond copy as a filler i have a copy g condition if you wanna make an offer actual 45 ... on my youtube channel cobblessoul45s ...click on videos n scroll down georgette blu you had a dream love - YouTube cheers franc
  2. hi paul n kristen...thanks for the invite n hope folks like my mix (a bit of all genres ) ....i've really enjoyed listening to the sets on the website and even managed to buy a few...so big thanks for that ! .... I'd encourage all collectors/djs to revisit their records with this new perspective as it was interesting and surprising at times for me....with the events of the last year and more it's such a shame the lyrics still have such relevance in todays world..... I look forward to hearing many more contributions to the site ! cheers franc
  3. hi have rotations , jimmy reed jnr w/d, boss four and wade flemons all in clean ex cond....actual copies should all be on cobblessoul45s on youtube if you wanna make an offer on any ...no worries if you prefer not to cheers franc
  4. hi ....thanks for your offer but i think we're a bit apart ...i was expecting high hundreds ( i may be out on that figure but i think it's one of those records in the right dj hands would go big.....think i'll hold on to it for now with that hope in mind) cheers franc
  5. had it on memory stick..... chantlers in the beginning ches-love.wmv
  6. don't know what's happened with link but if you look at cobblessoul45s channel on youtube
  7. hi have an ex copy if you wanna make an offer cheers franc actual copy in video... chantlers in the beginning ches-love - YouTube
  8. carl spencer "cover girl" rust w/d ex to m- £450 light speckling on label around center (incs special del uk) .....classic niter tune paypal as gift thanks franc photo is of actual record ...youtube clip for reference only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anlAT8ehTG0
  9. hi ... not on your list but is this of any interest ?? royal jesters te fuiste corazon / el deseo de los dos (jester 105) nice vg cond cheers franc
  10. hi simon..... I have sonny allen and Wilson pickett (but on a correctone w/d) both ex or better if you're interested in making an offer ? cheers franc
  11. sinclayr's "you came along" bosstown ex £125 lowrider track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idRwUC34ixo tommy Collins "I wanta thank you " tnt ex £25 ex Guy H spin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waFI9nuJdHI platters "think before you walk away" musicor w/d ex distribution sticker on label £15 steve mancha penned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwYbx4Zg4eA five stairsteps " playgirl's love/world of fantasy" windy c ex £10 drill hole new old stock ….great double sider feat on film 4's fantasy film advert last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81NHwp0aZ6E
  12. Wilson love "funny money" NS records ex £250 (incs postage special del in uk or int'l track n trace insured ) actual 45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVfwUaDGlC0 paypal as gift/friend cheers franc
  13. hi I have mary holmes "i'll make it up to you" on del valient ex to m- cond ….if you want to make an offer? franc
  14. let us know what price you were thinking franc

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